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This Alpha’s Pheromones 61

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Chapter 61 – Get the Role

Yi Congqing explained to the Huayi Media representative: “It’s easy for newcomers to become stiff when they’re acting, or on the other end of the spectrum they might over act. There are also many newcomers who have just entered the industry who are superstitious about emotional and explosive acting. They think that this is the greatest affirmation for an actor, but in fact, the perfect performance is just going with the flow.”

The representative suddenly saw the light; so natural acting was the best form of acting?

Yang Chi was waiting outside the audition room. When he saw the door open, he immediately greeted Qiu Jin: “Why did it take so long?”

He stood guard by the door this entire time. He had even planned to rush in and drag Qiu Jin away if the situation went south. But as he listened, the minutes and seconds passed, yet there was no commotion from inside the room. And then the door opened to reveal Qiu Jin.

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Qiu Jin replied: “I acted out two scenes and then chatted for a bit.”

Yang Chi said: “Then let’s leave, time to head back.”

Qiu Jin raised his eyebrows: “Aren’t you going to ask me if I passed the audition?”

Yang Chi was speechless: “…”

Wasn’t the answer obvious? Why would he rush to ask? It would be easier on him if he went to find out himself instead of asking Qiu Jin directly. He wasn’t going to touch this hornet’s nest with a ten-foot pole.

But Liu Wei didn’t think too deeply into the situation. He once again displayed his skill to ignorantly mention a pot that doesn’t boil*, and he asked excitedly, “Qiu-ge, how is the result this time?”

[*T/N: “mention a pot that doesn’t boil” – Chinese idiom for “to touch a sore spot” or “to talk about somebody’s weak point.”]

Before Qiu Jin could speak, Yang Chi started to comfort him: “Hey, it’s not a big deal even if you didn’t get chosen. The audition this time was particularly difficult…”

Qiu Jin deadpanned: “I was chosen.”

“What?” Yang Chi’s words were instantly stuck in his throat.

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Just what kind of impression did Qiu Jin give people in the past? Why did his agent have no confidence in him?

Qiu Jin found it funny yet sad at the same time. Then he said again: “I won the role.”

“You’re not lying to me are you?” Yang Chi’s eyes widened. “You must know that there are many people vying for this role! I heard that Wen Mojia was also disqualified. You didn’t see how black his expression was when he came out.”

“Whose expression was black?” said a cold voice, and then Wen Mojia walked out from around the corner.

Yang Chi was just running his mouth without much thought. He didn’t think that the devil he was speaking of would be present to hear him. He really wanted to slap himself for being careless.

“We weren’t talking about you. We were talking about me.” Qiu Jin said nonchalantly. Wen Mojia’s expression was not good, so he didn’t want to interact with him any longer.

“Stop right there!”

The moment Qiu Jin walked pass, Wen Mojia pulled him to a stop.

Qiu Jin frowned, “Is something wrong?”

Wen Mojia said: “Who did you just say was selected?”

Qiu Jin glanced at his wrist and said lightly, “Let go.”

Wen Mojia not only did not let go. Instead, he applied more strength to his grip.

Are you asking for trouble, dude?

Qiu Jin sighed: “I was selected, all right? Can you let me go now?”

Wen Mojia glanced at his face with contempt, and sneered: “If you want to deceive people, then find a more believable story. You got selected?”

Qiu Jin shook off Wen Mojia’s hand. He was too lazy to waste his breath on the other guy: “Believe what you want. Let’s go.”

Yang Chi followed behind Qiu Jin with an excited expression on his face: “Damn, that was so cool just now!”

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“You’re happy with just this?” Qiu Jin was also a little stirred up, and he couldn’t help but sigh, “If I get the best actor award, then wouldn’t you be so hyper that you can’t even stop?”

Then he saw Ji Shenxiao approaching.

Qiu Jin: “…”

Why was the situation always so awkward whenever he bumped into Ji Shenxiao? Was he so shameless?

Ji Shenxiao seemed to be there to inspect the ongoing work. He walked with Li Pingyin and there were five or six middle-aged men following him.

Qiu Jin was about to sneak away before the other party could take notice of him, but then he saw Ji Shenxiao stop and his eyes zeroed in on Qiu Jin. With an expressionless face he said, “Come here.”

Qiu Jin took a step back subconsciously: “President Ji, I still have something to do…”

Ji Shenxiao’s gaze darkened and he repeated, “Come here.”

Although he didn’t quite know what the reason was, he felt that Ji Shenxiao was angry, and now he has become the unlucky fellow that the other was going to take his anger out on.

Qiu Jin took a deep breath and walked over unwillingly. Then he stood two steps away from Ji Shenxiao, and with a business smile on his face he said: “Greetings to President Ji.”

Ji Shenxiao: “Get in the car and wait for me.”

Qiu Jin: “…I really have something to do!”

Two bodyguards came over.

Qiu Jin’s smile froze on his face.

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The author has something to say:

Ji Shenxiao: “You promised me three meals a day. But now you’re throwing me away after you’re done with me? You scum man.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

Ji Shenxiao: “If three meals a day is no good, then give me one day.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

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