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This Alpha’s Pheromones 62

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Chapter 62 – Still Dare to Run?

“Mr. Qiu, this way please.” The two bodyguards encircled Qiu Jin and made a gesture of invitation.

Qiu Jin smiled cutely: “Can I not go?”

The bodyguards were expressionless: “Please don’t make things hard for us.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

“What’s the matter?” Yang Chi was so surprised that his eyes nearly popped out of his head, “When did you have such a relationship with President Ji? Also, he… what does he want to do with you?”

Qiu Jin was also confused and shrugged, “I don’t know either.”

“Hey, do you…” Yang Chi kept away from the bodyguards and lowered his voice, “Do you think he fancies you and wants to do that to you?”

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When he said this, Yang Chi formed a circle with his left thumb and forefinger and then poked his right forefinger in and out of the circle.

Liu Wei also followed suit: “Could this role be an expression of his sincerity?”

[T/N: In case it’s not clear, Liu Wei is suggesting that Ji Shenxiao likes Qiu Jin, so he gave Qiu Jin the role of Ji He in order to please him and get in his pants.]

“Do you guys want to die?” Qiu Jin shot daggers at them with his eyes. “I’ve already said it before, I got this role because of my skills.”

Liu Wei scratched his head and apologized obediently: “I’m sorry, I was just too surprised.”

Yang Chi: “All right, no more joking around, so what exactly is he going to do with you?”

“Well…” Qiu Jin thought for a while, and then said seriously, “Maybe he thinks my acting is good and wants to curry favor with me?”

Yang Chi: “…”

Liu Wei: “…”

There was an embarrassing silence.

“Why isn’t that possible?” Qiu Jin became serious. “Right now I don’t have many works under my belt, so my salary won’t be too high. They’re poaching me now, and it’s a sure-fire investment.”

Yang Chi: “…”

Although Qiu Jin was full of self-confidence, Yang Chi has never seen him act and always found it hard to imagine that a person could grow so much in a short period of time.

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But Qiu Jin’s contract was going to expire in half a year. According to his current development plan, he would not stay in a small management company.

Yang Chi hesitated for a moment: “Then… do you really want to leave?”


Qiu Jin nodded. If Ji Shenxiao really wanted to poach him, he had no reason not to go.

At present, Huayi Media was at the zenith of its development. His previous company was one that he had signed on with secretly, and he had locked himself in for four years from the get go. The company was neither big nor small, but it definitely could not be compared to Huayi Media.

Yang Chi became hesitant. He still had one year left on his contract. When he was still just a novice, he managed exactly one talent that became popular, and that person was Qiu Jin. He witnessed a person going from obscurity to soaring in the skies with just one step, and then falling down to the depths. Right now, it looked like Qiu Jin was on the road to turning over a new leaf…

He wanted to go with Qiu Jin [to Huayi Media], but he didn’t know if Qiu Jin would be willing to bring him along.

How could Qiu Jin not see the cogs turning in Yang Chi’s head? But he didn’t say anything straightforwardly. He only said: “Don’t worry, if I leave, I will tell you in advance.”

Only then did Yang Chi breathe a sigh of relief. When he managed other young talents, he was only passing along his experiences to them. But when he was with Qiu Jin it gave him a feeling of moving upward. It was as if as long as he put in the effort, he could follow Qiu Jin and stand on the summit someday. There was no one who did not like this feeling.

As they conversed, they quickly arrived at the parking lot.

Yang Chi: “Then I’ll go first. Call me if you have any questions.”

“Hey, there’s something else.” Qiu Jin got into the car and suddenly rolled down the window again.

“What is it?”

Qiu Jin: “Do you know much about Jiang Ming?”

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“Film Emperor Jiang?” Yang Chi was startled. “What about him?”

Qiu Jin said vaguely, “I’m a little concerned.”

He remembered that in the novel*, the role of Jiang Zhe was not played by Jiang Ming. Moreover, the character Jiang Ming did not appear in the novel*, which made him curious.

[*T/N: The novel that QJ read and transmigrated into, which is this current world.]

“I just thought of an old gossip,” Yang Chi lowered his voice and leaned in towards the car window to say, “I remember that Jiang Ming was the illegitimate child Jiang Feihong brought back from outside ten years ago, and the whole entertainment circle was talking about it at that time.”

“Illegitimate child?” Qiu Jin thought for a while, and then asked, “Is there anything else?”

“Uh, what else do you want to know?” Yang Chi scratched his head, feeling that today’s Qiu Jin was a little weird.

Forget it, maybe he was over thinking it. The world was so huge. It would be impossible for a novel to cover everything.

Qiu Jin withdrew his gaze: “Aren’t I going to act opposite him? It’s like scouting out the other person.”

Yang Chi breathed a sigh of relief: “Don’t worry about it, the film emperor’s work is impeccable.”

Yang Chi had already left, but Qiu Jin’s brows were still knotted together.

The other thing that was making him concerned was that the villain and second male lead of the book, Xu Ziyu, has yet to appear.

In this world, Xu Ziyu was the one that posed the most danger to him.

If Ji Shenxiao was an affectionate CEO gong, then Xi Ziyu was an underworld gangster gong.

[T/N: gong and shou is the Chinese version of seme and uke, or top and bottom]

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