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This Alpha’s Pheromones 64

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Chapter 64 – I Want to Eat Eggs

When Qiu Jin saw the ingredients on the table, he finally returned to his senses: “You told me to come here just to cook?”

“What else?” Ji Shenxiao snorted in dissatisfaction and loosened his tie.

Ji Shenxiao wasn’t a forceful person, but who told Qiu Jin to be a little liar that did not keep his promises. Qiu Jin promised to take care of Ji Shenxiao’s three meals everyday. Instead, he ran off right after he got the temporary mark.

Never mind three meals everyday, Qiu Jin didn’t even cook one meal for him every three days.

From Ji Shenxiao’s perspective, he was only politely inviting the other man over to his house [to cook]. It’s not like he locked the other man up in his house to cook for him every single day.

Qiu Jin finally remembered. At that time, he was just saying it casually. Later, he was busy auditioning for the role, and forgot about everything for a while.

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He was also a little embarrassed and quickly asked, “Then do you have certain foods that you avoid or any favorite dishes?”

Ji Shenxiao was not a picky eater, and said, “Anything is fine.”

“Got it.”

Qiu Jin turned around and entered the kitchen, which was surprisingly large. There was a western-styled island counter, and all kinds of luxury kitchen utensils. Unfortunately, they were all just for show. There was not a single lingering scent of smoke or fire to indicate that the kitchen has been used before.

The ingredients were abundant and fresh. Qiu Jin made chestnut black chicken soup, asparagus and black pepper beef, ginger duck, steamed sea bass, and fried snow peas. Before serving, he mixed up a pot of orange and passion fruit drink.

Except for the food that he plated and served on the table, he packed the rest of the food into storage containers and put them in the refrigerator. This way, Ji Shenxiao could last for a few more days even if he wasn’t there to cook for him.

After putting dinner on the table, Qiu Jin wiped his hands and said: “Then, I’ll leave now?”

Ji Shenxiao stopped in the middle of serving himself: “You’re not eating?”

Only then did Qiu Jin realized that Ji Shenxiao had taken out two sets of bowls and chopsticks.

“Then… then I’ll eat some.”

After he finished speaking, he felt a bit weird. If it were ten days ago, he would not have imagined that he would be having dinner with Ji Shenxiao.

Ji Shenxiao ate very seriously. He didn’t say a word the whole time, and he moved gracefully and quickly. He already started to get a second helping of rice, when he still had half a bowl of rice left.

The two sat down to eat without saying a word, which was torture for Qiu Jin.

Qiu Jin glanced around the room and suddenly asked, “Can I turn on the TV?”

Ji Shenxiao nodded: “Yes.”

A familiar yet unfamiliar tableau appeared on the TV screen, and Qiu Jin was a little surprised: “The “Four Seasons Food” has already started broadcasting?”

Hearing this sentence, Ji Shenxiao also raised his head.

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The production team of “Four Seasons Food” was really good at filming scenery: raging waves beating against the shore, the dew clinging to roses after a rain shower, the iridescent red of a dragonfly… Whether it was the majestic and imposing scenes of nature or the calm and quiet atmosphere of literature and art, it all came together seamlessly. Coupled with Ji Shenxiao’s 8k high-definition display screen the visual enjoyment was absolutely top notch.

Obviously it’s not just them who think so, the bullet screen* was already filled with favorable criticism.

[*T/N: The bullet screen is a function that allows viewers to post on-screen comments in videos, movies, etc in real time.]

– This is way too breathtaking! Personally, I feel like it looks better than previous seasons. –

– This location looks awesome. It’s like some place from a dream. –

– Whoa, I dig this house! I really dig it! –

– It reminds me of a poem: I have a house facing the sea. Warm in spring. Flowers blooming. –

The episode was halfway done. Right now, it was depicting the scene of Qiu Jin getting up and going for a run. Drones were filming the scenery from the sky. It incited people’s yearning for the beauty of nature.

However, after Qiu Jin appeared on the scene, the tone of the comments on the bullet screen changed, and all kinds of abuse and ridicule floated out.

Qiu Jin was already used to it, but Ji Shenxiao’s face darkened a little, and his voice was inexplicably low: “That’s how they verbally abuse you?”

Qiu Jin didn’t care much. As a public figure, he had long been accustomed to accepting different people’s various opinions about him.

“Well, it’s true that my actions in the past were not good. It’s normal for them to scold me.”

Ji Shenxiao didn’t speak, but his expression sank a little.

It wasn’t all just derogatory comment though. As Qiu Jin ran farther and farther, the tone of the comments on the bullet screen gradually changed.

– What the f*ck? He already ran for so long. Isn’t he tired? –

– Ugh, don’t talk about it. Qiu Jin is a bit of a scumbag, but his face is really something else. –

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