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This Alpha’s Pheromones 65

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Chapter 65 – I Want to Eat Eggs

The comments continued to appear.

– His figure is also great. This is indeed the sexiest alpha in the entertainment industry! –

– The previous commenter must not know, Qiu Jin is the former sexiest alpha in the entertainment industry. The current one is our family’s Wen Mojia, okay? –

– That Wen Mojia is a seven, and you’re saying he is the sexiest? What kind of joke is this? –

– Hey, leave my Mojia alone! –

– Ugh, so annoying. Why would I bother talking about him if you didn’t bring him up? Are you going to let other people watch the variety show or not?! –

– To tell the truth, Qiu Jin’s physical strength is quite good. –

– Good physical strength +1. Look at that waist, man. –

– I don’t know if his physical strength is good or not. All I know is that if he continues to pant like this, I will be panting with him. –

– Play it at half speed. There’s a surprise for you! –

– Damn, I just opened the door to a whole new world! –

– All right, I’m done. (Smile) –

– Hey, hey, previous commenter, wasn’t that way too fast?! –

– Wait a moment, who’s the one running down from the fork in the road? –

– F*ck damn! Look at those muscles, that attractiveness index… I’ve used up all my words… –

– In one minute, I want to know all the information about this man! –

– What’s the matter with you people? You guys don’t recognize Ji Shenxiao? He’s the big sponsor of this event. –

– He’s the big daddy of this show? How can there be such a handsome sponsor? Ahhhhhhh! I can totally go for him! –

– What the fart are you talking about? You can go for him, but he won’t go for you, okay? –

– F*ck, what is that scum Qiu Jin going over there for? Don’t sully our lord chairman. Ahhhhhh! –

– Hey, previous commenter, please be more reasonable, okay? Take a look at your lord chairman’s gaze. It’s hard to say who is going to sully whom. –

As soon as that comment popped up, the bullet screen instantly went silent.

Even Qiu Jin and Ji Shenxiao looked visibly embarrassed to the naked eye.

What kind of gaze was that?

The cameras never lied. There was no way to hide any of their expressions at all.

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The early morning image of Lanhou Island was emerald green. In the distance was the shimmering blue ocean. Qiu Jin lifted up his t-shirt to show Ji Shenxiao how to thread the mini microphone through. Ji Shenxiao’s eyes fell straight on Qiu Jin’s fair waist, and his throat bobbed slightly.

Audience: ?

Qiu Jin: ???

Although Ji Shenxiao quickly looked away, the sharp-eyed audience still caught him red-handed.

The bullet screen went crazy. There were screams of “ahhhhhh” all across the screen.

– How is Qiu Jin’s waist so fair?! And it looks so strong, too. Ahhhh! –

– Wait a second. Did our lord chairman just swallow a mouthful of saliva?! –

– I don’t care who, just give me one please! –

– Ahhhh! Two top-notch alphas are panting in my ears! I’m going to go crazy! –

– Ooh, I have a different thought. I want to see the two of them going crazy to make a baby! –

– F*ck, previous commenter, are you some depraved starving wolf or tiger? Don’t make me come at you. –

– Sorry… I got too excited… retracting, retracting… QAQ –

The netizens were very conscientious. How could a clown like Qiu Jin be worthy of a high-quality stock like Ji Shenxiao?

However, as the two interacted more and more, the tone of the comments in the bullet screen gradually became crooked, especially with the previous explosive allegations of “Qiu Jin seducing Ji Shenxiao.”

Could this be true? Who could bear this situation?

The originally elegant and cultured “Four Seasons Food” became a bloodbath in an instant.

The netizens have also opened up a lot of forum posts about Qiu Jin’s scummy past. They brought up the past relationships between Qiu Jin and Xiang Xi, and Qiu Jin and Ji Shenxiao…

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To the numerous haters and passersby who were not clear on all the facts, Qiu Jin was like a big time scumbag player, who went after everyone regardless of their gender or sex.

There were a lot of mean comments on the Internet. Sitting in front of the TV, Qiu Jin was still in embarrassment. After being stunned for a while, he finally recovered, and then laughed: “I didn’t know you were already coveting my cooking skills back then.”

Although that was a far-fetched explanation for Ji Shenxiao’s gaze, Qiu Jin really couldn’t think of a second possibility.

Ji Shenxiao hummed once in agreement. His voice was inexplicably hoarse: “The egg fried rice you made was delicious.”

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The author has something to say:

Later, Qiu Jin found out that Ji Shenxiao not only craved his egg fried rice, but also craved his eggs.

Qiu Jin: QAQ

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  1. Qiu Jin is sold, he helps to count the money, and after counting the money, adding a few coins, he also forgets about it in an instant, So impressive! ┌(・。・)┘♪

  2. Lmao! What a funny chapter! I wonder if the editors for the show will end up highlighting moments between the MC and ML in future episodes.

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  4. I look forward to Qui Jin having a revelation. (ಡ艸ಡ)
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