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This Alpha’s Pheromones 66

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Chapter 66 – The Golden Lord Daddy’s Favor

Qiu Jin and Ji Shenxiao continued to watch the show while enshrouded an in awkward atmosphere.

When Xiang Xi and Ji Shenxiao were tidying up the garden together, some fans started to ship them as a couple.

Xiang Xi has a bad temper, but his appearance’s deceptive power was too strong. If he just stood there and did not speak then he would look like a beautiful but aloof fairy that was indifferent to worldly affairs.

Ji Shenxiao was the complete opposite type to Xiang Xi. He looked like a graceful gentleman, but looked at his strong muscles, anyone could guess how amazing his pheromones must be when he explodes.

It went without saying that Xiang Xi and Ji Shenxiao’s character types were well suited to each other. Moreover, they were in such a romantic location like the flower garden. It was like that meme, where the netizens just wanted to push their heads together and go “now kiss.”

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Qiu Jin glanced at Ji Shenxiao, and found that the other party was calm throughout the whole process, without the slightest abnormality. But according to the original book, their feelings sparked during the filming of the variety show.

Qiu Jin was a little nervous. Although he was only thinking of how Ji Shenxiao’s pheromones benefited his body’s condition, if Ji Shenxiao liked someone, then he would definitely not be able to continue this symbiotic relationship.

So he tried to ask: “Xiang Xi is very good-looking, right?”

“You’re still thinking about him?” Ji Shenxiao glanced at him, “If I remember correctly, you are an omega now.”

“Of course I know what gender I am. I’m just asking you, what do you think of Xiang Xi?”

Ji Shenxiao glanced at the TV and said calmly, “He’s okay.”

He’s okay? So perfunctory?

Qiu Jin asked again: “You don’t have the slightest interest in him? His pheromones smell like peaches. It’s very sweet.”

Ji Shenxiao looked at him for a while, and then frowned suddenly: “I finally realize how your previous bad reputation came about.”

Qiu Jin: “?”

Ji Shenxiao: “Did no one tell you that it’s rude to talk about other people’s pheromones?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

All right, he better shut his mouth. You’re such a straight man. I hope you never get the omega that you like, Qiu Jin thought at Ji Shenxiao.

Coincidentally, the screen changed to the scene of him chopping firewood. Qiu Jin set aside his thoughts, and returned to watching the TV seriously.

Seeing this scene, the tone of the comments on the bullet screen has completely changed.

– Damn, this person chopping wood is too awesome, don’t you think? He’s splitting the logs with just a single strike of the axe? –

– I didn’t expect Qiu Jin to be so good at doing farm work? –

Finally someone was praising him. Qiu Jin was very happy and couldn’t help showing off, “Aren’t I awesome?”

Ji Shenxiao said: “The muscles in your waist are quite strong.”

Qiu Jin immediately became proud of himself: “That’s right, I’m not only good at chopping wood, but also very good at other sports.”

As soon as he finished speaking, more comments appeared on the screen:

– Look at those muscles and that sweat. Motherf*cker, who can resist this? –

– All right, I’m lying down and ready. Qiu Jin-gege, drip your sweat on my body! –

– Please farm vigorously on my body with that male dog waist*! –

[*T/N: male dog waist – describes a man whose bust line is wider than his waistline. From the ribs to the hipbone, the waist rapidly shrinks to form a sexy physique. Because this look is similar to the waist curve of a dog, the term “male dog waist” was born. Pretty sure they’re thinking of a Doberman or a Boxer dog. Now humor me and imagine a corgi. How about the dachshund (wiener dog)? XD ]

Qiu Jin: “…”

The netizens comments were getting rowdier and rowdier. No matter how thick his skin was, he was still a little embarrassed.

Qiu Jin’s face was burning, and he immediately said: “Let’s change the channel!”

Ji Shenxiao remained unmoved: “[My] company invested in this product. Of course I want to see the finished product.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

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Fortunately, this shameful scene did not last long, and what followed was the scene where they went shopping in town and came back to make dinner. What Qiu Jin didn’t expect was that his oysters and pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang* were well received, and there were even many people who fancied the chili. There were even some viewers asking for the Taobao [URL] address.

[*T/N: 鱼香 yuxiang is a seasoning of Chinese cuisine that typically contains garlic, scallions, ginger, sugar, salt, chili peppers etc. Although “yuxiang” literally means “fish fragrance”, it contains no seafood.]

[T/N: Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website. The netizens are saying they want to buy the food that Qiu Jin cooked.]

“Four Seasons Food” has always had a high reputation. The summer scenery was very beautiful, the invited guests were all interesting in some way, plus there was the tempting food…

With just the first episode, “Four Seasons Food” directly won first place in the variety show ranking. Whether it was clicks or ratings, it went up all the way to the top. Even a food critic with tens of millions of fans also posted a Weibo message.

Bai Tang was a gourmet master known for his poisonous tongue. He was in his forties and fifties. In addition to his poisonous tongue, he also knew how to act cute. He was quite popular on the Internet.

He took a screenshot of the pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang, and wrote: “Seeing the food on “Four Seasons Food” made me drool. I haven’t seen such an authentic pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang for many years. I want to eat it. [Drooling Face]”

The official Weibo account of “Four Seasons Food” immediately forwarded this comment: “We welcome Mr. Bai Tang to be a guest [on our show].”

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The translator has something to say:

I can’t fool myself any more. Qiu Jin is confirmed omega now. I thought he was still an alpha, only with special pheromones that just so happened to match well with Ji Shenxiao’s condition. I really wanted to see an alpha x alpha pair. At least Qiu Jin has the stereotypical physique of an ideal alpha, so they’ll still look like an alpha x alpha pair together… I’m also a little peeved that Ji Shenxiao’s words imply that omega x omega can’t be a pair in this world?

7 thoughts on “This Alpha’s Pheromones 66

  1. I find it strange that people in the omegaverse don’t approve of Omega x Omega relationships, because relationships between women are sexualized and are also the most accepted for the same reason. “Female” bodies are the most visually appealing (as far as I know, androgynous is the better), So shouldn’t the idea of ​​Omega x Omega relationships be more attractive?

    1. ? Huh. I’ve never seen it from that perspective. Your reasoning makes sense. ??
      Thanks for the update!?

    2. I think it’s not about appearance. It’s more about the nature and dynamic of abo. In many, if not most, abo settings, omegas are made to be craving for alphas and dependant on alphas for a stable and comfortable life, and their dynamic is made that they complete each other. So people finds OO relationship to be lacking, like they may not satisfy each other bcs of their nature. But abo is still pretty flexible, author’s can make their own rules. I’ve seen stories where omegas can’t relieve their heat with other than alphas otherwise it’ll be too painful. And I’ve seen others where omegas help each other during their heats. I’ve seen a story where everyone can get pregnant so any sex can be with any sex, just the fertility rates are different for each pairing.

  2. Same. I was also looking forward to an AA pair. But I’m not ngl, the reason for the 2’s attraction has something to do with our mc’s omega traits. I want him to be both ??

  3. I don’t think ML’s comment was that deep, he was just a bit annoyed (& maybe jealous?) that MC talked about another guy. I mean this is what usually happens. It just happened that XC is an omega.
    Thank you for the chapter!

  4. I agree that I was a little hesitant at first about Qiu Jin becoming an alpha, I was worried it was going to be a rehash of his previous life where he became a victim to his pheromones’ potency- and the way he expressed relief at not having to go through that anymore, not having to be as afraid or cautious, were enlightening, but I have high hopes!

    Also, doesn’t that chef give off Gordon Ramsay vibes from his description? Those oysters made me drool

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