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This Alpha’s Pheromones 67

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Chapter 67 – The Golden Lord Daddy’s Favor

Originally, this was just supposed to be a normal interaction between a Big V* and the program, but who told Bai Tang to praise Qiu Jin?

[*T/N: 大V (Big V) refers to Weibo users who have obtained personal authentication on Weibo platforms such as Sina, Tencent, and NetEase and have many fans. Because authenticated Weibo users will have an icon similar to the capital English letter “V” after their Weibo nickname, netizens refer to such Weibo users who have been personally authenticated and have many fans as “Big V”]

Qiu Jin didn’t have much else, but what he did have was a lot of anti-fans. Especially after what happened previously. It seemed as if blackening Qiu Jin’s name was the politically correct thing to do.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

This time the anti-fans smelled a conspiracy and immediately chased after him [for his comment].

– I bet you received money for this, right? Even this can be complimented? –

– What a joke. Anyone can make pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang. If you want to boast about something, chose something cooler, man. –

– It seems that this food critic is not very skilled. Maybe all his praises were paid for under the table. –

At first Bai Tang just sighed, he was going to let it go, but unexpectedly he had to suffer criticism from so many people. He’s always had a big temper. How could he permit these brats to spit all over him?

It was not his style to respond back directly to the comments, so Bai Tang posted another Weibo message:

“Some people questioned the authenticity of my previous comment, thinking that pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang is a very simple dish, and worthy of my craving. That’s because you don’t know what real pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang tastes like. Nowadays, ninety percent of the pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang found in restaurants are not authentic. The sticky ones made with edible tree fungus and bamboos shoots are completely fooling diners.”

As soon as this statement came out, it not only offended the netizens, but also attacked all Sichuan restaurants indiscriminately.

This topic was very common, and there was no threshold for discussion. Anyone could express his or her opinions. The online comments immediately doubled several times.

Bai Tang remained unmoved and continued: “Pickled pepper and pickled cabbage are the heart and soul of pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang. You definitely cannot use the chili peppers bought at the market. You have to use copious amounts of the juice from Sichuan pickled cabbage, fragrant hot peppers, along with pungent pickled cabbage. The moment you put it into the pan is when the miracle happens. The yuxiang fragrance hits you in the face. The sweet and sour flavor is fresh and tasty, and the aftertaste lingers long after. It’s a pity that most of the industrial pickled cabbage on the market today can’t make such and authentic yuxiang flavor.”

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When a professional shows off his knowledge and skills, that is when you know if he is an expert at his craft or not.

Many food critics and Big Vs who paid attention to Bai Tang also agreed, and Bai Tang’s description invoked the memories of many passersby.

– That’s right. I’m from Chongqing, Sichuan. When I was a child, I liked to eat pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang. I don’t know when it started, but I felt that the taste was different. But I didn’t know what was wrong. –

– Recipe learned! I have pickled cabbage at home, so I will follow this recipe! –

– I come from outside of Sichuan. I hate eating pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang the most. So you’re saying that there is nothing wrong with the dish, it’s just that what I have been eating is not authentic? –

On the other end, Xiang Xi held his phone and nodded frantically: That’s right, that’s right. He didn’t like to eat pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang either. If he got a box lunch on set with pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang in it, there would definitely be leftovers. He thought it was so unpalatable! As a result, he was stunned by what he ate that day. Even now, just thinking about it filled his mouth with saliva.

Wu wu wu, he also wanted to eat it!

Xiang Xi was reminiscing about the taste of Qiu Jin’s pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang, but when he came back to his senses, he had already liked Bai Tang’s Weibo post.

Xiang Xi was a popular traffic niche, with tens of millions of fans. As soon as he liked it, fans instantly spilled in like a tsunami, incessantly checking in to sightsee.

After a while, Xiang Xi’s manager called him. Scared by Xiang Xi’s online interactions, his tone was full of anxiety: “What are you complimenting him for?!!”

Xiang Xi was a little nervous at first, but when he heard the manager’s tone, he immediately became unhappy, and retorted right away: “What he said was reasonable. What’s wrong with me giving him a like?”

“I’m not saying you can’t give out likes, but that was praising Qiu Jin,” the manager was worried to death, “You only just managed to get rid of him. Now you’re giving him a like. What if he is self-delusional and thinks that you like him?”

Xiang Xi also realized that he was reckless, but he already liked the post and so many fans saw it, so it was impossible to take it back.

He was very annoyed and started to chase the other person away: “I don’t care. I already liked it. You go handle it.”

Manager: “…”

Forget it. What else could he do? He could only support Xiang Xi.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The premiere of “Four Seasons Food,” Bai Tang came out the big winner. Passersby all got a big laugh out of the drama.

– These anti-fans are poisonous. Don’t you read someone’s Weibo profile before attacking someone? This is a famous food critic and the general consultant of the food show “Taste Buds”. Do you question their professionalism? Did you come to make a clown of yourself? –

– But who is that Qiu Jin? Is he the same person as the Qiu Jin from before? Why is there such a big difference? –

– That’s right, I didn’t see him pestering Xiang Xi either. –

– I already said it before, our gege doesn’t like Xiang Xi anymore! I hope everyone will stop hyping it up without permission. –

– The young one is in his flourishing period. Everyone is welcome to invest in this hidden treasure youngster! (Attached a nine-photo grid of Qiu Jin) –


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