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This Alpha’s Pheromones 68

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Chapter 68 – The Golden Lord Daddy’s Favor 

As soon as the first episode of the show aired, Qiu Jin’s fans started to return one after another. Every time he refreshed, there were new fan comments and likes.

Qiu Jin was also very happy. He re-posted Bai Tang’s Weibo, and replied: “If there’s a chance I will make the dish for you* next time.”

[*T/N: Qiu Jin used the polite form of you.]

Then he felt eyes staring at him.

Qiu Jin’s smile froze for a moment. When he raised his head, he saw Ji Shenxiao looking at him. The other man held a glass of beverage in his hand, drinking water in small sips.

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Qiu Jin thought about it for a bit and said, “A food critic said that he wanted to eat the pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang that I made.”

Ji Shenxiao hummed once and continued to look at him.

Qiu Jin had a pretty good grasp of Ji Shenxiao’s temperament. He nodded and said: “Okay, okay, I’ll make it for you next time.”

Only then was Ji Shenxiao satisfied.

Before leaving, Qiu Jin instructed Ji Shenxiao again: “I made extra food for you. It’s in the refrigerator. Just heat it up in the microwave before you eat it.”

“I’ll have the chauffeur drive you back,” Ji Shenxiao stood up and walked Qiu Jin to the door. He then asked, “When are you coming over again?”

Qiu Jin said very euphemistically: “…I also have a job. Moreover, we don’t live close together, so it mauy not be possible to come every day.”

Ji Shenxiao paused for a moment and suddenly asked, “The place you’re living at, is it bought or rented?”

Qiu Jin replied: “Rented.”

In the past, Qiu Jin had a big fight with his family and he ran away from home. The brokerage firm got him settled in an apartment. Somewhere in the middle, he changed apartments and upgraded to a better place, which was the current place he was living at, with two bedrooms and one living room. Of course, it could not compare to Ji Shenxiao’s fancy house.

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Ji Shenxiao said: “Then how about you move here. There’s no one living next door to me. I’ll lend you the place to live in.”

Qiu Jin: “???”

Was it necessary to go that far for just one meal?

Ji Shenxiao was the type of person who would put his all into completing something once he decided to do it.

Before Qiu Jin could answer, Ji Shenxiao added, “Not just moving in next door, you can also sign under Huayi Entertainment. Lu Pingyin manages Huayi Entertainment, but I can also give you resources.”

Qiu Jin was taken aback for a moment, and it took a long time for him to come back to his senses: “Is all that worth it for a meal?”

Ji Shenxiao’s deep gaze fell on Qiu Jin’s face. With a very serious expression on his face, he said: “Worth it.”

Qiu Jin put his hand over his heart: “…Let me slow down first.”

Mainly because Ji Shenxiao made so many concessions, it was really hard for Qiu Jin’s thoughts to not go askew.

“It’s just an exchange of interests, don’t think too much about it.” As if guessing what he was thinking, Ji Shenxiao glanced at him and said lightly, “Moreover… to someone whom I am interested in, I would do much more than this.”

That’s right, Qiu Jin thought, you would hold that person in the palm of your hand to pamper him, and at night you’ll do it again and again and then come back for more.

That’s what was described in the original novel.

Now that the other party has made a clear statement, Qiu Jin was no longer entangled, and accepted this kindness open-handedly.

After all, who would not be tempted by this golden lord daddy’s favor?

At least, he [Qiu Jin] couldn’t resist.

Ji Shenxiao has a very efficient life team with excellent service attitude. His things were packed and sent over the following day. Except for packing some more personal and private things, Qiu Jin barely spent any energy.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The new home was more private and comfortable than the previous place, and there was also a huge audio-visual room. Qiu Jin had no attachment to the previous place, and soon lived in the new house without any principle.

But it wasn’t just that. While swiping through Weibo in the afternoon, Qiu Jin found that all the bad things about him were gone.

It should be noted that on a normal day, he would get about a thousand Weibo comments, and of that number, five hundred of them would be bad mouthing him. Especially after “Four Seasons Food” broadcasted last night and he entered the public eye again, Qiu Jin was already prepared for a new round of violent storms. But when he woke up today, the scolding disappeared, leaving only a stream of compliments.

Qiu Jin thought about it for a long time and couldn’t come up with a reason, but it shouldn’t be Qiu Yuqin’s doing. His name has been blackened for so long, and his brother has already helped him deal with it. It couldn’t be his current brokerage company. They were reluctant to spend that money. Then there was only one last possibility left…

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  1. 对我感兴趣的人 = towards someone who is interesting to me [对 (我感兴趣)的人] also maybe you could consider making it more clear when you’re splitting chapters up into multiple updates (ie how this is chapter 23, not chapter 68) since it’s a little confusing for readers otherwise and they might think the story is almost over (since raws have total 80ish chapters) when we’re only a quarter way through haha. thanks for tl ing :))

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