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This Alpha’s Pheromones 69

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Chapter 69 – The Golden Lord Daddy’s Favor

Qiu Jin took a screenshot and sent it to Ji Shenxiao. He tried to ask: “You helped me out?”

Ji Shenxiao responded quickly: “Just a little sincerity.”

Qiu Jin: “???”

He was convinced by this sincerity.

Ji Shenxiao replied again: “I have not arranged any brand endorsements for you yet. You don’t have any works out, and won’t be able to get any good brand offers. Focus on filming a good drama, okay?”

Qiu Jin immediately sent three emojis: [Holding the big thigh] [Thank you boss] [Daddy is awesome]

Lying on the unfamiliar and comfortable big bed, Qiu Jin hugged a pillow and laughed in a silly manner. He thought he had picked up a bitter drama script, but he didn’t expect to be rewarded with a golden finger.

No wonder so many people wanted to hug onto a big thigh. It turned out to be such a good feeling!

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Qiu Jin took a short nap. When he woke up, he watched a movie and then made plans to go next door to prepare dinner. That was when he received a call from Yang Chi.

“There is a brand endorsement for me?” Qiu Jin was quite happy at the news, “What is it?”

Yang Chi hesitated for a long time before he said, “One is for salted vegetables, and one is for red pepper paste…”

Qiu Jin: “???”

“Do I look like the type that pleases mom fans?”

[T/N: mom fans – typically older fans, usually female, they think of themselves as a sort of “mom” to the celebrity they support, they want to watch the celebrity grow and prosper, and there are usually no romantic feelings towards the celebrity. Could also mean a literal mom who is a fan of someone or something.]

After all, most of the people who would buy these kitchen foods were housewives.

Yang Chi replied: “The manufacturer saw the food you made on the show, and they wanted to find someone with good cooking skills…”

Qiu Jin: “…”

Yang Chi was a little embarrassed, but he had to bite the bullet and say, “Don’t disdain it so. Although the brand is a bit small, the price they’re offering is still good. Moreover, right now you still not completely whitewashed, so we can’t get many good brand endorsement…”

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Qiu Jin shook his head: “Let’s refuse the offer. It’s not like I’m in a hurry.”

Yang Chi said: “I’m afraid it’s a bit difficult for the company…”

Qiu Jin frowned: “What do you mean?”

“You didn’t sign the renewal contract last time, remember? The company must know that it can’t keep you anymore…”

Qiu Jin understood. “The company wants to fish for a quick buck, right?”

Yang Chi said: “No matter how small a mosquito leg is, there is still meat…”

Qiu Jin waved his hand: “Don’t worry, if the company executives have a problem, tell them to come to me.”

Too many messy endorsements were not conducive to his future development. After all, no international first-line luxury brand was willing to see their own spokesperson appear on a two-yuan package of salted vegetables in the supermarket.

Very soon a phone call came from the company’s upper management, but the caller was kind and polite, and didn’t say any harsh words.

Qiu Jin’s popularity was gradually recovering now that he has changed his image. Based on his previous popularity, it was not impossible for him to become popular again. It was not cost effective for them to make an enemy of Qiu Jin because of this little profit. What’s more, behind Qiu Jin there was a Qiu Yuqin, who was also not someone that was easy to trifle with.

If the other party was forceful then Qiu Jin could still hold his own, but the other party was a middle-aged omega, with a gentle voice and sincere tone. Qiu Jin has always been amenable to coaxing but not coercion. So in the end, he chose an instant noodle brand.

This was a well-known and fast-selling brand of instant noodles by Xinyi. With regular instant noodles you could get one for five yuan, whereas Xinyi’s instant noodles could be sold for ten yuan.

Nowadays, customer consumption has escalated. From a certain perspective, instant noodles was no longer the type of cheap goods that only poor people could eat. Before, there was also a restaurant that sold a bowl of instant noodles for fifty yuan.

The gimmick of fifty yuan noodles was more amusing than its worth, but brand owners could see the business opportunity in the situation.

This product called “Xinyi Instant Noodles” was mainly being advertised as high-end and attentive [in manufacturing]. They put a lot of effort into the noodles and seasoning packets. They also added two slices of vacuum-packed beef. At first glance, it seemed quite sincere.

Of course, advertising and filming also needed to be sincere, especially in this era where marketing has to tell stories. The brand department has put a lot of effort into the creation of ideal, the selection of styles, and the writing of the script.

They were just worrying that they wouldn’t be able to find a suitable person [to represent their brand], so much so that they were planning to use an Internet celebrity chef, but they didn’t expect that Qiu Jin would have such good cooking skills.

The commercial was also very documentary-style. The filming location was in a suburban photography base of operations. In a small wooden house filled with an artistic atmosphere, Qiu Jin was dressed in cotton and linen clothes and he was carefully kneading out the dough for the noodles. His slender and powerful hands kneaded the dough, and his face was smeared with some flour. The scene was simplistic but gave an air of sincerity.

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After pulling the dough out into strands of noodles, it was time to prepare the ingredients. When Qiu Jin was cutting the beef, the advertising director got a close-up. Under the lighting that imitated sunlight, Qiu Jin’s hands looked ever more fair and clear, which garnered positive feelings from the audience.

At eight o’clock in the evening, the advertising director called for a stop.

“Cut! Shooting is over!”

Qiu Jin heaved a sigh of relief and took off his apron: “Everyone has worked hard!”

Liu Wei immediately brought a bottle of water over: “Qiu-ge has worked hard, drink some water.”

Qiu Jin received the water and drank two mouthfuls. Under the light, even his Adam’s apple appeared much more delicate than ordinary people.

“The results this time is very good!” The Xinyi brand director and Yang Chi walked over together with smiles on their faces. “I have followed so many advertisements, and this one has the most flavor to it.”

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