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This Alpha’s Pheromones 7

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Chapter 7 – AA is Also Fine?

Previously, the show team of “Four Seasons Food” had also invited Qiu Jin to the variety show, but Qiu Jin looked down his nose on it. Not only did he refuse the invite, he also ridiculed it as a “digging earth variety show” on his Weibo, setting off a burst of foul wind and bloody rain*.

[*T/N: foul wind and bloody rain = figurative speech, in this case for “a toxic environment.”]

Now he was anxious to get on that show, it was practically like hitting himself in the face.

Qiu Jin: “I want to temper my willpower.”

Qiu Yuqin snorted: “You think I’ll believe that?”

Qiu Jin scratched his head and said with an embarrassed tone: “You also know that I have a lot of black powder now, so I want to participate in variety shows to brush up my level of favorable impression.”

This was not a lie, but the even more important reason was that he was envious of the lifestyle on the “Four Seasons Food” show, making three meals a day with his own hands and watching the clouds gradually fading in the sky. This reminded him of his days with his grandpa when he was a child. That was a big part of his childhood memories.

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Qin Yuqin was persuaded. His younger brother was indeed too stupid. It would be good to wash his image clean through variety shows. What’s more, going to that kind of backcountry place was also a kind of tempering for people, so he agreed to this request.

However, in less than ten minutes, Qiu Yuqin’s life-threatening phone call came once again. He screamed into the phone: “Are you going because of Xiang Xi?!”

Qiu Jin spread his hands, helpless. “I really don’t like Xiang Xi anymore.”

Qiu Yuqin: “Don’t tell me you started liking Ji Shenxiao?!!”

Qiu Jin almost spit out a mouthful of blood: “Where did you hear that?”

“Then why did you steal his underpants?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

“How did you find out? Did Liu Wei tattle?”

“I don’t need someone to tell me, the whole Internet knows about all the stupid things you do!”

Qiu Jin took a look on the Internet. Sure enough, a topic called #Qiu Jin seduces Ji Shenxiao# was constantly being brought up. They said he dived into Ji Shenxiao’s private pool and was thrown out. In just a couple of minutes after release, the topic rose to the twenty-second hottest search, and the discussion continued to spread.

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There was a picture attached and it showed Ji Shenxiao’s noble and aloof person walking pass Qiu Jin, and Qiu Jin was lying on the ground with a shocked expression.

[What kind of crazy day is today?! I can’t even eat my melon!]

[The f*ck, is Qiu Jin crazy? Isn’t he an alpha? Alphas are also fine?]

[Is upstairs discriminating against alphas? I heard that alphas are tighter there.]

[Tighten your *, why don’t you try ** and see if it’s tight or not!]

[No need to speak profanity, okay? Do you want Weibo to be censored? Why do I feel emotionally touched? “I can’t catch you, so I will take the man you like?”]

[Touch a fart. If it were you would you like it? Light a candle for Xiang Xi. Light a candle for Ji Shenxiao.]

(*T/N: Light a candle for someone = to pray for someone)

[He provoked Ji Shenxiao, tsk tsk…]

[Real talk here; if I could hook up with Ji Shenxiao, I wouldn’t want Xiang Xi anymore.]

[Ji Shenxiao’s appearance and family background are not accessible to ordinary people. If you were to see him, wouldn’t you be tempted? No need to talk about how he is born from a rich and powerful family, he is also a graduate of Oxford. While other rich second generation children are playing with cars and models, he had already shouldered the family’s heavy responsibilities.]

[The key point is he’s handsome, ah. How many celebrities would be eclipsed if they were to stand next to him? Do you guys still remember the entertainment section of the Beijing Economic Forum? When President Ji took his company’s actor up onto stage, the alpha named Wen Mojia, reportedly it was to take the title of sexiest alpha in the entertainment circle from Qiu Jin, instead, he was completely outshined. Everyone was looking at President Ji.]

[If Ji Shenxiao were to make his debut (as a performing artist), he would pull up the percentage point.]

[Dream on. As if Ji Shenxiao is going to debut.]

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[Aren’t Miss Dong and Lei Busi also serving as ambassadors for their companies? Why is Ji Shenxiao impossible?]

[Everyone upstairs, I admit that Qiu Jin was expelled from the seat of sexiest alpha, but who does Wen Mojia think he is? He only made it by copying Qiu Jin.]

[Qiu Jin is so stupid, how are there still fans?]


The Internet was turned on its head, the topic of #Qiu Jin, Xiang Xi, Ji Shenxiao# also began to rise rapidly when the peanut gallery* started chipping in their two cents.

[*T/N: 吃瓜群众 chi gua qun zhong: peanut gallery, especially those in online forums / onlookers who are interested in the spectacle but don’t have anything knowledgeable to say about it. Word coined in 2016.]

Qiu Jin looked over it a few times and then withdrew his gaze.

His voice was still calm: “They’re writing without basis.”

Qiu Yuqin: “But you…”

“Brother, you can rest assured,” Qiu Jin interrupted him. “If I like Ji Shenxiao or Xiang Xi, I will quit the entertainment circle!”

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Qiu Jin: If I like Ji Shenxiao, I will quit the entertainment circle! (Proudly puts hands on hips)

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  1. the real question is… “How will the ML chase him?”
    I wonder is the ML will ever say something like: I’ll chase you out of the entertainment circle
    cause he literally will need up doing that, especially when MC falls since MC did say he’ll quit the entertainment industry if he ever loves the guy (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
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