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This Alpha’s Pheromones 70

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Chapter 70 – The Golden Lord Daddy’s Favor

Yang Chi laughed heartily. Even if those were just words of politeness, Yang Chi still couldn’t help feeling somewhat happy when a talent that he was managing got praised.

The brand director wasn’t lying though. There were no spoken words or narration in this advertisement, but Qiu Jin was so handsome that this advertisement had another meaning – a beautiful man staying at home to cook for you.

Modern people had a lot of stresses. Whether it was going to work or attending school, both were mentally and physically taxing. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a piping hot dinner?

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This gimmick alone was enough to entice female audiences to buy the product. Of course, male audiences were also possible. After all, beauty could be appreciated regardless of gender.

Even the CEO of Xinyi Group was very satisfied with the advertisement. He even said that he would continue to pay attention to Qiu Jin and alert him when there was an endorsement in the future.

Xinyi did not only sell instant noodles. Their mineral water and potato chips filled the shelves of nearly every supermarket. In order to become their brand spokesperson, Qiu Jin would have to be much more popular than he currently was.

Of course, the CEO of the Xinyi Group was only speaking lip service. Qiu Jin’s popularity was not high enough to nab this endorsement. Qiu Jin also understood this point, but it was still good that the other person appreciated his work.

Before they left, the brand director gave them a big gift box filled with all kinds of Xinyi brand foodstuff. Although they didn’t know whether Qiu Jin would eat the food or not, the etiquette must always be in place.

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After Qiu Jin got into the nanny car, he gave the gift box to the assistant, and only kept two of the instant noodles for himself, intending to make it his dinner, but as soon as he went upstairs, he bumped into Ji Shenxiao.

Qiu Jin was the first to say hello: “Sorry, ah. Work ran late today, and I didn’t have time to cook. I was planning to make instant noodles. Shall I order takeout for you?”

Ji Shenxiao didn’t answer. His eyes fell on the instant noodles.

Why does he keep staring at the instant noodles? Ji Shenxiao shouldn’t be the type to eat instant noodles, right? Qiu Jin thought.

Qiu Jin struggled for a moment, then tried to ask: “Would you like some?”

Only then did Ji Shenxiao retracted his gaze and nodded neither too fast nor too slow.

This man was dressed in a suit and leather shoes with aristocratic mannerisms. It made the situation seem as if Qiu Jin was the one begging Ji Shenxiao to eat the instant noodles.

Qiu Jin: “…”

When is he going to change this lousy habit of his? If he wants something, can’t he just say it straightforwardly? Qiu Jin grumbled in his mind.

This instant noodle was a noodle cake with a ramen-like texture. Qiu Jin added prawns, ham meat, cabbage, poached eggs, and cheese slices in addition to the seasoning packet inside the instant noodles itself…

Qiu Jin never dieted. All the calories he consumed were left to be burned off during workouts. But he wasn’t too satisfied with his muscle tone. He only had a six-pack. Moreover, after he differentiated into an omega, he felt like he seemed to be weaker than before.

Qiu Jin had originally intended to eat both of the instant noodles, but out of nowhere popped out a wild Ji Shenxiao. So he could only add a few more ingredients. Consequently, he turned the instant noodles that were originally worth ten yuan to a dish that was worth fifty yuan. In short, it was super luxurious instant noodles.

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After Qiu Jin finished cooking the instant noodles, he even plated it up very nicely, and took a picture for his Weibo: “Cooking instant noodles.”

This could also be counted as doing some advertising for the brand he just worked with.

Of course, he only took a picture of his own bowl of noodles. He was very prudent about not revealing any unnecessary personal information online.

Unexpectedly, halfway through the meal, Ji Shenxiao suddenly received a call.

Gu Shuyi’s surprised voice came from the phone: “Son, are you with Qiu Jin?”

Ji Shenxiao glanced at Qiu Jin, got up and walked to the window: “How do you know?”

“I saw the photo he posted on Weibo, and the pattern of the marble on the table looks like yours,” Gu Shuyi said enviously, “But isn’t that bowl of instant noodles too sumptuous? I also want to eat it.”

Ji Shenxiao had thought that he was going to receive a scolding from his mother. He explained: “Overtime ended very late, I didn’t have time to cook.”

“Qiu Jin cooked for you?”


“Why didn’t you tell me that he cooks for you?” Gu Shuyi’s tone of voice carried a hint of dissatisfaction. “If I hadn’t asked Li-jie*, you would still be keeping me in the dark.”

[*T/N: jie – older sister, not necessarily blood related]

Li-jie was the housekeeping auntie for Ji Shenxiao’s apartment building. She was the one bringing groceries to his place for the past few days.

For some reason, Ji Shenxiao didn’t want Gu Shuyi to interfere in this matter, and subconsciously said, “Mom, it’s just cooking, there’s nothing else between us.”

“Who cares what your relationship is!” Gu Shuyi got angry. “Do you still have a conscience? You have someone with such good cooking skills making food for you, but you don’t invite me, instead you’re hogging it to yourself!”

Ji Shenxiao: “?”

So this was her main point?

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