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This Alpha’s Pheromones 72

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Chapter 72 – Xiang Xi Regrets It?

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too,” Qiu Jin replied to Qiu Yuqin.

“Talking about you, do you have enough money to spend?” With a flick of the hand, Qiu Yuqin sent one million yuan over to Qiu Jin, and he urged, “I’ll give you this much first. If it’s not enough, tell me.”

Qiu Jin: “…Thank you, Brother.”

When rich people expressed their concern it was so simple and unpretentious.

They had to hurry to the birthday banquet, so Qiu Yuqin only roughly took a quick look. But when they were about to leave, they suddenly heard a click from the door next door.

Qiu Yuqin stood at the door and asked: “What does your neighbor do? Let me say hello to him. After all, you’re going to live here for a long time.”

Qiu Jin paused for a second before saying: “I’m not too familiar with them. Aren’t we in a hurry? Let’s go first.”

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Qiu Yuqin remained unmoved: “We’re already at the door? What’s wrong with a little greeting? It’s also very important to have a good relationship with the neighbors.”

“No, no,” Qiu Jin shook his head again and again, “My neighbor is the kind of person with a particularly bad temper. You will be angry with him if you look at him.”

Qiu Jin originally planned to persuade his brother to leave like this, but when Qiu Yuqin heard this, he raised his eyebrows and stared. “That’s even worse, how can he bully you? Let me talk to him!”

“You can’t win against him [in an argument]. Don’t ruin your good mood.” Standing at the door, Qiu Jin was so anxious to leave. Seeing that Qiu Yuqin was still hesitating, Qiu Jin simply pushed Ji Shenxiao’s door close from the outside. At the same time he immediately shoved Qiu Yuqin into the elevator.

The elevator door closed with a “ding”, and Qiu Jin finally let out a long breath. It scared him to death. If Qiu Yuqin knew that Ji Shenxiao lived next door, and that even his house belonged to Ji Shenxiao, he didn’t know what would happen.

In the corridor, Ji Shenxiao, who was framed as having a bad temper and being ferociously quarrelsome: “?”

Nowadays, the big shots no longer liked the closed and cookie-cutter layout of urban hotels. Jiang Feihong’s birthday banquet was held in a suburban manor hotel. The huge glass sunroom was crowded with people, but thanks to the air conditioner, it didn’t feel stuffy. The guests could view the courtyard through the transparent external wall. It was quite an artistic place.

When Qiu Jin arrived, there were already many people at the scene.

If one were to say that Huayi Media, which has produced new talents in large numbers, was a nouveau riche in the entertainment industry, then Feihong Media, which has cultivated many film emperors and film empresses, was the foundation of the entertainment industry, possessing a long history and ample resources.

CEO Jiang Feihong’s birthday has always been a grand event in the entertainment circle. Who was invited to attend, who came last year but didn’t come this year, who sent blessings while overseas, these were topics that people paid attention to.

There were even some smaller celebrities who were over the moon because someone had brought them along. They would bribe and piggyback in on somebody else’s popularity. It was a real vanity fair.

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When Qiu Jin signed in, there was already a lot of media hanging around off to the side. But seeing the fresh and cool Qiu Jin who was smiling warmly, they could not recognize who he was for a while.

After all, everyone’s impression of Qiu Jin was a person who appeared at public events with silver hair and revealing clothes with three buttons undone. He would come in a way that would attract eyeballs.

The media gathered together and whispered: “Is that person really Qiu Jin? You must have gotten the wrong person, surely.”

“I bet you made a mistake. If Qiu Jin can look like that, then I’ll eat shit while upside down!”

“Ha ha ha, you better do what you say. I took pictures!”

A self-media entertainment blogger enjoyed watching a show and didn’t mind making a big deal of the matter. She immediately brought out the picture she just took of Qiu Jin. She zoomed in on the picture and then stilled for a moment.

The person in the photo moved gracefully. His eyes were limpid and crystal clear. There wasn’t a trace of his previous greasy character.

“What’s up with you? Did you get a picture or not?”

“I got the picture…” She raised her head in disbelief, “This face really is Qiu Jin, ah!”

“What the f*ck??! It’s really him?”

“When did he start looking like this?”

“Just now who said they were going to eat shit while upside down?”

The person in question: “…”

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