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This Alpha’s Pheromones 73

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Chapter 73 – Xiang Xi Regrets It?

Everyone was shocked. They turned their heads, hoping to catch up to Qiu Jin, but he had already walked into the guest area. They could only see a tall and straight back in the crowd, like a thriving green pine.

The self-media entertainment blogger was really quick. Very soon she posted to her Weibo. Her account, Xiao Miao Chi Gua*, had five million fans.

[*T/N: 小喵吃瓜 xiao miao chi gua – 小 xiao means “little,” 喵 miao is the onomatopoeic sound of a cat’s mewing “meow,” and 吃瓜 chi gua is a slang term meaning “to watch an entertaining spectacle from the sidelines and/or engage in gossip about it”]

She got into this birthday party by relying on a rich second-generation* friend. The information she put out was even faster than some professional entertainment media. Many netizens camped out on her Weibo page waiting for her to upload pictures.

[*T/N: 富二代 fu er dai – children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms in the 1980s.]

This time she posted a nine-photo grid: “Guess who this handsome little fellow is?”

None of the pictures have been edited, and some of them were really blurry, but that still couldn’t stop his beauty from showing through.

On a place like Weibo, as long as you’re good-looking, you can become popular regardless of how much traffic you have. Things like the most beautiful university professor and most handsome traffic police have popped up before. This time, Qiu Jin’s picture quickly topped the hot search. Within ten minutes, it had already appeared in the thirty-second place of the hot search, and it was still climbing rapidly.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Different from official celebrity shoots, these pictures of Qiu Jin were quite casual. But because of that, they had a trace of unpretentious freshness and naturalness. They immediately caught the attention of countless people.

“I don’t know who he is, but I’m in love!!”

“It feels a bit like QJ…”

“The previous commenter must be joking. If QJ can become like this, then wouldn’t XX agree [to go out with him]?”

“I’m not part of the fan community. I was simply attracted here by his good looks. Can’t you guys just use their names? It’s annoying.”

Fans of Qiu Jin thought that this was Qiu Jin, but they also didn’t dare to say so for certain, so they secretly poked at the president of Qiu Jin’s fan club.

“Liu Wei-ge, is the one in these pictures Jin-ge?”

Liu Wei didn’t go with Qiu Jin to the birthday banquet this time. He slept until the sun was up and was currently cooking the instant noodles that Qiu Jin had given him before. He immediately replied, “Yeah, it’s him. He went to Mr. Fu’s birthday party today.”

[T/N: Yes, the raws did say “Mr. Fu” and not “Mr. Jiang”… maybe a typo?]

Qiu Jin’s fans immediately took a screenshot of Liu Wei’s answer and posted it on the fan discussion board. The members were all boiling over!

“Ahhhhhhhhh, this is our gege!!”

“Wu wu wu, what kind of heavenly immortal is this? He’s so handsome I could cry!”

Gege’s unedited pictures are super good! I love you!”

Netizens were stunned when they saw it. This person was Qiu Jin???

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Qiu Jin’s great change has shocked many celebrities. Although the “Four Seasons Food” variety show he participated in has already been broadcasted, Qiu Jin still had silver hair at the time, and some people thought it was a variety show effect, so they didn’t take it too seriously. Until now when they finally saw it with their own eyes…

The first reaction was: Damn, when did Qiu Jin become like this?

The second reaction was: Such a superb handsome man; does Xiang Xi regrets it?

Xiang Xi arrived just a little later, and as soon as he entered the door, he saw a bunch of eyes falling on him, and he couldn’t help frowning.

What were these people doing? He wasn’t the main character [at this birthday banquet].

That was until he saw Qiu Jin at the center of the crowd, with black eyes and black hair, and a clear smile, it was just like the first time he saw him.

Xiang Xi was in a trance for a moment. It wasn’t until his agent reminded him did he react and immediately withdrew his gaze.

“Don’t stare at him, be careful of being photographed.”

“I don’t need you to tell me that,” Xiang Xi said with a stern face. “How am I staring nonstop at him? I was only taking a detailed glance at him!”

After speaking, Xiang Xi raised his head and found that Qiu Jin had looked away and was talking in a low voice with the people around him.

And Xiang Xi was planning on saying hello too, but Qiu Jin had already stopped looking at him. What fart!

Xiang Xi turned his face away angrily. For some reason, he felt that his anger was out of place. What was even more irritating was that he kept thinking about Qiu Jin’s voice and smile in his mind.

He was already vexed to the max, but it just so happened that there were people dumbly gossiping beside him.

“Xiang Xi and Qiu Jin really don’t get along, huh? Qiu Jin smiled so nicely at him just now, but Xiang Xi just had a poker face.”

“It’s not like this is the first day that you know that they’re mortal enemies, okay? If Xiang Xi responds to Qiu Jin, then the sky will definitely pour with red rain.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

“Hey, if I were Xiang Xi I would agree [to be with Qiu Jin]. Such a handsome man. Just look at Qiu Jin’s male dog waist. Tsk, tsk. That is absolutely a little wolf dog.”

Hearing this, Xiang Xi couldn’t bear it any longer and stood up. He walked towards Qiu Jin under everyone’s astonished eyes, smiled slightly, and said affectionately, “Why didn’t you let me know that you’re coming?”

Qiu Jin: “?”

When did our relationship become this good?

Xiang Xi didn’t care. He greeted Qiu Jin and then returned to his seat. He glared at the people who were talking nonsense, and sat down with dignity and grace.

The only thing that was missing was that he didn’t write across his face in big letters: Do you see the sky pouring red rain?!

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