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This Alpha’s Pheromones 75

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Chapter 75 – Getting on the Hot Search Again

Qiu Yuqin was dumbfounded: “?”

Which part of my younger brother is good? Why don’t you tell me?!

The people standing around in a circle and watching were also wearing stupefied faces.

When did Qiu Jin become a good person?

When Yi Xiao returned to his seat, the entrepreneur next to him asked him with a smile: “Who was that, ah? They could make even you go over there to say hello in person?”

Yi Xiao responded: “It’s the celebrity who endorsed our instant noodles. His work is quite steady. He’s a very good young man.”

Of course, the main point was that his wife liked Qiu Jin.

That entrepreneur glanced over at Qiu Jin, “Yo, President Yi, ah, you don’t normally go online do you? That youngster caused a bloody storm back then.”

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“Who didn’t do a few stupid things when he was young and impulsive?” Yi Xiao chuckled. “When I was pursuing my lover, I stood in the heavy rain for two hours, and right now, aren’t we lovey-dovey? What’s more, just now I saw Xiang Xi talking to Qiu Jin, and he didn’t seem to hate Qiu Jin at all.”

The man was quite surprised: “So something like that happened?”

“Why would I lie to you?” Yi Xiao lifted his head and gestured with his chin, “Look, even Ji Shenxiao is going over there.”

Even if his Golden Lord Daddy was attending the banquet, Qiu Jin never expected him [JSX] to approach him [QJ].

It was not clearly written, but the seats in the banquet hall were arranged according to the importance of the guests. The president of Xinyi Food Corportation was in the front row, Xiang Xi was in the middle, and Qiu Jin was in the very back. Just two more tables away was the dining area for the media people.

Qiu Jin didn’t know what was going on in Ji Shenxiao’s head, but after the man took a seat at the first table, he headed directly for Qiu Jin.

Qiu Jin: “???”

What are you doing? Go back quickly! If the media gets a photograph of us together, who knows what kind of rumors will be written! Qiu Jin thought frantically.

Qiu Jin kept trying to give Ji Shenxiao meaningful looks, but Ji Shenxiao just disregarded them. Before the amazed crowd, Ji Shenxiao walked over leisurely on his long model legs.

Seeing that Ji Shenxiao was about to arrive before him, Qiu Jin stood up abruptly, planning to slip out to the greenhouse. To his surprise, it was Qiu Yuqin who stopped him: “What are you running for? It seems to me like President Ji is coming over here to look for you, right?”

“How is that possible?” Qiu Jin pretended to be surprised. Before slipping away, he dropped one last sentence, “We’re not familiar with each other at all.”

Ji Shenxiao: “…”

Very good. You’re done for.

Qiu Jin didn’t take it to heart. Anyway, it wasn’t the first time he had offended Ji Shenxiao. Although the man looked fierce, he was actually very softhearted. Every time it was loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain*.

[*T/N: “loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain” – Chinese idiom meaning “a lot of talk, but no action” or “his bark is worse than his bite”]

Not too far away, Wen Mojia observed the scene in front of him with a stiff smile, but the hands he kept under the table were tightly clenched into fists.

Zhuo Qian opened his fingers one by one and comforted him softly: “Don’t think too much, he’s just copying your looks. How can he ever hope to compare to you?”

Wen Mojia’s breathing became short, and he remembered how Qiu Jin looked neither humble nor arrogant after the audition. To his knowledge, Qiu Jin was someone with a bad temper, was gullible, did things without thinking it through, and made a fuss if he didn’t like something. He was a person who was easy to see through.

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However, the Qiu Jin that day seemed to be a different person. Wen Mojia tried to provoke him, but Qiu Jin’s eyes were full of indifference and he looked at Wen Mojia as if he were making trouble unreasonably.

And it was the same thing now. Even though there were so many bad things floating around about Qiu Jin, there were still so many people who said hello to him. What would happen if Qiu Jin became popular?

At that moment, Wen Mojia suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis.

Wen Mojia turned his head and asked Zhuo Qian, “Mom, it’s been decided that I will get the role of Ji He, right? But why haven’t I received a notice from the director?”

It has been several days since the audition. This matter most likely fell through by now.

Zhuo Qian opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say, so she could only say, “Director Yi is also attending the banquet. I’ll ask the director later.”

Wen Mojia nodded: “That’s right, after all, we invested ten million.”

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