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This Alpha’s Pheromones 76

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Chapter 76 – Getting on the Hot Search Again

Zhuo Qian closed her eyes, her heart full of unease.

She also felt that her family was superior and that her husband was powerful. She would usually go to the mall to buy bags and luxury goods, and she could afford to swipe her card for things that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It was not until her son entered the entertainment industry that she realized that there were too many rich people in this world.

Although she gritted her teeth and invested ten million, in a big production crew, it was not worth one-tenth of their expenses. And this time, the director of the cast and crew was extraordinarily strong. Word has it that someone invested thirty million to designate the leading role, but Yi Congqing only gave them a cold face and made them do an audition. If the acting was not good enough then it was simply no good. Even if you invested a hundred million it was no good.

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But now her son was being so persistent…

Zhuo Qian stood up. Before the luncheon started, she wanted to go to the director and try again. Unexpectedly, she did not find Yi Congqing and instead bumped into Qiu Jin at the door.

Qiu Jin was also stunned for a moment. He had left the room to avoid Ji Shenxiao. He didn’t expect to run into another uninvited guest.

Both sides were a little embarrassed, but the other party was an elder after all, so Qiu Jin nodded politely.

Zhuo Qian was used to putting on appearances. Slapping on an amiable façade she went right up to chitchat. In the gentlest tone, the sharpest and meanest words were spoken.

While the two were crossing verbal swords, they did not think that one of Zhuo Qian’s friends would be passing by. She saw Qiu Jin and she smiled: “Mojia is really getting more and more handsome as he grows!”

Someone even tacked on: “That’s right, he seems even younger than before, and his temperament is also better.”

In that split second, the two arguing people’s faces twisted in disgust.

Qiu Jin: “??”

Laozi is this handsome. How can I look like that greasy man, Wen Mojia? Qiu Jin thought, affronted.

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Zhuo Qian, well, she was still stupefied. But then she took in Qiu Jin’s outfit and style today, and she finally realized…

Qiu Jin and Wen Mojia’s styles actually collided!

They were wearing the same outfit as each other in public!

This was definitely one of the top ten most embarrassing scenes in the entertainment industry. Wen Mojia and Qiu Jin had the same suit and trousers, only the shirt and tie were slightly different.

Wen Mojia wore a white shirt with a standard collar and a burgundy tie to look young. However, Qiu Jin deliberately wore a wing-collar shirt with a black silk bow tie, which seemed to be a lot more proper and upright, and even showed a faint hint of extravagance.

Moreover, Qiu Jin and Wen Mo Jia were relatives, so they did look a bit similar at first glance, but Qiu Jin was more refined.

Back then, Wen Mojia waited for Qiu Jin’s popularity to sink. Then he relied on the popularity of being the sexiest alpha in the entertainment industry, and stepped on Qiu Jin many times during his climb to the top. Now that Qiu Jin’s state of affairs was turning back around, netizens immediately began to compare him with Wen Mojia.

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If they didn’t compare they would not have realized, but they were startled to find that Qiu Jin was one degree higher than Wen Mojia in terms of appearance and temperament. This was especially obvious when they were dressed the same.

This perfectly confirmed the saying: wearing the same outfit as someone else in public is not necessarily a terrible thing, it’s whoever is ugly that would be embarrassed.

A large piece of the Internet was directly torn up, and Wen Mojia’s fans keep posting controlled comments. However, as more passersby participated in the conversation, the topic “#wenmojiaqiujinoutfitscollide” directly topped the hot search. Self-media Xiao Miao Chi Gua posted a voting poll on her Weibo: Exactly who is the more handsome of the two? Wen Mojia fans kept swiping votes, but due to the huge group of passersby who voted, the final conclusion was that Wen Mojia was completely defeated!

The marketing company also saw this hot search, but they didn’t receive the latest notice, and they were still dutifully releasing the press release on time, saying that Wen Mojia was invited to attend Mr. Jiang Feihong’s birthday party, and this suit was upright and elegant.

He also bribed a marketing account to post on Weibo, saying that they saw Wen Mojia and Director Yi Congqing talking intimately, suggesting that there might be a chance that the two of them were cooperating on a project together.

Many people speculated that Wen Mojia would be playing the part of Ji He in “The Rise and Fall of the World.” The Wen Mojia fans that just suffered a shriveling defeat puffed up again, having recovered a bit of face* with this kind of speculation.

[*T/N: The Chinese concept of “face” consists of honor, reputation, self-respect, and pride]

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