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This Alpha’s Pheromones 77

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Chapter 77 – Getting on the Hot Search Again

Anyone who has read the original book for “The Rise and Fall of the World” knew that the character Ji He was both righteous and evil, and within his ruthlessness was a touch of pureness. He was the white moonlight and cinnabar mole* of countless people. Many artists and cosplayers have produced a lot of content of Ji He. For their gege [Wen Mojia] to be able to play such a role, that was much more impressive than Qiu Jin this flower vase man, who only looked good on the outside but was empty on the inside!

[*T/N: 白月光和朱砂痣 white moonlight and cinnabar mole are both Chinese Internet buzzwords. The white moonlight is someone you long for but cannot have. The cinnabar mole is someone that you once had but can never have again. In both cases it refers to someone or something that you cannot obtain but also cannot forget.]

Wen Mojia’s fans kept posting in the group forum: don’t aim personal attacks at Qiu Jin anymore, stop getting all twisted up in the outfit collision matter, just sing praises about gege’s career, don’t devalue yourself and get all torn up over someone in the eighteenth string.

As a result, Wen Mojia’s fans pulled up his previous beauty photos and videos to flood the Internet forum. They were boasting about Wen Mojia so much, it was as if he had become a film emperor.

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The marketing account was full of controlled comments. Just when the scene was all joyous and harmonious, a Weibo reply suddenly shot to the top with the most likes.

“I’m from the entertainment industry. That day, I also saw Qiu Jin auditioning for the part. In addition, Ji He is not Wen Mojia.”

Separately, these sentences didn’t mean much, but now that they were placed together side by side, didn’t that imply that Qiu Jin has taken Wen Mojia’s role?

What acting skills did Qiu Jin have, huh? Netizens still have screenshots of his black history, all kinds of winking, shaking his head, and overacting, it was greasy to the extreme.

How could Qiu Jin play Ji He??! Did the director go crazy?!

Wen Mojia fans immediately began to criticize!

Qiu Jin’s fans were also extremely shocked. Along with passerby netizens entering the scene, the Internet became a scene of bloody rain and stormy winds.

Qiu Jin was totally unaware of the comparison happening online. The only incident he encountered was that when he came back from taking some fresh air in the flower garden, some reporters stopped him at the door.

Although the media was invited to this banquet, they were only allowed to move in a specific area. They were not allowed to enter the front side of the building where all the celebrities were gathered. Only official photographers were allowed. They couldn’t find a way in no matter how they asked, but they did not expect to catch a party guest outside.

Some of the media directly asked Qiu Jin: “Some netizens said that you will play Ji He in “The Rise and Fall of the World”, is this true?”

Qiu Jin was stunned for a moment, not knowing where the news came from, but he just smiled: “I did indeed go to the audition, but whether I passed the audition or not, you guys should ask the director.”

When he said this, he just so happened to be standing in front of a clump of roses. His eyebrows, eyes, and hair were suffused with the summertime sunshine. This person was too dazzling. It was to the point that it was almost hard to look straight at him. Even the roses behind him became a foil in order to bring out the subject with greater brilliance.

The reporters were all fascinated. So this was the svelte person at the top back in the day.

Another reporter asked a few questions. Qiu Jin smiled and answered them. His responses were watertight.

The always-sharp and cunning media suddenly discovered that they couldn’t dig out any serious information from this young man.

On the other side, Yi Congqing entered the banquet hall from the VIP passage.

The reporters rushed past, but because the security was blocking them from approaching, they could only raise their voices and asked: “There is news that Qiu Jin will play Ji He in “The Rise and Fall of the World”, may I ask if this is true?”

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Yi Congqing saw an old friend today, so he was in high spirits. When he heard this question from the reporter, he opened his mouth and replied back at once: “If not Qiu Jin then who else? There is no actor more suitable than him.”

<< Qiu Jin confirmed to play the role of Ji He in “The Rise and Fall of the World”! >>

<< Yi Congqing: There is no actor more suitable for the role of Ji He than Qiu Jin! >>

The news spread to the Internet almost instantly, and the entire network was in an uproar.

Fans of the book were the first to disagree!

How could Qiu Jin, that greasy man…!

However, when they saw the recent photos of Qiu Jin, they thought… it doesn’t seem that bad, eh? It feels better than Wen Mojia.

And Qiu Jin was so refreshing, not like a greasy man at all.

“What’s up with him? Did he change after being rejected by Xiang Xi?”

“Who said he was rejected? I have a photo of the two of them together. Just take a look at the emotion in Xiang Xi’s eyes when he’s looking at Qiu Jin.”

Netizens: ??? What the f*ck??

“What kind of gaze is that, Xiang Xi? How can you be smiling so happily?”

“Who the goddamn f*ck got rejected, huh? They’re not together, are they?”

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