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This Alpha’s Pheromones 78

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Chapter 78 – Another Marking (26.1)

By the end of the luncheon, all the actors at the scene have heard the news that Qiu Jin got the part of Ji He.

Those unfamiliar with him just spared him a glance. But there were some people who took the initiative to come up and greet him. What’s more, people who didn’t even look at him before were suddenly greeting him now.

Qiu Jin was already very familiar with this kind of change in behavior in people. He was too lazy to deal with these people and was about to go to the bathroom to hide for a bit.

When Qiu Jin came out of the bathroom, he saw Wen Mojia standing at the door with a dark face, staring at him with a bad expression.

Qiu Jin tried to go around the other man after washing his hands, but someone grabbed his arm.

Qiu Jin glanced at him, “Is something wrong?”

Seeing how leisurely he was, Wen Mojia’s expression sank a little bit, and he gritted his teeth to say: “Don’t think that I don’t know what you are relying on to climb the ladder.”

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“You know?” Qiu Jin suddenly burst out with laughter, “Then why don’t you tell me what I am relying on?”

“You…” Wen Mojia just wanted to threaten Qiu Jin, but he didn’t expect the other person to be so shameless, so his anger came out, “Shameless, I saw everything at the company that day!”

“What did you see?” Qiu Jin suppressed the smile on his face, stepped closer, and asked again, “Say it, what did you see?”

Wen Mojia raised his head, and fell into Qiu Jin’s pitch-black eyes. Qiu Jin’s imposing aura was astonishing. It was at this time that Wen Mojia realized that he was actually a bit shorter than Qiu Jin.

But it was Qiu Jin who did the wrong thing, so what did Wen Mojia have to be afraid of? Thinking of this, Wen Mojia suddenly felt confident. He raised his chin and said, “I saw you get in Ji Shenxiao’s car!”

Once he said this kind of provoking sentence, Wen Mojia no longer restrained himself. His eyes swept over Qiu Jin obscenely, and he said directly: “Just what does Ji Shenxiao see in you? Or does he think it’s more fun to top an alpha?”

Qiu Jin’s breathing paused for a second. In the next moment, he grabbed Wen Mojia’s arm and slammed him against the wall.

“What are you doing!” Wen Mojia panicked immediately after being caught off guard by this attack. But he couldn’t move at all, because Qiu Jin was currently holding him by the head, and the left side of his face was tightly pressed against the cold tiles of the wall.

“This is just a small warning,” Qiu Jin suppressed both of Wen Mojia’s hands with his right hand, while his left hand pressed down on Wen Mojia’s head. He spoke each word clearly, “Food can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can’t be said indiscriminately*.”

[*T/N: “Food can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can’t be said indiscriminately” is a Chinese saying. Eating indiscriminately is at most harmful to one’s own body, but talking indiscriminately may hurt others, cause disputes, and cause scourge. It has the same meaning as calamity comes from the mouth, so be careful what you say.]

Wen Mojia got angry, and he said irresponsibly, “How am I talking nonsense? If Ji Shenxiao wasn’t protecting you, would you be able to win that role?”

Wen Mojia has been feeling so aggrieved lately. Although his acting skills were not superb, he was by no means a vase man. He had good looks, popularity, and investment, but he was still suppressed by Qiu Jin, who was inferior to him in every way. If this wasn’t a case of the casting couch then what was it?

Particularly those in the banquet hall just now, they were looking at him as if they wanted to directly write the word ‘loser’ on this face.

Qiu Jin paused for a while, and then said, “That’s how you see me?”

Wen Mojia sneered: “How else? Do you really think your acting is superb?”

Qiu Jin was silent for a while. Suddenly, he started to smile. It was completely inappropriate for the occasion. It was clearly the gentle type of smile, but it made Wen Mojia tremble despite not being cold.

Wen Mojia was stunned. He opened his mouth, not even realizing how much his voice was trembling: “What, what are you smiling about?”

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“I’m smiling at your naivety,” while smiling faintly, Qiu Jin said the most shocking words in the gentlest tone, “You’re talking to me like this. Do you really think that I don’t dare to kill you?”

Wen Mojia’s eyes widened suddenly.

At that moment, he seemed to feel that there was a pair of hands grabbing his heart, and the fear invaded his skin from every pore, making him feel like he has falled into an ice cave.

Wen Mojia fell into a frantic battle inside his mind.

It’s impossible. They were all people with status and prestige. How could Qiu Jin kill him off so easily?

But Qiu Jin was originally a lunatic, what if he was speaking for real? Even if Qiu Jin ended up in prison at the end, Wen Mojia would not be able to return from the dead! Moreover, Qiu Jin was intimately related to Ji Shenxiao, and with that person’s means, it was not impossible to get rid of someone…

The more Wen Mojia thought about it, the more frightened he became. Just when he was about to beg for mercy, he suddenly heard Qiu Jin say, “Am I right, Tongguang?”

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