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This Alpha’s Pheromones 8

T/N: This chapter was scheduled for week 2 of December. So sorry for being late. But I am keeping track of which stories I promised to update for the month of December, so even though I’m running late, I’ll make sure to have all the promised updates out by the end of the month. (>_<)?

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Chapter 8 – Don’t Like Him

Qu Yuqin has a brother complex. He could not endure Qiu Jin’s pleading. Moreover, Qiu Jin was giving him this kind of guarantee. He was silent for a long while, and then finally he squeezed out a sentence: “I’ll indulge you for the last time, you better do a good job for me.”

Qiu Jin: “Thank you, Brother! I will work hard!”

“I don’t expect you to have the same prosperity as the other one in the family, just don’t cause trouble for me.” Qiu Yuqin’s voice slowed down, “I still have matters to attend to, I’m hanging up now.”

“Okay, bye.”

Qiu Jin went to the bathroom and washed his face. When he raised his head, he couldn’t help but startled.

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This face was almost exactly the same as his previous two lives. Perhaps because his gender was an alpha now, so he was not as delicate as his omega self, it was much more similar to his original appearance and figure.

Especially his deep eyes, they could grab people’s attention almost instantaneously, and that angular face did not seem to have any vulnerable spots.

Laughter, sorrow, crying, anger, affection, despair… this face could accurately express various expressions—this was a face born for the camera.

If it weren’t because his methods were too low, with this kind of appearance, he might really have the opportunity to catch up with Xiang Xi.

Although it was not comparable to Ji Shenxiao, the protagonist who was favored by God, it was still an amazing existence in the entertainment circle.

This body was also very attractive. It was one point eight meters tall and covered with a layer of supple and strong muscles from head to foot. He had a pair of slender and powerful legs. He had both pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles. His body was the type that was not exaggerated, but was especially seductive.

No wonder he still had fans that liked him despite his spotty and blackened reputation.

It was just that his taste was too terrible. He had a head of silver hair that fell to his shoulders. It made him look dispirited corpse in mourning. But Qiu Jin was only twenty-one years old this year. He looked tender enough to squeeze out water*. He was still at the age where ordinary people would be studying in college.

[*T/N: Describing someone as “tender enough to squeeze out water” is like saying they’re youthful with bouncy and full skin, as in their skin is full of moisture, not dry and wrinkly.]

Even more terrible was his taste in clothing. Qiu Jin opened the closet and found that there were very few serious clothes in it, but there were a pile of chest-revealing vests, and jeans that hung at the buttocks. There was no way he could wear any of them.

Qiu Jin went to the mall the next day and bought a lot of new clothes. Fortunately, the original host still had a lot of money. Although he didn’t work for half a year, his elder brother regularly gave him money.

At nine o’ clock in the morning, the shopping mall was extremely deserted, and Qiu Jin was wearing a pair of super black sunglasses, so the cashiers and salespeople did not recognize him.

After buying clothes, he went to a corner barbershop to dye his hair black, but Mr. Tony, the hairstylist, did not agree.

“Silver suits your skin tone so well, ah.” Mr. Tony rotated his face around, admiring him. “It doesn’t look good right now mainly because the hair is too long and somewhat thick, so it makes you look lethargic.”

Qiu Jin: “I want to cut it short and dye it black.”

“Really, trust me. It will make a big difference if I thin it out for you a bit. If it doesn’t look good, I won’t take your money, okay?”

Qiu Jin: “I want to cut it short and dye it black.”

Mr. Tony hummed in response and nodded his head in resignation.

Only then did Qiu Jin close his eyes with ease and straightforwardly napped to make up for his lack of sleep.

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Yesterday, his brain received too much information in a short period of time, and then he drew up a rough plan for his future. He only went to sleep in the wee hours of the night.

After an unknown period of time, he heard Mr. Tony say, “finish cutting.”

Qiu Jin opened his eyes and saw a completely different image in the mirror.

He still had a head of silver hair, but this time it was quite refreshing and neat. Matched with his fair and pure face, he looked like winter hoarfrost on a tree, biting cold but also beautiful.

But a gleaming red ear stud in the left ear broke through this coldness, giving off an alluring feel. Coupled with the faint tear mole in the corner of his eye, it was enough to seduce people’s souls.

A few strands of hair behind his ears were slightly longer, falling onto his ascetic black shirt, making him appear even more reserved and adverse to disrespectful trifling. Compared to his previous style of selling flesh, it was more alpha-like by several degrees.

This Tony’s artistic taste was quite high. Qiu Jin has never tried this image before, but the effect was better than he had imagined. He didn’t insist on dying his hair black anymore. He paid the bill and left the barbershop.

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