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This Alpha’s Pheromones 80

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Chapter 80 – Another Marking

Qiu Jin originally wanted to reject Jiang Ming’s proposal, but after thinking about it, this film emperor was lowering his own social status to talk to him about work. If Qiu Jin still rejected he would appear to be very tactless. In addition, he might end up overreaching himself [and defeat his own purpose of avoiding Xu Ziyu’s hatred].

So they found a small round table and sat down. Jiang Ming beckoned to a waiter for two drinks.

After ordering, he smiled apologetically: “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I just ordered for you without asking you first.”

Qiu Jin shook his head: “It’s okay, I’m not thirsty.”

Very soon, the waiter came over with two cups of mango milkshake. Qiu Jin took the cup with a smile and then set it aside. He did not spare it another glance after that.

He hated mangoes.

The two chatted about their characters for a long time. Jiang Ming seemed to realize that Qiu Jin didn’t drink a single sip. He asked with a smile, “You don’t like mangoes?”

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Qiu Jin smiled apologetically: “I’m dieting. My manager won’t let me eat indiscriminately.”

“I wasn’t being considerate enough,” Jiang Ming said. Then he asked the waiter to give him a glass of mineral water.

Qiu Jin said: “There’s no need for the trouble.”

“It’s just a slight effort,” Jiang Ming handed the water over. “Not to mention, I have questions to ask you. I hope it won’t cause you any trouble.”

“En?” Qiu Jin raised his head, “What’s the question?”

“You pursued Xiang Xi before, right?” Jiang Ming said in a casual tone of voice, “May I be so bold as to ask, what made you give up?”

Qiu Jin’s movements stopped for a moment, but he soon returned to normal. With great difficulty, he suppressed his embarrassed expression and said, “I don’t like him anymore. Also, career is more important than love.”

“Why don’t you like him anymore?”

“If you can’t woo someone successfully, then naturally you stop liking them, ah.”

Jiang Ming looked at him for a moment, and then suddenly laughed: “You can definitely catch someone with this look.”

Qiu Jin also smiled, but the smile did not reach his eyes.

Until now, he finally understood that the other party was using Xiang Xi as an excuse to ask for the reason to his change in personality.

Sure enough, Jiang Ming still cared about Xiang Xi even if he didn’t follow the same trajectory as in the novel. Thinking of this, Qiu Jin put in all his effort and said in a melancholy tone of voice: “No matter how great the love, it will be exhausted if the other person keeps rejecting you. I was refused so many times before, my heart has long been turned into ashes already.”

“You’re right, no matter how strong the love is, it will decrease more and more if the other person rejects you over and over again.” Jiang Ming paused. Then afterwards he revealed a smile, “But I still have mine.”

Qiu Jin was curious: “There is also someone that Jiang-laoshi cannot woo successfully?”

Of course he knew that the person Jiang Ming couldn’t catch was Xiang Xi, but he just wanted to upset the other person a bit. Who told the other person to upset him first?

“En, that person has been avoiding me for a long time.”

“Then Jiang-laoshi might as well consider giving up the other party like I did.” Qiu Jin said without sincerity. In any case, Jiang Ming was Xiang Xi’s faithful admirer. Qiu Jin said such words purely to cause trouble for the other person.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ming really nodded with a serious look: “I will try to consider your suggestion.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

All right, just don’t involve me in the future, he thought.

More people were starting to encroach on their area, so the two got up and returned to the banquet hall.

In order to prevent Jiang Ming from messing with him, Qiu Jin couldn’t help but say it again: “I really don’t like Xiang Xi anymore.”

Hearing his words, the other man lowered his head and smiled. With a hint of joy in his voice he said: “En, I understand.”

Qiu Jin did not expect Jiang Ming to stop all of a sudden. He didn’t have time to stop and bumped into the other person’s back.

A burst of mango scent invaded his nostrils. All the hairs on Qiu Jin’s body stood on end. Before his brain could process what he was doing, he had already taken a huge step backwards.

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Jiang Ming turned around, his eyes widened slightly, and he asked in surprise, “What’s wrong?”

Qiu Jin raised his head and stared at him, his eyes full of vigilance.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have stopped abruptly just now.” Jiang Ming showed an apologetic smile. Seeing that Qiu Jin was covering his nose, Jiang Ming then asked, “Did you hit your nose? Let me see.”

Qiu Jin took a step back: “It, it doesn’t concern you. It’s my problem.”

“Then how about I take you to the infirmary?”

For such a big event, in order to prevent accidents at the scene, a first aid team was specially available.

“It’s okay. I’ll be fine after taking a rest.”

Qiu Jin turned and left, wanting to find a place with fewer people to hide. At this moment, a strange numbness gushed out of his body instantly, and Qiu Jin’s breathing suddenly became rapid.

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  1. I actually don’t understand why QJ doesn’t try using a more believable and logical excuse to explain why he suddenly stopped being interested in XX; since he has the perfect way to make it seem completely reasonable.

    Like, yes, talk about how repeated rejections eventually make a person’s heart cool; then point out something along the lines of:
    “Before, even though I was rejected, as long as he didn’t have
    anyone else in his heart, I could still hope that someday he might change his mind. No matter how cold my heart was becoming from being repeatedly rejected, there was still that small ray of hope that made me unwilling to give up – especially since I’d already completely thrown away my face in pursuing him. But once he said that he liked someone else, even if I was unwilling, I had to accept it. With how cold his rejections all this time made me feel, losing the final bit of hope killed the last of my feelings for him. That’s all.”

    Not the exact words, but that kind of reasoning. No one would doubt him when he claims not to like XX anymore when his behaviour is so different towards him and there’s a completely reasonable explanation.

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