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This Alpha’s Pheromones 81

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Chapter 81 – Another Marking

Jiang Ming suddenly became alert: “What is that scent on your body?”

Qiu Jin took a deep breath. He showed a slightly teasing smile. Then he took out the decorative handkerchief from his breast pocket. “An omega gifted it. Sorry, ah. I accidentally let Jiang-laoshi smell it.”

Hearing this, the usual relaxed smile on Jiang Ming’s face disappeared, and his eyes became sharp: “Who gave it to you?”

Qiu Jin didn’t expect the other party to keep asking questions, so he could only talk nonsense: “Just… just someone I met on the road. I don’t know them.”

Jiang Ming’s eyes fell on the back of Qiu Jin’s neck. The wing-collar shirt Qiu Jin was wearing today had a slightly higher collar than a shirt with an ordinary collar, so when Jiang Ming looked at the place where the gland was supposed to be, he could only see a white shirt collar, as if there was nothing abnormal.

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Qiu Jin was almost unable to hold on anymore, and the surging inside his body was boiling over in waves. Although he had not yet reached the stage of estrus, the inhibitor bracelet and the gland patch was barely holding back his scent.

At this moment, a group of people in suits and leather shoes were walking over in their direction. Qiu Jin immediately saw Ji Shenxiao standing in the middle. He couldn’t afford to care about anything anymore, and immediately shouted loudly: “Ji Shenxiao!!”

Ji Shenxiao was talking with a few entrepreneurs. When he heard the shout his movements stopped for a moment. Then he nodded at the others: “Sorry, I have something to do. Excuse me, I must leave.”

The bosses looked at each other: “Who is it? I have never seen President Ji in such a panic.”

Ji Shenxiao, with his tall height and long legs, came over quickly. He placed Qiu Jin behind him protectively. Qiu Jin was shivering and using all his willpower to hang in there.

Ji Shenxiao asked in a gentle voice, “What’s wrong?”

Just these three words made Qiu Jin feel at ease. He grabbed Ji Shenxiao’s sleeve, resisted the strangeness of his body, and said, “Take me away.”

Ji Shenxiao’s eyes swept over Qiu Jin’s cheeks. The young man’s fair face was dyed with a layer of crimson. He didn’t expect Qiu Jin to enter the estrus period so quickly.

Jiang Ming didn’t intend to let go. Ji Shenxiao looked down at him and frowned slightly. Their gazes met, opposing each other with equal harshness.

After a short pause, Jiang Ming was the first to break the silence: “Where is President Ji taking him?”

Ji Shenxiao said: “He’s not feeling well, I’ll take him away first.”

Jiang Ming did not let go, but tightened his fingers even more.

“Jiang-laoshi,” Qiu Jin tried calling him once. He didn’t understand what Jiang Ming was thinking. Even if he’s targeting Qiu Jin, there was no need to press him every step of the way, right?

Jiang Ming just looked at Ji Shenxiao and remained silent.

Just before Qiu Jin decided to shake him off, the other party took the initiative to let go and gave him a warm smile: “Be mindful of safety.”

There were too many people and too many pairs of eyes in the hotel, and there were acquaintances everywhere. Ji Shenxiao took Qiu Jin directly to the parking lot.

Along the way, they heard an omega say, “Why is it so hot?”

“Maybe because the sun is too strong. Stop basking in the sun. Just go inside and it’ll be fine.”

Qiu Jin feared that it was his pheromones’ effects. He felt guilty, and his pace quickened some more.

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“What is that smell all over your body? It stinks badly.” Ji Shenxiao frowned and stuffed Qiu Jin into the back seat of the car. Even he did not know when his voice became so full of dissatisfaction.

“I don’t like it either…” Qiu Jin muttered, but his expression had already relaxed. The small space filled him with a sense of security, especially with Ji Shenxiao, a humanoid inhibitor, there with him.

Ji Shenxiao sat upright on the chair and looked down at him: “Tell me, what’s going on?”

Qiu Jin: “I may have accidentally entered estrus again…”

Qiu Jin’s last inhibitor shot was last week. Furthermore, Ji Shenxiao had already given him a temporary marking. Ji Shenxiao frowned. Qiu Jin shouldn’t be entering estrus so fast…

It was really hard to say that he wanted to be bitten by the other man. Qiu Jin said it euphemistically, but couldn’t wait for Ji Shenxiao’s answer, and mistakenly thought that the other party was unwilling, so Qiu Jin gritted his teeth, and said with a desperate expression: “I, I want a temporary marking.”

Ji Shenxiao lowered his head slowly. His eyes swept across the back of Qiu Jin’s neck, but he did not move.

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