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This Alpha’s Pheromones 82


Sorry for the late update. Some of you may have noticed the change to the “Status Update” section in the sidebar and know that I’m behind on updates due to catching up on some much needed sleep. ? ? Things at both work and home have been hectic during the end of the year. ? Don’t worry, I’m trying my best to make up the updates I missed last week, even though they’ll be a bit late. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 82 – Another Marking

The sweet smell gradually spread in this small space, and the abnormality of the body became more and more obvious.

Qiu Jin was a little anxious, and urged, “President Ji?”

He didn’t realize how sexy he sounded just then.

Qiu Jin had a pair of seductive eyes. The folds of the double eyelids were very shallow, and there was a light pink halo around the eyes. The color was like peach blossoms. The eyes that were normally limpid and clear were now hazy because of the impending heat. Coupled with the tear mole at the corner of his eye, it was enough to crumble a man’s heart.

Ji Shenxiao’s eyes darkened for a moment, but he didn’t do anything. He just slowly retracted his gaze and said expressionlessly, “We’re not familiar with each other.”

[T/N: Omg, JSX, this guy. Refer to what QJ said back in chapter 75. Lol.]

Qiu Jin: “…”

This man was still holding a grudge because Qiu Jin avoided him in the morning.

While scolding the dog man in his heart, Qiu Jin only said good things with his mouth. While wearing a high hat*, he also analyzed the pros and cons for the other man.

[*T/N: “wearing a high hat” – face-to-face flattery is called “wearing a high hat.” It satirizes the social reality that some so-called “leaders” can’t resist flattery.]

“What if the pheromone spreads?”

Ji Shenxiao replied: “It won’t. My car is specially made. Even if you go into heat in here, there won’t be any accidents.”

Qiu Jin said: “If you don’t bite me now, what if you can’t restrain yourself later and have sex with me crazily? The gains won’t make up for the losses, right?”

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Ji Shenxiao: “…”

Ji Shenxiao opened the car door with a dark face: “Are you going to roll out yourself, or be kicked out by me?”

Qiu Jin: “President Ji, I was wrong! QAQ”

Ji Shenxiao didn’t speak, but his expression became colder and colder.

How could Qiu Jin really let the other party throw him out? He held on to the handrail tightly, and keep calling “President Ji”, “Ji-ge”, and “Ge~”.

“Shut up.” Ji Shenxiao couldn’t bear it any longer, and directly turned Qiu Jin over.

With a big hand holding down his back, Qiu Jin was forced to lie down on the leather backrest, but he was not unhappy at all, instead he took the initiative to unbutton his collar to expose the back of his neck, and kept babbling, “Come on, come on, I’m already lying down.”

“You’re so annoying.” Ji Shenxiao didn’t do any preparations. He just opened his mouth and bit down.

Ji Shenxiao moved too fast, so fast that Qiu Jin was caught off guard.

Qiu Jin’s eyes widened suddenly, and he couldn’t say a word again. The too strong stimulation made him curl up involuntarily. His ten fingers tightened, leaving scratches on the soft sheepskin sofa.

Behind him, the man’s canine teeth pierced his skin, and the rich rose fragrance spilled out everywhere. It was like clusters of flowers were blooming inside the car.

At this moment, both of them were absent-minded for a short period of time.

This time the temporary mark was too deep and too long, and Qiu Jin had to bite his lips tightly to suppress the voice in his throat.

But Ji Shenxiao deliberately pinched his face once, and Qiu Jin couldn’t help letting out a shout. His seductive voice echoed in the narrow space of the car. Qiu Jin’s whole body froze. His face burned bright red.

Ji Shenxiao was definitely getting revenge on him for all the words he said before!

Beast! Dog man! Cheapskate!

Qiu Jin immediately started to struggle, but the other man just restrained him even more.

The canine teeth pierced the gland tightly, like a fierce beast biting its prey, and in the end, Qiu Jin couldn’t even let out a sound.

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At this moment, Ji Shenxiao slowly injected his own pheromone. It was the scent of ocean waves, cold to the point of nearly being merciless. It was so icy and cold, yet it made him unable to stop himself.

The two pheromones blended together, and Qiu Jin’s hot body gradually calmed down.

Ji Shenxiao still didn’t let go, but tightened his arms even more.

Qiu Jin’s voice trembled a bit: “President Ji?”

There was the sound of rapid breathing in his ears. Qiu Jin’s ears turned red, and his heartbeat was so fast that it did not feel like his own. In that moment, he even thought that Ji Shenxiao would mark him directly.

However, in the next moment, the weight on him was suddenly lifted. Ji Shenxiao had loosened his hold at some point in time.

Qiu Jin raised his head and found that the other party’s eyes were already calm.

Qiu Jin breathed a sigh of relief, but his heartbeat was still fast.

Ji Shenxiao was too scary just now. Was this an alpha’s possessiveness? It was only a temporary marking; yet it was so scary. If Ji Shenxiao really fell in love, and completely marked the other person…

Qiu Jin would sincerely admire that person, to be able to stomach Ji Shenxiao, that person must be a hero among heroes.

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  1. I’m confused. Is Qiu Jin’s pheromones lemon or rose-scented? Last time with the actor it said that there’s a lemon fragrance in him and in this chapter it says rose, it can’t definitely be JSX’ ocean waves nor that actor since he was the one who smelt it from Qiu Jin. ?

    Anyways, thanks for the chapter and happy holidays!

    1. I think it was another who has lemon scent, Qiu Jin has rose scent, while President Ji smells like the ocean. Maybe Qiu Jin encountered someone with lemon scent then the actor pointed it out.

  2. QJ really annoyed me with his thoughts this time. He needs MLs pheromones, yet, he acts like he this. He first he made a deal and just disappeared for three days and his excuse was “I was busy, the deal was just a joke”. Then he accepts the apartment and the benefits of MLs golden thighs, yet, badmouth the guy just because he can’t come up with a better excuse. Then he pretends he doesn’t know ML. And, cherry on top: his pheromones are leaking, he scream for help, yet, starts to badmouth ML again for not giving him what he wants (just after he pretended not to know ML).

    Clearly the scum is QJ, this egoistic self centered ungrateful guy who only cares about what he wants.

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