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This Alpha’s Pheromones 85

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Chapter 85 – I’ll Sleep With Qiu Jin (28.1)

When have Ji Qisheng ever lit a fire for cooking? He went into the kitchen and was brought to tears by the smoke. His limited edition t-shirt got dirty, but he got nothing done.

Geng Leyue immediately started ridiculing him. Ji Qisheng retorted a few words, but eventually fell silent and just frantically added firewood to the stove with a cold expression.

More and more firewood was stuffed into the stove. Ji Qisheng kept pressing the igniter, but the sporadic sparks were still quickly eliminated, leaving only puffs of white smoke.

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Ji Qisheng blinked a few times. His eyes were swimming with tears.

Geng Leyue said: “Are you crying?”

“Who’s crying?” Ji Qisheng was annoyed. “There’s just too much smoke, okay?!”

Geng Leyue couldn’t keep watching anymore. He decided to go outside to recruit some help.

When Qiu Jin came in, he saw Ji Qisheng frantically stuffing firewood into the stove, and he even added a few large pieces of wood.

Qiu Jin set aside what he was working on and said to Ji Qisheng, “Just set it down and let me do it.”

Such a big log won’t be ignited even if you can cram it inside, he thought.

Qiu Jin didn’t know how, but his words ended up striking the other person’s sore spot.

Ji Qisheng’s eyes widened and he said fiercely, “Are you looking down on me?!”

His face was covered with ashes, and his expression was fierce.

Qiu Jin: “…”

Was this guy poisonous or something?

He made such a mess yet he still had such a strong ego?

Qiu Jin didn’t have the patience to deal with a child, so he said with a bad tone: “That’s right, I’m looking down on you. If you understand then quickly get up.”

“You-” Ji Qisheng got angry and said harshly, “You really are not a good person!”

Qiu Jin: “?”

Qiu Jin didn’t bother to argue with him. He took out all the extra wood that was crammed into the stove, poked a hole into the middle of the wood pile, and then pulled out the igniter.

Ji Qisheng still wanted to say something, but then he heard a “teng” sound and then a wave of heat rolled out from the stove. The fire was lit.

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Just as Qiu Jin was preparing to get up, he saw Ji Qisheng’s huge body squatting off to one side. He was like a big wolf dog. His eyes were blazing with the thirst for knowledge.

Qiu Jin could only explain: “Leave a space in the middle of the firewood so that the oxygen enters the firewood. That way, it’ll be easier to ignite.”

“When you’re first starting a fire, you don’t need such big logs. First, use something that is easy to catch fire, like tree leaves or small wooden sticks. When the fire is stable, then add the firewood.”

The kitchen door opened and Geng Leyue entered, carrying a few ears of glutinous white corn. He said he wanted to eat grilled corn.

Ji Qisheng stared at the corn. His Adam’s apple bobbed subconsciously. Then he turned to look at Qiu Jin.

“All right, let’s give you a chance to show off.” Qiu Jin stood up. “You watch the fire for me. Add some firewood when the fire burns low, and also pay attention to the corn.”

Ji Qisheng sat down happily. Then he realized that his expression was not right, and quickly put on a poker face. “It’s you who requested that I do this. It’s not like I wanted to do it, ah.”

Qiu Jin replied, “Okay, okay. I requested you do it. Please look after the fire for me, Ji Qisheng-tongxue*.”

[*T/N: 同学 tongxue – “student / classmate.” Here it is attached to Ji Qisheng’s name as a suffix.]

Satisfied, Ji Qisheng sat down regally on a small stool, as if he was a king about to be crowned.

In the yard, Ji Shenxiao was almost done with his assigned task. The fresh corn kernels have all turned into a milky white sticky substance.

Looking at this pot of white stuff, Qiu Jin suddenly remembered something and shouted, “Director, have you set a menu?”

“Not for today.”

“That’s a bit of a pity,” Qiu Jin said with a disappointed expression, “After all, we now have some kind of milky white and sticky liquid.”

Director: “…”

Qiu Jin retracted his gaze from the milky white and sticky substance with regret, but soon felt someone else’s eyes on him. It was Ji Shenxiao who was looking at him.

Qiu Jin said: “It’s all thanks to President Ji. This will soon become delicious food.”

Ji Shenxiao: “…”

He had a feeling that he was being teased in an obscene manner.

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However, only using freshly grounded corn to make buns was not enough. They needed to add a little flour for coagulation and a little sugar to taste. The corn leaves were not thrown away either. After pruning and rolling them, they became a container for raw materials.

When Qiu Jin prepared all the ingredients and brought them into the kitchen, he heard a cry from Geng Leyue as soon as he walked to the door.

“Ji Qisheng, you idiot, the corn is all mushy!”

Geng Leyue stood in the kitchen with his arms akimbo. He was furious. Ji Qisheng didn’t say a word of rebuttal. He sat on the small stool with his head lowered and a pitiful expression on his face.

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