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This Alpha’s Pheromones 87

Update 2 of 2 before my break. Enjoy! ^-^

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Chapter 87 – I’ll Sleep With Qiu Jin

On the other side, Bai Tang continued. He took a bite of the fruit and squinted his eyes contentedly: “After eating this kind of thing, how can you eat the mediocre goods grown under industrialization?”

Qiu Jin was curious. “Bai-laoshi, do you grow a lot of fruits at home?”

Bai Tang sighed. “Alas, my yard is too small. I was thinking of buying a plot of land to grow things after I retire.”

Ji Shenxiao, who had been silent all the time, suddenly spoke up: “Has Bai-laoshi considered settling in Lanhou Island?”

Bai Tang asked, “Here?”

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Ji Shenxiao gave him a professional smile. “Lanhou Island has launched a poetic retirement project. Buying a villa comes with half a mu of fertile land. Whether it is a flower garden or a vegetable field, it can satisfy your rural life.”

[T/N: A mu is a unit of area equal to one fifteenth of a hectare. And LOL at Ji Shenxiao’s business pitch. It comes with a complementary smile.]

Bai Tang thought about it carefully and came to the conclusion that it was not a bad idea.

Ji Shenxiao said, “If Bai-laoshi need it, I’ll give you a twenty percent discount.”

Everyone: “…”

So a bazong* is this willful and headstrong when he sells a villa.

[*T/N: 霸总 ba zong – handsome high-powered businessman (a type of character in an eponymous genre of romantic fiction who typically has a soft spot for a girl of lower social status)]

Ji Shenxiao continued to smile: “If you guys want, I can also give you a twenty percent discount.”

When Ji Shenxiao said this, a few people really did start to get excited, especially Shan Wen and Tan Yunting. They liked this kind of lifestyle. The scenery of Lanhou Island was beautiful, the natural conditions were good, and they could travel off the island by plane. It was only a short two-hour ride to Beijing.

At present, a villa did not exceed eight million, and with the twenty percent discount, it was really quite cheap.

The director was also excited. In the end, a group of people gathered around Ji Shenxiao to learn about the details.

Qiu Jin: “…”

To be able to do business like this was also considered a skill.

Naturally, Ji Shenxiao wasn’t giving away things for free. The natural scenery of Lanhou Island was excellent, but the population count was slightly insufficient. If so many public figures were to live here, then over time, it would draw in more people to the island.

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After watching the group of people chatter for a while, Qiu Jin finished eating his peach. He washed his hands and prepared to go upstairs to wash up. It was then that he realized a terrifying fact. There were eight people in the small villa tonight. There were obviously not enough rooms!

He pulled Shan Wen aside and asked in a low voice, “Ge, we don’t have enough rooms for everyone, right?”

Shan Wen nodded: “Yunting and I are planning to sleep on the floor*. We’ll give our room to the two guests.”

[*T/N: 打地铺 – to make one’s bed on the floor, with blankets, mats, etc]

“Your wife is pregnant. How can she sleep on the floor?” Qiu Jin thought about it and said, “I can give up my bed and let Mr. Bai Tang sleep in it. Ji Qisheng is still young. Let the two of us sleep on the floor.”

When Ji Qisheng heard this suggestion, he immediately wanted to quit.

Coming to the countryside? Fine.

Doing farm work? He’ll grit his teeth and bear it.

But to make him sleep on the floor? Did they think he came to the countryside to assist the poor or something?

Bai Tang didn’t care one way or the other. He said with a smile, “Then we’ll switch places.”

Qiu Jin interjected, “No way. You’re the most senior one in the whole house. How can we let you sleep on the floor while we juniors all sleep in beds?”

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Haiya, it’s just sleeping on the floor.” Bai Tang waved his hand. “When I was young, I went over the mountains to find delicious food, and I even slept in a Tibetan cowshed. The temperature difference between day and night in the Tibetan area is huge, and there was no quilt or anything. I even took the initiative to sit next to the yak to keep warm.”

Qiu Jin said, “Are you really all right with that?”

“Are you looking down on the old man?” Bai Tan said with a stern face, “I’m only in my fifties. Sleeping on the floor is no big deal.”

Since the other party was saying it like this, then Qiu Jin stopped trying to persuade him. Hence, he carried out the latex mattress and set it off to one side. After everyone has washed up and headed upstairs, they could put the mattress down in the living room.

What Qiu Jin didn’t expect was that after he made the bed, Ji Shenxiao suddenly came over.

“How about Mr. Bai Tang sleep in my bed? Qiu Jin and I will sleep here.”

After he finished speaking, he sat down, giving the others no chance of rejecting at all.

Qiu Jin: “?”

Ji Qisheng: “???”

Ji Qisheng was stunned for a good while before he came back to his senses. He said in disbelief, “No. Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Ji Shenxiao raised his eyebrows: “Do you have something to say?”

Ji Qisheng has been afraid of Ji Shenxiao ever since he was a child. At this moment, being looked at by his brother’s cold and indifferent glance made his entire person freeze up. He didn’t say anything against it, but he looked at Qiu Jin with resentment on his face.

Qiu Jin: “…”

Hey, this had nothing to do with him.

Ji Shenxiao sighed and said with a sullen face, “Ji Qisheng, go upstairs and sleep.”


Ji Qisheng keep thinking about it, but even by the time he crawled into bed he still couldn’t figure it out: when did he sink to the bottom of the food chain?

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