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This Alpha’s Pheromones 88

I meant to post this chapter yesterday, but my internet died on me again. ORZ For some reason, the internet in my area is really spotty. Usually it cuts off for a few minutes and then comes back on, so I would just wait it out, but lately the downtimes have been getting longer, and restarting the router doesn’t seem to help either. I couldn’t wait around for the internet to come back on yesterday, because I had to get to sleep since I still have to work today. Luckily, the internet is cooperating right now. Apologies for the wait.

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Chapter 88 – Jealousy (29.1)

That night, Qiu Jin felt like he had a thorn stuck in his back. Sleeping together with Ji Shenxiao was fine and all, but for some reason Ji Qisheng kept texting him abusive messages, saying stuff like how he has no sense of shame, how he didn’t have any acting skills, how horrible his songs sounded, how terrible he was on stage, and that he never produced a single piece of work that was good.

Qiu Jin couldn’t fall asleep, so he retorted: “How do you know that I have never produced a single piece of work that is good? Are you telling me that you’ve seen all of them?”

There was no response from the other end. After a long while, Ji Qisheng replied: “Who has seen your work, huh? Absolutely shameless!!!”

Qiu Jin could feel the other party’s anger through the screen. He finally felt at ease. Then he turned off his phone and prepared to go to sleep.

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He thought he would not be able to fall asleep, but expectedly, being next to the scent of a familiar pheromone, he slept surprisingly well, and didn’t wake up until dawn.

Qiu Jin didn’t know what was wrong with Ji Qisheng, but the youngster was still going against him on the second day.

Qiu Jin was just sitting there having breakfast, when Ji Qisheng plopped his butt right next to him, picked up a bowl of congee and gulped it down in a few swallows. Then glanced at Qiu Jin with a cold expression that carried a bit of smugness.

Qiu Jin: ?

When they went out to pick the corn, Qiu Jin was walking ahead while carrying a basket on his back. Ji Qisheng rushed over as if he didn’t see Qiu Jin and directly pushed him down the road.

Qiu Jin stepped in a puddle with one foot. Fortunately, he was wearing rubber boots for work, but it was enough to make him feel uncomfortable.

“Hey, stop right there.” Qiu Jin stood up.

Ji Qisheng said: “You’re talking to me?”

If not you then who?

Qiu Jin walked up to him and asked, “Do you have something against me?”

“No.” The child replied coolly with one word. Then he turned around and prepared to leave. Qiu Jin stopped him by grabbing the basket that was on his back.

“F*ck, what are you doing?”

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“Teaching you to respect the old and cherish the young*.” After saying so, Qiu Jin lifted his foot and straight up rubbed the mud onto Ji Qisheng’s shoe.

[*T/N: Qiu Jin is mostly just saying “respect your elders,” but in Chinese it’s a stock phrase that includes “cherish the young” in the latter half of the phrase. Because if he really meant “cherish the young” then he’s certainly not practicing what he preaches here. Lol.]

Ji Qisheng immediately bristled like a cat that got stepped on. While trying to evade Qiu Jin, he complained: “How disgusting are you? Let me go!”

He didn’t expect that Qiu Jin, who was half a head shorter than him, to be this strong. No matter how he tried to evade the other person, Qiu Jin could accurately step on him.

Ji Qisheng was so annoyed that he directly raised his foot and his rain boot swung out. The boot tumbled through the air before landing on Ji Shenxiao’s trouser leg with a “crack.”

Ji Qisheng’s expression went blank.

Ji Shenxiao’s face darkened.

After a short pause, Ji Qisheng rushed over immediately. He picked up his shoe while crying: “Brother, I was wrong. It was all Qiu Jin’s fault. I didn’t think it would hit you.”

Ji Shenxiao: “Let’s go.”

Just two words from Ji Shenxiao were more lethal than ten sentences from Qiu Jin. Ji Qisheng immediately fell silent.

This time, it was Qiu Jin’s turn to be complacent: “The eldest brother is like a father. If you raise the child without teaching him, then it is the father’s fault.”

Ji Shenxiao glanced over at him coldly.

Qiu Jin: “…”

Qiu Jin dropped back to fall into step with Ji Qisheng. The two talked bad about Ji Shenxiao behind his back. Suffering in the same boat, the two began to sympathize with each other.

After complaining about Ji Shenxiao, Qiu Jin then asked Ji Qisheng: “Why do you dislike me? Are you a brocon?”

“How shameless can you be? You’re the one who is a chest con!” Ji Qisheng’s ears turned strangely red.

He’s quite pure and innocent, Qiu Jin thought. He couldn’t help but tease the youngster a few times. “Then what’s the reason?”

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Ji Qisheng glanced at him. His face became serious: “You want me to tell the truth?”

Qiu Jin smiled and said, “Tell me about it.”

Ji Qisheng frowned: “Your singing and dancing are a complete mess. Your acting skills are even more appalling. And you keep sticking to my brother. If I don’t dislike you, then who else am I going to dislike?”

There was even a rhythm to his answer*. But Qiu Jin didn’t get angry. He said, “It’s not convenient to dance right now. But how about I stretch my vocal chords and sing for you?”

[*T/N: In Chinese, Ji Qisheng’s answer has a rhyme to it.]

“No. You sound horrible.” Ji Qisheng was disgusted. “A million tuners can’t solve your broken voice.”

Qiu Jin straight up opened his mouth and started singing.

Ji Qisheng was shocked.

His first thought was that the voice was nice and the timbre was on point. Although Qiu Jin sang as he walked, his breath was very steady, and Ji Qisheng couldn’t hear any obvious breathing sounds in his singing. This kind of singing level was already better than a lot of idols.

If Qiu Jin could produce such results just from singing casually, then what would it be like if he sang seriously?

Ji Qisheng felt insulted. He turned he head and asked, “Are you kidding me? You can sing so well now. Why did you sing so badly before?”

Qiu Jin replied easily: “I was wounded by love, so I worked for prosperity.”

Ji Qisheng: “…”

Fine, that sounded reasonable enough.

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