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This Alpha’s Pheromones 9

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Chapter 9 – Don’t Like Him

Mr. Tony watched Qiu Jin leave with a foolish look on his face. He muttered: “Help me, my knees are weak.”

“My knees are weak too. Do you think I’m going into estrus?”

“You’re a beta!”

“So what if I’m a beta! Seeing Qiu Jin like this, even an alpha will go into heat!”

“Seriously, no wonder he is the sexiest alpha in the entertainment industry. How can anyone compare to him?”

“He has fallen from first place right now, but who can say what fate has planned. I don’t care, I want to put my man back in first place!”

“Oh, that’s right, did you take a picture just then? Quickly, tell the whole world, such a perfect head was styled by me!”

When Qiu Jin returned home, he sent Xiang Xi an apology message, but a red exclamation mark appeared. The other party had deleted his contact.

He went online to search and found a dozen soliloquies by Qiu Jin. The messages ranged from genuine and sincere ones, to lowbrow ones, to ones stamped with fury, but the other party did not reply back to a single one.

Since the other person did not want to see him, Qiu Jin could not be bothered to show warm feelings while being met with cold rebuke*, and got ready to watch all the previous seasons of “Four Seasons Food.” He had just finished watching two seasons when he received a call from his agent, Yang Chi.

[*T/N: 热脸贴冷屁股 – literal meaning is “to stick a hot face on a cold butt,” but figuratively it means “to be snubbed despite showing good intentions.”]

“I’m not dreaming, am I? You’re actually a hot topic now!”

Qiu Jin was very self-aware: “Are there people cursing me out again?”

“Not to curse you, but to praise you!”

Yang Chi sent him a link. Qiu Jin clicked into it and saw that it was shot at the barbershop.

“I ran into QJ at the barbers while getting a haircut. Oh my god, this is too handsome!!”

A nine-grid layout showed off his good looks without a gap in coverage.

Passer-bys began to lap at his beauty.

[F*ck, laozi’s pheromones are leaking!]

[Where did this handsome guy descend from?! Oooooo, I dig this!!]

[Especially those cold and clear eyes, they look as if they don’t care about anything, and they seem to be able to see into people’s hearts!]

[Oooooo, I want to be his earring, I want to be his tear mole!]

Haters started to splash dirty water.

[The garbage came out to hop around again?]

[Sigh. He once stripped to sell flesh, and now he’s trying to be cold and aloof again? Who the f*ck believes?!]

[Right now he’s all reserved, but once he sees Xiang Xi, he’ll be all sticky like brown sugar. I have never seen such a lowly person like him.]

As for the real fans… the real fans have started crying.

[I’m f*cking crying here. Our cub has finally become a refreshing mountain breeze again!]

[Wu wu wu, God knows how long we Qiu fans have waited for this day!]

[You are free to like whom you like. But I still want to say we are really distressed for you. Child, don’t be so lowly. Don’t like Xiang Xi anymore, all right? Loving yourself is most important.]

Seeing this, Qiu Jin’s movements were stagnant.

He had no idea that no matter how down and out, how many wrong things he did, there were still people who liked him and were willing to support him unconditionally.

Idols and fans have always mutually accomplished things. He drew energy from fans to continue to work hard, and he would give back his heart to his fans.

Qiu Jin replied to that comment, saying: “Okay, don’t like him anymore.”

[Heavens!!! He replied to me!!!]

[Laozi can’t hold back the tears anymore. Don’t like him anymore. Brother must be getting better and better!]

[Who are you acting for, huh?]

[Hater, shut up! How about you scram?!]

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  1. I was thinking this series got dropped. It’s still interesting, even if it’s still in the beginning.

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