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This Alpha’s Pheromones 91

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Chapter 91 – The Alpha’s Medal (30.1)

Ji Qisheng has been afraid of his brother ever since he was a child. With Ji Shenxiao glaring at him right now, his knees went soft and he nearly collapsed to the floor then and there. He immediately ran downstairs, scared out of his wits. But unexpectedly, he ran into Shan Wen at the mouth of the stairs.

Shan Wen asked: “Did you go to look for Qiu Jin? What is he doing?”

Ji Qisheng hurriedly blocked Shan Wen: “Don’t, don’t go, Qiu Jin is preoccupied right now.”

Shan Wen asked: “What’s wrong?”

“He, he…” Ji Qisheng was quick witted in an emergency, and spoke without thinking through his answer, “He, he is currently exercising with my brother.”

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Shan Wen was a little puzzled, but he didn’t go up the stairs. He just shouted from downstairs: “Qiu Jin, we’re waiting for you to go to the supermarket!”

Inside the bedroom, Qiu Jin glanced at Ji Shenxiao. He was somewhat embarrassed.

“President Ji, can I trouble you to bite me after we come back from the supermarket?”

Ji Shenxiao glanced at the back of Qiu Jin’s neck. The teeth marks [from the previous marking] were already very faint. This was the bad thing about temporary markings. He slowly stroked the teeth marks with his finger. Deep in his bones, the possessiveness of an alpha was beginning to stir. If only he could completely mark the other then how good would that be?

When his warm finger swept over Qiu Jin’s gland, a numbing feeling tingled across his skin and spread to the rest of his body. Such an intimate action seemed like something that only lovers would do.

Qiu Jin was a little flustered, and he couldn’t help crying out, “President Ji…”

Ji Shenxiao pressed against the bloated gland with a pressure that was neither too light nor too heavy. Then he said in a somewhat low voice, “Call my name.”

Qiu Jin gritted his teeth and waited for the weird feeling to pass. Then he opened his mouth and stuttered out, “Ji… Ji Shenxiao…” His face couldn’t help turning red.

F*ck, it was just a name. What was there to be embarrassed about?!

“En.” Ji Shenxiao responded softly and withdrew his hand as if nothing had happened.

When they went into town, Qiu Jin got into Shan Wen’s car. They were accompanied by Tan Yunting and Bai Tang.

Ji Shenxiao, Ji Qisheng, Xiang Xi, and Geng Leyue rode together in another car.

In the car, Shan Wen asked Qiu Jin, “What kind of exercise were you doing with President Ji?”

Qiu Jin was puzzled: “What exercise?”

Shan Wen replied: “Ji Qisheng said that you and President Ji were exercising in the room just now.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

In his head Qiu Jin was already cursing Ji Qisheng out six ways to Sunday, but on his face he plastered on a smile: “It’s just some stretching.”

Over in the next car, Ji Qisheng was very flustered and agitated. After running [quite literally] into that kind of situation, he has been ill at ease the whole day.

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After they came back from the market, Ji Qisheng went to put his arm around Qiu Jin’s shoulders out of reflex, but then he caught sight of Ji Shenxiao. As if receiving a fright, he quickly withdrew his arm.

Qiu Jin frowned: “What are you doing?”

Ji Qisheng took back his arm without batting an eye. Then he smartly distanced himself from Qiu Jin by a meter: “No- nothing!”

From not too far away, Ji Shenxiao withdrew his gaze and turned back to work on his computer.

Qiu Jin glanced at the two of them, but couldn’t figure out anything. He decided to just say that there’s something wrong with their heads and leave it at that.

People say that the mountain dweller lives off the mountain, and the shore dweller lives off the sea*. Tonight’s dinner was especially sumptuous. It could be called the most luxurious meal in the “Four Seasons Food” program in recent years.

[*T/N: Idiom meaning “to make the best use of local resources.”]

The sea urchin sashimi was fresh and sweet. Moreover, they had dived into the ocean to obtain the sea urchin. It didn’t cost a single penny, and thus tasted even more delicious.

The Hainanese chicken rice was delicious and fragrant. The rice was fresh, and each grain was distinct. Wrapped in rich chicken oil, the aroma was enough to make people salivate and move their chopsticks quickly.

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The procedure for making Hainanese chicken rice was complicated and required a lot of research. In order to make this dish, Qiu Jin was busy all afternoon. While Qiu Jin was frying the rice, the fragrance was already so alluring. He tested out a bite and his soul exploded.

He quickly spooned some rice for Shan Wen: “Try it, it’s super delicious!”

After Shan Wen finished eating, he was also stunned: “God, what is this delicious delicacy!”

Bai Tang was all smiles as he tried a spoonful of rice, and he gave a thumbs up in satisfaction.

Xiang Xi caught wind of the fragrance and came over. He opened his mouth: “I want some too!”

Then came Ji Qisheng, Geng Leyue…

After Qiu Jin had fed everyone, he felt a sharp gaze on his body. It was Ji Shenxiao who was looking at him.

Could it be that Ji Shenxiao also wanted to try the rice?

Qiu Jin picked up a clean spoon and tried to ask: “President Ji, do you want to try some too?”

Ji Shenxiao glanced at the spoon in Qiu Jin’s hand.

Qiu Jin: “…”

Qiu Jin scooped up some rice and held it out to Ji Shenxiao.

Only then was Ji Shenxiao satisfied. He bowed his head slightly, ate the rice, and commented briefly: “Not bad.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

He found that this man was becoming more and more pretentious, and he no longer regarded him as an outsider at all. Where is your aloof tyrant CEO image now, huh?

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