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This Alpha’s Pheromones 92

I’m back~ with a double update for TAPAE!

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Chapter 92 – The Alpha’s Medal

In addition to the Hainanese chicken rice, Bai Tang finally got to eat Qiu Jin’s pork strips stir-fried with yuxiang. To express his sincerity, he also showed off his skills and made a bitter melon salad with dressing.

It was just an ordinary ingredient, but he made it tempting and delicious. The bitter melon was green and translucent. There was almost no bitter taste, and it had a faint fragrance. It was an extremely appetizing side dish on summer nights.

Even Qiu Jin, who did not like eating bitter melon, couldn’t help eating a few mouthfuls. After he finished eating, he sighed and said: “I shouldn’t have eaten that.”

Bai Tang asked: “Why is that?”

Qiu Jin looked distressed: “The standards of this dish is too high. I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat bitter melon in the future, because they won’t be as good as this one.”

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Bai Tang laughed loudly: “This is when we say there are no rivers to one who has crossed the ocean, and no clouds to one who has passed Mount Wu*.”

[*T/N: Chinese idiom meaning “one who has seen the world doesn’t stop at small things.”]

Ji Qisheng didn’t like vegetarian dishes. He only had eyes for all the different meat dishes. He especially liked the Hainanese chicken rice. He could down three bows of rice by eating it with the chicken served in special sauce. He had cleared off the plate of chicken that was in front of him. There was only one piece of chicken left and it was in front of Qiu Jin.

It was too far for him to reach. Ji Qisheng stretched out his bowl. In his head he was thinking: Qiu Jin, help me get the piece of chicken that is in front of you.

What he ended up saying was: “Qiu Jin, help me grab your chicken.”

[T/N: In Chinese, the word for chicken can be mistaken for penis based on sound alone…]

Everyone: “…”

However, the two people involved did not feel like there was anything wrong. Qiu Jin simply picked up the drumstick with his chopsticks and gave it to Ji Qisheng.

When Ji Qisheng was halfway through eating the drumstick, he saw Ji Shenxiao glancing over him lightly. He was so frightened that he froze, and the chicken didn’t seem as tasty anymore. After that, he did not dare say another word to Qiu Jin. Up until they were done washing the dishes, Ji Qisheng was curled up like a small quail.

[T/N: In Chinese, calling someone a quail is like calling them a scaredy-cat.]

Tonight, the second episode of “Four Seasons Food: Summer Edition” was going on air. After dinner, everyone gathered around to watch the premiere results.

In early summer, Lanhou Island’s skies were blue and dotted with fluffy white clouds. The water was clear and the sand was pure white. The scenery alone incited a burst of praise from the bullet screen.

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The main content of the second episode was of them going to the beach to catch fish so that they could have seafood for dinner. The show cut out the conflict between Xiang Xi and Wang Hang, but retained the content of the surfing competition between Qiu Jin and Lei Zi.

Although the editing crew downplayed the matter, the netizens basically knew what had happened, and everyone was holding grievances for Xiang Xi. So much so, that when Qiu Jin came out with a surfboard the bullet screen flooded with a wave of comments.

At that time, Qiu Jin still had silver hair, and after sunbathing all day, his originally fair skin had darkened by two degrees. It was not a dark wheat color, but a bright and dazzling honey color. He looked like he was shining under the sunlight, creating a breathtaking effect.

When Qiu Jin walked towards the camera with the sunset at his back, the bullet screen exploded again.

– Ahhhh, I’ll take him!!! Qiu Jin, top me! –

– F*ck, who can endure this? –

– Qiu-ge, mark me, ahh! –

– Do you guys all have goldfish brain? Just look at Qiu Jin’s pretentious attitude before. –

– What? Are you saying people can’t change and become cool now? Man, jealousy sure is a scary illness. –

There were also some haters who wanted to blacken Qiu Jin’s image, and they posted some of Qiu Jin’s previous high-handed quotes. But those comments were quickly drowned out by the wave of adulations in the bullet screen.

– Honestly, with this figure and appearance, what is there to hate on him about? Anyways, I’m good with him. –

– As long as gege doesn’t say stop, I can do it anytime! –

– Ahhhhhhhhh, let me die under you! –

With so many people watching the bullet screen, it was like a public execution. Qiu Jin tried to ask: “Shut down the bullet screen? I can’t see the content clearly.”

“No,” Ji Shenxiao said seriously, “I want to receive feedback from the audience through the bullet screen.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

While they were talking, the camera swept to Ji Shenxiao, and more screams appeared on the bullet screen.

– Ahhhhhhhh, it’s President Ji, I want him! –

– Look at that chest. Wu wu wu. That’s simply illegal. I want to taste it. –

– A huge dong is the true prize. It’s definitely the biggest I have ever seen… –

– You guys are really shameless. You said you liked Qiu Jin just a moment ago, but two minutes later you cheat on him with President Ji. –

– Only children make choices. I, an adult, what it all! –

– Are you crazy? Can you handle the big dongs of two alphas? –

– I’m reporting you! I have the evidence! Sigh, if only the police would reward me with an alpha! –

Ji Shenxiao: “…”

So you won’t let me close the bullet screen, huh? Qiu Jin thought.

Qiu Jin had no empathy. Instead, he let out a burst of exaggerated laughter.

Ji Shenxiao’s mood remained gloomy throughout the rest of the episode.

Qiu Jin ignored him. He already got used to it anyways.

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But there was something wrong with Ji Qisheng. He stopped talking when they were eating and stayed far away from Qiu Jin when they were watching the episode.

When Ji Qisheng came back from his night run, Qiu Jin blocked him at the door and got straight to the point: “Do you hate me again?”

“N- no.” Even Ji Qisheng’s voice was somewhat evasive.

“Then why are you avoiding me?”

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