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This Alpha’s Pheromones 93

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Chapter 93 – The Alpha’s Medal

Ji Qisheng wiped the sweat from his face and did not speak.

Qiu Jin remembered the scene that Ji Qisheng had barged in on and felt that he needed to explain, so he asked, “Did you misunderstand something?”

Ji Qisheng quickly raised his hand* and declared: “I’ll keep my mouth shut!”

[*T/N: In historical dramas, Chinese people would raise their hand to the heavens whenever they’re making a serious oath. In present day, such an action would usually be played for laughs.]

Qiu Jin said: “So it really is because of my relationship with your brother?”

“That’s about right.” Ji Qisheng lowered his head, “I think… my brother doesn’t want me to get too close to you.”

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Qiu Jin said: “You have such an active imagination. There’s nothing between President Ji and me. What you saw was just an accident.”

Ji Qisheng asked: “Really?”

Qiu Jin replied: “Just look at how bad my reputation is. Do you think your brother would like me?”

Ji Qisheng murmured, “I think you’re pretty good…”

Qiu Jin didn’t hear him clearly and asked: “What?”

“No!” Ji Qisheng shook his head quickly, “Nothing.”

Coincidentally, Ji Shenxiao came out just then, so Qiu Jin led Ji Qisheng over. He said, “Your brother misunderstood us, saying that you have been scaring him.”

Ji Shenxiao looked at Ji Qisheng, and the latter immediately shrank his head back like a turtle. His usual arrogance in front of others disappeared completely.

“Don’t scare him,” Qiu Jin said, unable to bear it any longer, “Although the eldest brother is like a father, you can’t educate children like this. Parents should not only be majestic like a mountain, but also gentle like a spring breeze.”

[T/N: Chinese people say that the eldest brother is like a second father in the family, and the eldest sister is like a second mother in the family, because they end up helping to rear the younger children.]

Ji Qisheng asked cautiously, “Brother, you guys really haven’t…?”

Qiu Jin interjected, “I already told you, we just have a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Ji Shenxiao withdrew his gaze. His expression was cold, like an autumn wind passing through.

“En, we haven’t.”

Qiu Jin breathed a sigh of relief. Then he went to play Werewolf with everyone downstairs.

It was just that right before going to bed, he felt a little bit uncomfortable. His glands were swollen, numb, and itchy.

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His condition must be acting up again. He wanted to go find Ji Shenxiao and have the man bite him, but Ji Shenxiao was holding a video conference. It was most likely a work meeting, so Qiu Jin didn’t feel comfortable interrupting him. With no other alternative, he could only spray a lot of scent blocker all over his body.

While waiting for Ji Shenxiao, he ended up falling asleep just like that.

An indeterminate amount of time passed. While still in a daze, Qiu Jin noticed the mattress dipping to one side. Then there was the sound of cloth rubbing against each other. Ji Shenxiao had climbed onto the bed.

Qiu Jin woke up with a start. In the dark room, he suddenly opened his mouth and said, “President Ji, are you asleep?”

No one responded to him. There was only the sound of extended, gentle breathing.

Qiu Jin ventured: “Ji Shenxiao?”

Still no answer.

Qiu Jin gritted his teeth and shifted his body over. Taking advantage of the sleeping Ji Shenxiao, he hugged him lightly and rubbed his head against the other man.

The doctor had said that in addition to doing a temporary marking, additional physical contact or contact with articles of the other person could also alleviate his symptoms to some extent. While it was not as effective as a temporary marking, it was better than nothing.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Once he was done rubbing against the other man, Qiu Jin got ready to move away, but then a big hand suddenly grabbed his arm. Qiu Jin felt the world spin. When the world stopped spinning, Ji Shenxiao was on top of him, pressing him down to the bed.

“Don’t shout.”

A low, hoarse voice sounded in his ears. In the next moment, there was a slight tingling pain in the back of his neck, and canine teeth pierced into his glands without warning, stacking the new bite onto the fading teeth imprints.

Their bodies were tightly pressed together, which made this marking more impactful than the previous two markings.

The strong stimulation caused Qiu Jin’s eyes to widen in the dark, and his whole body became tense. He struggled subconsciously, but his limbs were pinned down. The other man’s hips were pressed against his buttocks, making him unable to move at all.

Knowing that there was a camera in the living room, Qiu Jin did not dare to make a sound. He could only grip the bed sheets tightly and bite down on his lower lip.

Just then, Ji Shenxiao shoved his left hand towards Qiu Jin’s mouth.

Qiu Jin didn’t hesitate. He opened his mouth and bit down hard…

The slight pain stimulated the alpha behind him even more, making this temporary marking session seem like a predator hunting his prey.

Ji Qisheng ate too much Hainanese chicken rice at dinner, so he woke up in the middle of the night feeling very thirsty. In addition, Bai Tang was snoring really loudly in the living room, so he couldn’t bear to go downstairs to look for water, but unexpectedly he saw his brother running his hand under tap water.

Ji Qisheng asked: “Brother, is something wrong?”

Ji Shenxiao wiped away the moisture: “It’s nothing.”

Ji Qisheng saw the tooth marks on his brother’s hand, and was a little curious, but he didn’t dare to ask more, so he could only show some brotherly care, and asked, “Do you want me to help you apply medicine?”

“It’s okay,” Ji Shenxiao lowered his hand. With a hint of joy in his voice, he said, “It’s quite good like this.”

Ji Qisheng: “?”

He wasn’t seeing things, was he? Did his brother just smile?

You have teeth marks on your hand and yet you’re so happy?

His brother didn’t go crazy, did he?

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