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This Alpha’s Pheromones 94

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Chapter 94 – Punishment Game (31.1)

Ji Qisheng was someone who could not hide things. The management company wanted him to have a super cool character image, but he would always inadvertently reveal his foolishness. He posted on Moments* as if it were his personal diary. And he posted on Moments very, very frequently. After coming on to “Four Seasons Food” as a guest, he posted even more, without taking a single day off.

[*T/N: Moments is a social networking function of smartphone app WeChat]

On the first day.

QS: Qiu Jin caused trouble for me.

Group Member: What’s the matter?

QS: He clearly knows that I am trying to control my physique, but he deliberately made so many delicious foods to entice me.

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Group Member: I suspect that you are showing off, but I have no proof.

On the second day.

QS: I need to control my physique… forget it, I can’t control myself, let’s eat first, and talk later. [Attached Picture: A sumptuous dinner]

Group Member: Come on, you’re messing with us in the middle of the night [by trying to tempt us to eat].

On the third day.

QS: Qiu-ge is the best! I will always be your loyal fan! [Attached Picture: Salt and pepper crab]

Group Member: …

They blocked him.

On the fourth day.

QS: I’m not leaving “Four Seasons Food.” I want to reject all my other jobs. I’m going to become a permanent guest of “Four Seasons Food!”

Manager: ???

If Ji Qisheng were to continue staying on Lanhou Island, he would probably end up posting on Moments everyday.

Bai Tang still had other work to tend to, so he packed up and left on the third day.

Using everything that he could, Ji Qisheng managed to stay on the program for another two days, but he still had other work to do, so the following day was the absolute limit of his stay.

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The day before he left, he put his arms around Qiu Jin’s shoulders and wept loudly: “Qiu-ge, what’s going to happen to you after I leave?”

Qiu Jin said with no conscience: “I’ll be good. I can cook a little less food.”

Ji Qisheng was furious: “Do you not have a conscience?!”

Qiu Jin said: “What is that, can I eat it?”

Ji Qisheng was so angry, yet there was nothing he could do about it. He angrily watched a movie by himself. Inspired by the plot of the movie, he pestered the others to play games with him.

The content of the game was very simple. Within an hour after dinner, everyone would put their mobile phones together. Then they would share every call and text message, and they would even have to explain the whole story [behind the calls and text messages].

This game was wicked and exciting, and it could also dig up a lot of private things. It perfectly reflected Ji Qisheng’s revenge mentality. He was dissatisfied with the fact that he was being forced to leave the program even though he had not eaten enough delicious foods yet.

Geng Leyue loved excitement and never minded when things got wild, so he naturally raised both his hands in agreement. Xiang Xi glanced over at Qiu Jin. No one knew what went through his head, but he actually agreed to play the game. Soon after, Shan Wen and Tan Yunting also entered the game. It was five against two. Thus, the matter was a foregone conclusion.

However, everyone was a public figure after all. Especially Ji Shenxiao. Who knew how many business secrets he had on his mobile phone. In order to protect their privacy, if the person in question really didn’t want to disclose something, they could choose to accept a punishment instead.

As for the type of punishment, of course it was as bold as they could make it. Everyone wrote down a type of punishment on a slip of paper and put it in a box. There were all sorts of weird and random punishments written.

Originally, the evening meal period could be counted as a pleasurable time, but because of this game, the atmosphere became heavy.

Everyone has secrets, and everyone was curious about other people’s secrets. Yet they did not want their own secrets to be dug up.

The first one to ring was Ji Qisheng’s phone.

Ji Qisheng jumped when his phone rang, but he was relieved when he saw the caller’s name. His manager had called and was persuading him to return to Beijing. He directly pressed the speaker button [to let everyone hear]. This time it could be considered more of a scare than a hurt.

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Everyone continued to eat, but they almost never took their eyes off the mobile phones on the table, and they were absent-minded throughout the whole process, as if it was their turn to be publicly humiliated the next moment.

After another minute, two “ding dong” sounds rang out. It was a mobile phone software update reminder.

Everyone looked at each other, checked one side of the phone, and finally found out that it was Xiang Xi’s.


“What the f*ck?!”

Xiang Xi was stunned for a moment. Then his eyes widened suddenly and he reached out, wanting to grab the phone.

“Hey, obey the rules!” Geng Leyue immediately picked up the phone and stood on a chair.

Looking at the mobile phone hanging above his head, Xiang Xi was instantly annoyed to the max. He was just swiping through Weibo casually, but why didn’t he delete his browser history? Why was his wife suddenly prompting for an update when he has never had to update her for over eight hundred years?!

[T/N: Not sure if it’s clear enough, but his “wife” is his phone, and eight hundred years is an exaggeration.]

Xiang Xi swallowed, weighed the pros and cons, and said, “I accept the punishment.”

Geng Leyue said: “What is it? So secretive?”

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