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This Alpha’s Pheromones 95

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Chapter 95 – Punishment Game

On Xiang Xi’s mobile phone were two Weibo accounts, a normal version and an international version. The international version contained two of his alternative accounts. In one of those accounts, he pretended to be a fan of himself and used it to argue against moronic haters. The other account was composed of a string of strange letters, and he used it specifically for reading doujin or fan fiction.

Why did Xiang Xi want to read fan fiction? Well, it all started with the headache-inducing Qiu Jin.

In the past, the impression that Qiu Jin gave him was definitely not good. He was a stalker with no sense of propriety, and he kept harassing Xiang Xi. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Qiu Jin had sexually harassed Xiang Xi. During the period of time when Xiang Xi hated Qiu Jin the most, he would go so far as to fantasize about Qiu Jin being suppressed by countless alphas.

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Xiang Xi thought that he was the only one who was so perverted, but apparently some netizens have the same passion as him. Once he clicked into a haters forum for Qiu Jin and he was immediately captivated by a story that talked about Qiu Jin turning into an omega.

The length of the story was not long, but the writer straight up changed Qiu Jin’s gender. He was slutty and there were all kinds of X*. Xiang Xi knew that this was not good, but it was so refreshing to read! To see someone who normally harassed him on the daily ending up like this was simply way too invigorating!

[*T/N: The author does indeed write “X” in the text. It’s probably due to China’s censorship. I think we can all guess what it means. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

Why should he [Xiang Xi] be the only one that other people lusted after? If he became an alpha, let’s see who would dare to bully him!

They all had that organ*. No matter how much of an omega a man was, he would still have the desire to top** another.

[*T/N: Pretty sure the author is referring to the penis.]

[**T/N: The word used here is “gong,” which means “to attack” or in the BL sense it means to be the one on top. It’s the same gong in “gong and shou” or “seme and uke.”]

Xiang Xi had even once paid for a fan fiction that featured him as the alpha and Qiu Jin as the omega. In the story he tied Qiu Jin up and ruthlessly bullied the other man so badly that he cried. Who told you to ride roughshod over me, now do you see how awesome I am?

Of course, those were just a small number of his dark thoughts. In most cases, he was still a normal person and would not bring those thoughts into reality.

Moreover, Qiu Jin changed later on, and Xiang Xi also began to slowly accept the other person. After that, he no longer entertained those kinds of dark thoughts. However, his habit of reading smut has remained, and he has relied on these fantasies to tide him over during the difficult times of his heat.

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What’s more, he has been a virgin for more than twenty years, and he has never flouted the law. So what if he read a bit of porn?

Although he didn’t think there was anything wrong with him, in the current public opinion environment, he would never admit it. Even in death, he would not say it. Although the variety show most likely wouldn’t broadcast these clips, he couldn’t take the risk.

“If you want to take a punishment, that’s fine too.” Geng Leyue was sitting on the court in this round. He handed over the small box filled with scraps of paper. “Then choose. What kind of risk will you pick?”

These were the punishments that they had written down before the start of the game. At that time, no one thought that bad luck would come to them, so Xiang Xi did not hold back at all and he went overboard. He wrote things like “kiss the second person on your left on any one of their five sense organs* and also hug them tightly for thirty seconds,” “look at the person across from you for a minute and say I love you,” and “fart at the entire group and say isn’t that fragrant?”

[*T/N: the five sense organs according to traditional Chinese medicine = nose, eyes, lips, tongue, ears]

Xiang Xi put his hand in the cardboard box and kept rummaging through the slips of paper. His face was very tense, as if there were some extremely dangerous or threatening things inside the box.

Xiang Xi chose very carefully. In the end, he pulled out a single slip of paper.

Everyone’s attention fell on the paper in his hand. Xiang Xi slowly opened up the piece of paper, and his expression suddenly changed, as if he just got sentenced to death.

Look at the person across from you for a minute and say I love you.

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Xiang Xi raised his head and met Qiu Jin’s curious gaze.

Xiang Xi: “…”

I choose to die.

“What did you draw? Is it that scary?” Geng Leyue curiously pulled out the slip of paper in Xiang Xi’s hand. When he was able to clearly read the words on it, he burst into laughter and read out the words on the piece of paper very unsympathetically.

“We have to congratulate Qiu Jin. This is a hard-won gift. It says that Xiang Xi needs to look at the person opposite him for a minute and sincerely say I love you.”

As soon as Geng Leyue finished talking, everyone fell into a strange silence.

But at the same time, they kind of wanted to laugh.

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