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This Alpha’s Pheromones 96

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Chapter 96 – Punishment Game

Who didn’t know that Xiang Xi’s hostility towards Qiu Jin ran bone deep? Although they did not have any clashes during the variety show, they usually had very little contact. For Xiang Xi to have to say I love you to Qiu Jin must be very nauseating for him.

What was worse was that Xiang Xi had written this punishment himself.

Xiang Xi felt like he had sunk into some sort of calamity.

Qiu Jin didn’t feel anything in particular, and he didn’t have any expectations. He just said lightly, “How about we change to a different one?”

Xiang Xi abruptly raised his head. The expression on his face was cool, but on the inside his mind was a mess.

What did Qiu Jin mean by that? Could it be that he was doing it for Xiang Xi’s sake? But who asked that person to pretend to think for his sake?

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Xiang Xi’s expression fell. He was about to agree to Qiu Jin’s proposal when Geng Leyue said breezily, “This is the punishment that he chose before, so why can’t he do it now? How about we look at his cell phone instead?”

“Who says I can’t do it?!” Xiang Xi’s expression darkened. “One minute, right? Time it for me!”

“All right,” Geng Leyue fished out his cell phone. He had a face of anticipation for the show that was about to happen. “Starting now. If you laugh or look away, then we will add ten seconds.”

Qiu Jin asked Xiang Xi, “You really want to do it?”

Xiang Xi frowned once again: “I dare to do it. Are you saying you’re not happy about it?”

“How could I not be?” Qiu Jin let out a smile. “Let’s do it then. It’s just one minute.”

After saying this, Qiu Jin stopped moving and just kept looking at Xiang Xi with the same sloppy gaze as before.

The look in his eyes was different from the longing and lustful gaze of before. This time, Qiu Jin’s eyes did not have even the slightest bit of lust.

He was like an older brother playing along with a younger sibling who was acting coquettish. There was a bit of helpless exasperation and a bit of teasing in his demeanor. His pitch-black eyes reflected the warm artificial yellow light and were full of laziness, indicating that he could care less about what was happening.

But this kind of heedless attitude exuded a different kind of charm.

Xiang Xi was in a trance for a moment. Then he suddenly remembered the incident when he was bullied at the beach. Qiu Jin was already like this back then. Occasionally he would show a bit of foolishness, but when things got serious he was very reliable and had a good sense of propriety.

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No, that’s not right. It was much earlier. When Xiang Xi unexpectedly entered estrus, the other party scrupulously abided by etiquette, and did not take a single step towards him.

When they had a chance encounter at the airport, the young man had said with sincerity that he would not bother him again in the future.


All the way up until now. Xiang Xi could finally be certain that Qiu Jin did not like him anymore.

This should obviously be something to be happy about, but there was an unspeakable depression in his heart. Especially now that Qiu Jin has become so dazzling…

No one knew what went on in Xiang Xi’s head, but his face turned red and he couldn’t help but look away from Qiu Jin.

Geng Leyue saw his mistake and immediately said, “An additional 10 seconds.”

Xiang Xi panicked for a moment, but soon returned to normal, and told himself to endure until the end.

Qiu Jin was not flustered like Xiang Xi was, and he even rolled his eyes and said with a smile, “Don’t be so nervous, how about a chat?”

After a moment of silence, Xiang Xi said slowly, “What do you want to talk about?”

Qiu Jin said: “How about we prepare in advance?”

Xiang Xi: “?”

He stared at Qiu Jin intently, and realized that the other party had actually memorized the lines for the script!

Xiang Xi immediately came to his senses. This was a scene in “The Rise and Fall of the World” where they acted opposite each other.

Xiang Xi’s role was the male lead, Ji Tongguang, and Qiu Jin’s role was Ji He, his younger brother. The male protagonist was upright and brave, and he was also full of brotherly love for Ji He. The character setting also had Ji He as being two years younger than him.

It was only a difference of two years and they were all young people, so almost no one paid attention to this kind of detail.

But Qiu Jin was different. The moment he said “Big Brother” to Xiang Xi, the look in his eyes changed. He even exuded a sense of immaturity, which he brought into the character perfectly.

How could a person change their age just by shifting their facial expression?

Xiang Xi had heard before that some great actors could transform themselves into teenagers without concealing their white hair and wrinkles, but Qiu Jin actually has this ability?

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His mind was still a little confused, but he had already picked up the lines subconsciously.

Xiang Xi might not be reciting the lines exactly as they were in the script, but he was already very familiar with the plot, so the words he said were very close to the original and would not affect how the scene played out.

Everyone watched as the two of them looked at each other and rigidly acted for one minute.

In the end, Xiang Xi, who had already been brought into the plot, said “I love you” to Qiu Jin affectionately, marking a successful conclusion for this punishment.

Everyone: “???”

Motherf*cker. Could this still be counted as punishment?

How about we set up a stage for you guys to act out a play, huh?

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