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This Alpha’s Pheromones 97

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Chapter 97 – Gender Announcement (32.1)

After the punishment and the scene ended, Xiang Xi was still gasping for breath. The pressure of the scene just now should not be too strong, [but] he was almost beaten by Qiu Jin.

Shan Wen, who has won the Film Emperor award before, was the most sensitive and astute. In such an informal performance just now, he was still able to accurately detect all the subtle changes in Qiu Jin’s eyes.

Shan Wen opened his mouth to ask Qiu Jin about the details of his performance just now, but Qiu Jin didn’t try to keep anything secret, and even turned around to discuss his acting experience with him.

Geng Leyue was still shouting “liar” and saying that they couldn’t muddle through a punishment like this, but no one was paying him any attention anymore.

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Xiang Xi looked back at Qiu Jin amid the clamor, and found that the young man had a straight back and a warm smile. Even when discussing acting with a veteran actor like Shan Wen, he was able to do it skillfully and easily. This was a complete one-eighty from his previous image.

There was no longer a place for Xiang Xi in Qiu Jin’s heart.

Although Xiang Xi knew that he shouldn’t have this kind of emotion, he still felt a little upset.

In addition to this, he also developed an emotion similar to fear.

He was not an empty vase. The directors who have worked with him all say that he has solid acting skills and that he was serious when it came to filming. He was a rare good seedling. Even if he took the niche route now, he would definitely transform into a powerful actor in the future.

“The Rise and Fall of the World” was the most important drama that he was going to act in this year. When he heard that Qiu Jin would be playing the main supporting role of Ji He, he naively hoped that the other party would not pester him, but now…

After seeing Qiu Jin’s performance with his own eyes, Xiang Xi suddenly felt a sense of crisis in his heart, followed by a strong fighting spirit. He must not be suppressed by Qiu Jin.

“Hey, you didn’t receive a shock just now, did you?” Although Geng Leyue was not in the entertainment industry, he could still see that Qiu Jin’s performance was much more natural than Xiang Xi’s just now. Of course, there was also the possibility that Qiu Jin had secretly practiced in private in order to deliberately surprise Xiang Xi at such a time.

“No.” Xiang Xi shook his head, but he didn’t say a word after sitting down, and his brows were furrowed.

The game continued on.

The evening meal was coming to an end. Just as they were about to disperse, a text message bell suddenly sounded.

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Qiu Jin’s movements suddenly stopped for a moment, Ji Shenxiao noticed this, stretched out his long hand, and accurately picked out the correct mobile phone before Geng Leyue could.

Ji Qisheng’s eyes lit up: “Whose is this? Whose is this?”

Hearing the familiar text message sound, Qiu Jin replied, “It should be mine.”

He didn’t have anything that other people could not know about.

After waiting all night, Qiu Jin’s phone finally sounded! Ji Qisheng was even more excited, and hurriedly urged Ji Shenxiao to read out the content.

However, after Ji Shenxiao saw the content of the message, his action of handing over the phone suddenly stopped. With a flip of his hand, he reverted his action and pressed the phone down to the table instead.

“Not reading it [out loud]. I will accept the punishment.”

“It’s Qiu Jin’s cell phone. Why are you accepting the punishment?” Geng Leyue was not happy. He reached out, wanting to grab the mobile phone, but how could he beat the tall and strong Ji Shenxiao? He was soon sent away like a kite with a broken string.

Qiu Jin was also a little surprised, and looked at Ji Shenxiao doubtfully: “It’s probably nothing, right? You can read it.”

Ji Shenxiao didn’t look at him, but just repeated: “I’m willing to accept punishment.”

Geng Leyue was a little unhappy, but still handed over the small box: “Then you can draw it yourself.”

It was a familiar cardboard box. Ji Shenxiao took a slip of paper and opened it expressionlessly. Two seconds later, he closed it expressionlessly and threw it back in.

Ji Qisheng shouted: “Brother, how can you be so shameless*?!”

[*T/N: specifically, to refuse to acknowledge that one has lost the game, or made a promise]

Geng Leyue quickly grabbed the slip of paper, opened it, and read it. His face darkened. Then he repeated Ji Shenxiao’s actions, planning to throw the slip of paper back into the cardboard box.

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