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This Alpha’s Pheromones 98

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Chapter 98 – Gender Announcement

Ji Qisheng shouted again: “Geng Leyue, how can you be so shameless too?!”

Geng Leyue said with a sullen face, “Change to another one.”

Unexpected, Xiang Xi interjected. Xiang Xi was punished in the previous round, and he was worried that he wouldn’t have a chance to retaliate. How could he give up this opportunity?

Xiang Xi was quick. In the blink of an eye, he had grabbed the slip of paper, and read out loud: “Kiss any of the facial features* of the second person on the left, and hug each other for thirty seconds.”

[*T/N: In Chinese it is the “five sense organs” which refers to the nose, eyes, lips, tongue, and ears.]

While everyone was still stunned, Xiang Xi laughed loudly: “Hahahahahaha, if you don’t believe me then just take a look. The heavens pardon no one!”

Geng Leyue: “…”

Xiang Xi became more and more pleased: “Who told you guys to harass me before? If you come out to play, then sooner or later you will have to pay!”

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Qiu Jin said embarrassedly: “…There’s no need to make me pay both times, right?”

The second person on Ji Shenxiao’s left was Qiu Jin. No wonder the other party simply threw the slip of paper back just now.

It was too embarrassing. Kissing any part of the facial features: eyes, ears, nose, mouth… No matter which part it was, it was too intimate. It was better to refuse.

Just as Qiu Jin was thinking this, he noticed a shadow casting over his body. He raised his head and saw Ji Shenxiao’s close up handsome face.

WTF? What are you doing? Ji Shenxiao wasn’t really going to play for real, right?

Qiu Jin drew back quickly. His voice trembled. “President Ji…”

Ji Shenxiao was expressionless: “This is just a game.”

Game? Games were not like this, right?

Qiu Jin’s whole body was not well. He put his hands on Ji Shenxiao’s chest and pushed back: “Let’s not do this…”

“Don’t be noisy, it’ll be fine soon.” The man held the back of his head, his voice low and hoarse, with just the right amount of unyielding strength.

Familiar pheromones surrounded his body. Qiu Jin only felt that time was being stretched infinitely, and his mind was full of the magnified face of the other party.

Where does Ji Shenxiao want to kiss him? Eyes? Nose? Ears? Blood rushed to Qiu Jin’s ears, and his entire face turned red.

Then he noticed that Ji Shenxiao’s eyes were looking at his lips.

Oh sh*t, what was Ji Shenxiao thinking? It couldn’t be what Qiu Jin was suspecting, right?!

There was a war raging in Qiu Jin’s head.

Optimistic Qiu Jin: Ji Shenxiao will not do this! He is just looking at you!

Pessimistic Qiu Jin: But… but if he doesn’t want to kiss my lips, then why is he looking at them?

Optimistic Qiu Jin: Maybe you’ve got some food stuck to your mouth?

Grumpy Qiu Jin: Impossible! How can I do something like that when I pay so much attention to my image?

Love Brain Qiu Jin: What if he likes me?

What kind of horror statement was that? Qiu Jin stood up and pretended to calm. He said, “Let’s read out the content of my text message instead!”

The hands hidden under the table kept shaking. In fact, he was more panicked than anyone else.

Ji Shenxiao paused. Then he soon let go of Qiu Jin and stepped back to a safe distance.

In order not to make everyone regret it, Qiu Jin grabbed his cell phone and read the text by himself.

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“Mr. Qiu, the omega inhibitor that I told you about last time has arrived. Can you give me an address or perhaps take the time to come by the hospital…”

Qiu Jin couldn’t keep reading on.

All eyes fell on him, curious, scrutinizing, incredible…

Ji Shenxiao spread his hands, and the expression on his face seemed to say: See, I told you so.

Qiu Jin was also very confused, he almost forgot about it. Gu Yu did tell him about this, but there has been no news for so many days, so why did he have to choose right now to contact him?

Ji Qisheng’s face was full of shock, and even his voice trembled: “Why, why do you need an inhibitor?”

Geng Leyue: “And it’s a special one too?”

Xiang Xi: “Could it be that you’re an omega?”

Qiu Jin was cornered by the repeated questioning. At this time, he finally realized how wise it was that Ji Shenxiao chose to accept the punishment just now.

So what if they kiss? They even did temporary markings. They were as intimate as a couple that rubbed against each other without penetration. If you round it up, their actions were on the border of sexual behavior.

Too bad it’s too late now…

Qiu Jin sighed and could only console himself belatedly. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing. After all, he hasn’t been able to find a chance to speak, so it’s not bad to take this opportunity to tell everyone.

Thinking of this, he took a deep breath and said slowly: “…I have something to tell everyone.”

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