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This Alpha’s Pheromones 2

T/N: Thank you to everyone who answered my question last chapter. Your answers were very diverse and some were even polar opposites. It will be impossible to satisfy everyone, since everyone’s opinions are different. But it was very insightful to know what some of your preferences are. I’ll be experimenting a bit in the future to find a style that suits me best. Thank you everyone. Happy reading~♡

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Chapter 2 – So Exciting?

The coat rack saw him, and took a few strides over to kneel in front of him, shouting at him anxiously and cautiously, “Jin… Brother Qiu, how about you cover up first?”

Qiu Jin took the bath towel and covered up his body. His sharp eyes swept across the coat rack’s face.

The latter was shocked by his glancing look. He passed over a mobile phone and said, “Brother Yang just called, I… I didn’t tell him about this.”

Qiu Jin didn’t bat an eyelid, remaining calm and collected as he used his fingerprint to unlock the phone. In the call log there was the name Yang Chi.

The coat rack said cautiously, “But… but even if your confession failed, you still shouldn’t enter the swimming pool that President Ji reserved. Ji Shenxiao can kill us with his pinky finger. How can we possibly provoke such a person?”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The person outside was Ji Shenxiao?

Qiu Jin shifted his gaze and just so happened to see the man from outside walk pass in front of him into the dressing room. There was a white bath towel slung around his waist. His mermaid line was sexy as hell.

[T/N: mermaid line – someone explained this to me as the line or the dip between the abs and the hipbone.]

It was just that his expression was really ugly. His face looked like he had saw some plague-infected thing and he couldn’t wait to get as far away as possible.

Drawing his attention back, the thin young man in front of him was still chattering: “It’s not like you’re the first person in history to get rejected after confessing. You also know that Xiang Xi has always been like that to you. There is no need to compare with President Ji…”

Why is he talking so much? Annoying.

Qiu Jin frowned: “Shut up.”

The young man’s eyes widened. He made a zipper movement over his lips, not daring to speak.

Ji Shenxiao, Xiang Xi… these familiar names flashed by in his mind. Only until now did Qiu Jin realized that he had transmigrated into a book yet again.

Why “yet again?” Because this was not the first time that he has transmigrated.

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Once upon a time, Qiu Jin was a legend in the entertainment circle. He was of common birth, but the heavens bestowed him with good looks and great acting skills. He went through challenging experiences along the way and became a seasoned actor. Then he seized the award for Film Emperor with his skills. His prospects were unlimited. But in an unexpected mishap, he fell into the water and transmigrated. He became an omega superstar.

In order to blend in with society, Only Want Your Pheromones was a JJ Danmei novel that he had read to understand ABO knowledge.

[T/N: Danmei is basically the Chinese word for “boys love.” JJ stands for jjwxc, which is a website for online web novels, and also the website where I found this story. Thank you to Happy Cat for telling me that. And just in case, ABO = alpha, beta, omega]

The protagonist gong was Ji Shenxiao, an aloof tyrant CEO. He was alpha to the max. His self-control was so strong that no matter how omegas tried to seduce him, he would remain unmovable like a mountain. Until he met the protagonist omega shou, which activated his second vein and turned him into the fiercest gong dog.

And he was the cannon fodder alpha that competed with Ji Shenxiao.

Arrogant and despotic, he tried to forcefully take, and grandly lost. He challenged the protagonist’s bottom line again and again. In the end, his gland was destroyed, and his family fell into destitution.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The scene that happened just now was after his nth confession was rejected by the protagonist shou omega Xiang Xi, he rushed to his imaginary rival, Ji Shenxiao, in anger, relying on his sexiest alpha title within the entertainment circle to compete with the other man, wanting to compare body figures, and wanting to compare whose jj was bigger.

[T/N: The raws say jj in English letters. Based on context, I think we can all guess that it means penis.]

As a result, he was thrown out as a lunatic without hesitation.

He was humiliated to next Sunday and back.

However, Qiu Jin remembered that in the novel he never pulled off Ji Shenxiao’s underwear!

After all, Ji Shenxiao was like some noble person in the sky, how could such a small supporting role have the cheek to see his big dong?

Don’t even think about it!

The readers would be the first to disagree!

You have to know that although Qiu Jin was an alpha in the book, according to the novel settings, no matter how resolute and upright in character an alpha was, he would still have to prostrate himself beneath the exceedingly exceptional Ji Shenxiao’s suit trousers.

How could things be so favorable and advantageous for him?

What’s more, Qiu Jin didn’t want to take advantage of this right now. Since he has become an alpha, who still cared about omega? No matter how alluring the omega, no omega could be as alluring as he was in his previous incarnation.

Living well was the most important thing.

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