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This Alpha’s Pheromones 3

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Chapter 3 – So Exciting?

Both times he had transmigrated into a book. Last time, he had become a superstar omega with ultra fragrant pheromones, and he had to live everyday with prudence and caution.

But now, he wasn’t an omega. He has become an alpha.

Although his character was badly stained, he was no longer in a weak position and he didn’t need to be on guard everywhere he went.

In the future, he would not have to use inhibitors, he would not have to worry about protecting his glands, and he didn’t have to worry about being tied to someone else while muddleheaded, letting an alpha control his fate.

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Moreover, he was still within the entertainment circle, a scene that he was familiar with. Qiu Jin thought about his bright future and stood up, following Ji Shenxiao back to the dressing room.

Assistant Liu Wei thought that he still wanted to go look for Ji Shenxiao to stir up trouble. He was so scared that his nerves were about to give out. “Brother Qiu! You still want to go…?”

Qiu Jin tossed the towel and said calmly: “Change clothes and then go back.”

Liu Wei was covered by the towel and in a daze. How come he felt like Brother Qiu was a little different?

The dressing room was very large. There were rows upon rows of lockers.

It was worthy of being completely reserved. The inside was absolutely empty. There was only the sound of some slight rustling coming from around the corner. Most likely, it was Ji Shenxiao changing clothes.

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After that extremely embarrassing event that just happened, Qiu Jin didn’t want to go over and get scolded again, so he planned to change clothes by the door. His little assistant still held a pile of clothes, imitating a coat rack.

However, when he took off his swimming trunks, a white thing fell off to the floor with a plop.

The f*ck, what kind of thing was this?

Why did socks fall from the crotch of his pants?

His shocked expression must have been too obvious, so Liu Wei explained: “In order to compare sizes with President Ji, you deliberately padded yourself with two layers.”

Qiu Jin: ???

Socks in his underpants? What the heck was this person doing?

This was too much. He was going to choke or suffocate. Either one. He wasn’t picky.

Qiu Jin couldn’t be bothered to care about the original host’s brain damage. He wiped his body dry with a towel and began to put on his clothes.

However, he did not expect Ji Shenxiao to have finished changing clothes and came out. The man was wearing a tailored suit with the shirt buttoned all the way to the top. His face was indifferent and unattainable. He could not see the appearance of anger from when they were in the swimming pool at all.

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Until the other party’s cold gaze flickered over his body, Qiu Jin realized afterwards that he was being looked all over, and he subconsciously dragged a towel to cover his body.

In the middle of his action, Qiu Jin suddenly reacted. He was now an alpha. Would an alpha cover up himself when he met another alpha in a public dressing room?

To cover or not to cover, this was a problem.

Just as he was deliberating over this, Ji Shenxiao had already come over.

Qiu Jin couldn’t care so much anymore. He pulled up his pants at lightning speed.

With his lower half no longer exposed to the air, he finally retrieved a sense of security. Thus, he began to leisurely button up his shirt. There was a sense of sensuality to his gracefulness. Each and every move was full of flawless beauty, as if he were shooting a luxury advertisement.

However, when he saw Ji Shenxiao’s gaze fall upon the socks on the floor, he couldn’t help faltering for a while and accidentally buttoned a button in the wrong hole.

Liu Wei thought his family’s master was sad so he kissed up to him: “Brother Qiu, don’t be disheartened. President Ji is definitely not as big as you!”

Qiu Jin: “…”

This little assistant, he was not so good at other things, but he has perfected the skill of kissing up to people.

Qiu Jin rolled his eyes and unhurriedly put on his coat. He was magnanimous and has always been lenient to the people around him.

Seeing that the boss’s face didn’t seem so good, Liu Wei continued trying to kiss up to him: “Or how about next time I give you three socks?”

Qiu Jin could not bear it any more: “…Scram!”

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    1. Usually I suffer from really bad second hand embarrassment, but for some reason I found this hilarious ?

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