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This Alpha’s Pheromones Are Exploding 84

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Chapter 84 – The Man at the Top of the Food Chain

About five days later, the corn in the cornfields of Lanhou Island gradually matured, and everyone went back to film the variety show again.

As soon as Qiu Jin got off the plane, he was hit with a violent heat wave. He put on his sunglasses and got into the car sent by the filming crew. When he arrived at the location, he found that he was the first one to arrive.

After he put his luggage in the room, he started to go downstairs to tidy up the room.

Having been deserted for more than ten days, there was a thin layer of dust over all the furniture.

Qiu Jin wiped the tables and mopped the floors. Then he put on a straw hat and went to the orchard to pick some lemons. Just when he finished making the lemon and peppermint water, he heard the sound of a car from outside the house. It was Shan Wen and Tan Yunting, the husband and wife pair.

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“I thought we would be the first ones. I didn’t expect you to arrive before us,” Shan Wen said as he carried his suitcase into the room. “Why are you here so early? And what are you doing right now?”

Qiu Jin responded: “I arrived not too long ago. I’m a little thirsty and made a drink, would you like some?”

“Let me serve it.” Shan Wen poured a cup for Tan Yunting before preparing his own cup.

“You’re such a diligent child.” Tan Yunting laughed and seemed to sigh. “When we first arrived here, I thought you were a big sluggard.”

“Ah, I remember! Back then, we also had a…” Shan Wen suddenly stopped talking.

Tan Yunting paused for a moment, and then also recalled the memory. The two glanced at each other and then laughed in rapport.

Qiu Jin smiled: “I feel like I’m being excluded.”

“It’s related to you. You’ll find out later.”

“Yunting-jie is probably tired, right? Got take a rest first. What do you want for dinner?”

Tan Yunting was pregnant, so she didn’t try to be polite. She named two refreshing dishes and then pushed Shan Wen over to help.

The two men went to the verdant fields, fully equipped to move the corn.

Shan Wen said to Qiu Jin, “Have you heard? There are two special guests coming this time.”

Qiu Jin asked: “Who is it?”

“The filming team didn’t say anything, but they will be here tonight.”

Qiu Jin nodded: “Then let’s cook some more food.”

They could smell the fragrant aroma of the ripe corn even before walking onto the cornfield.

Qiu Jin and Shan Wen split up and pretty soon harvested a basket full of corn. The white corn was a sticky variety. The yellow corn was a fruit variety. It was fresh, tender, and juicy. Just looking at it made one drool.

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When they got back, they found that Xiang Xi and Geng Leyue had also arrived. They each had a glass of lemon and mint water in hand and were sitting before a blowing fan to combat the heat.

Geng Leyue sniffed the air: “It smells so good!”

Qiu Jin said: “It will be more fragrant if you come here and shuck the corn.”

Geng Leyue shook his head: “No, no, I’m fine with just taking a sniff.”

What a joke. His hands were so precious. Insurance started at ten million. How could he do such rough work? What if he got an allergic reaction?

Qiu Jin put down the basket and sat under the eaves to peel the hull off the corn: “Then are you still gonna eat it?”

Geng Leyue said: “…Of, of course I’m eating it!”

“Then hurry up and get over here.” Qiu Jin put the peeled corn into a basin. “Get the kernels off from the cob, the white ones.”

Geng Leyue was stunned. He thought to himself, why is this person commanding me around like that? Just who does he think he is?

Xiang Xi glanced over. He abruptly stood up and said, “Let me do it.”

Geng Leyue immediately grabbed the basin and said, “I’ll do it. Hmph. It’s just peeling some corn.”

Shan Wen and Tan Yunting watched the whole process: “…”

Was that childish or not? Were these two really twenty something years old?

By the time they were nearly done with peeling the corn, Ji Shenxiao had also arrived.

Different from the business attire of the past, this time Ji Shenxiao wore a white shirt and jeans, with a button open at the collar of the shirt, and the sleeves of the shirt rolled up to reveal his arms. He exuded sexiness all over.

Next to him was a tall young man with short blond hair and two black earrings. Beneath his sunglasses, his eyes casually swept over the people present. He was unbridled and dazzling.

Could he be the special guest? He seemed to be a new face [in the entertainment industry].

Geng Leyue recognized the newcomer. He asked casually, “Why are you here?”

The coolness of the newcomer disappeared in almost a second.

The man glared at Geng Leyue and showed his teeth and claws like a little lion: “Who said I can’t come?”

Geng Leyue rolled his eyes and said succinctly, “Go away.”

Qiu Jin finally understood. Geng Leyue wouldn’t show a good attitude to anyone, except for Ji Shenxiao.

Qiu Jin didn’t know until after the people entered the house that this person was Ji Shenxiao’s younger brother Ji Qisheng, who was nineteen years old this year. Purportedly, he was the center in a very popular idol group, and his popularity was quite high.

Although his figure was tall and strong, he was still a child whether you’re looking at his age or his personality!

The child’s temper was also quite fierce. In front of everyone else, he put on the attitude of: this lord is supreme. Only in front of Ji Shenxiao would he show a cute child’s expression. Qiu Jin instantly understood that this was a brocon.

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Moreover, Qiu Jin had a feeling that this Ji Qisheng seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied with him. The youngster’s little sharp eyes floated over to Qiu Jin from time to time, but when Qiu Jin raised his head, the other party immediately retracted his gaze, as if nothing had happened.

With the child acting like this, Qiu Jin didn’t know how to set him to work preparing the evening meal. Qiu Jin looked at the work that needed to be done and felt a bit stuck.

It just so happened that Ji Shenxiao came out at that time, so Qiu Jin asked him, “Are you busy with work?”

Ji Shenxiao replied: “It’s okay.”

“Then help me grind the corn.”

Qiu Jin held a basin, which contained the corn kernels that Geng Leyue had peeled before. The white glutinous corn could be made into buns after being grounded into a paste.

Ji Qisheng: “???”

Every minute of my big brother’s time is worth millions, and you’re asking him to grind corn for you? And such a big basin too? Are you crazy?

Ji Qisheng was indignant. In his heart he was scolding Qiu Jin for being scum. Just watch how my brother is going to ruthlessly refuse you!

But in the next moment he heard Ji Shenxiao say, “Okay.”

Ji Qisheng: “?”

What did his brother say just now? Ji Qisheng’s eyes widened suddenly, looking at the scene in front of him in disbelief. However, no one else was surprised. Ji Shenxiao even took the initiative to bring out the small stone mill.

Ji Qisheng chased after him: “Brother, how can you do such a thing?”

Ji Shenxiao raised his eyebrows and sized up Ji Qisheng. “You must be very idle.”

Ji Qisheng said: “I, I can help you.”

Ji Shenxiao responded: “I don’t need your help. If you have nothing to do, then go to the kitchen and light a fire for cooking.”

Ji Qisheng: “…”

F*ck, what kind of magical variety show was this?

How did his big brother change like this?!

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