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This Alpha’s Pheromones Are Exploding

Title: This Alpha’s Pheromones Are Exploding 这个Alpha香爆了[穿书]
Author: Shao Tang 勺棠 (Spoonful of Cherry-Apple)
Genre: Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai, Show Biz, Slice of Life, Yaoi
Status in COO: 79 chapters + 9 extras (complete)
Translation Status: Ongoing
Raws: jjwxc
Novel Updates: Link
Patreon: Early Access T.O.C.

Table of Contents


Qiu Jin transmigrated into a book once again.

Last time, he transmigrated into an omega with pheromones that could make people go crazy. This time the heavens were merciful and finally had him transmigrate into an alpha. Moreover, it was the sexiest alpha in the entertainment circle.

Unfortunately, it was a cannon fodder.

The main gōng in the original book was Ji Shenxiao, an aloof tyrant CEO. He was alpha to the max. His self-control was so strong that no matter how omegas tried to seduce him, he would remain unmovable like a mountain. Until he met the protagonist omega shòu, which activated his second vein and turned him into the fiercest gōng dog.

And Qiu Jin was the cannon fodder alpha that competed with Ji Shenxiao. Arrogant and despotic, he tried to forcefully take, and grandly lost. He challenged the protagonist’s bottom line again and again. In the end, his gland was destroyed, and his family fell into destitution.

In this regard, Qiu Jin expressed that he would not be a toxic alpha male, so protagonist you go scram. However, humans could not defy the fates, and just when Qiu Jin was striving to become a high-quality alpha, the pheromones that made all the alphas go crazy in the last world came back!

At that moment, he saw the protagonist gōng suppressing his desires till his eyes were red, and his pheromones went out of control.

Qiu Jin swallowed: “Bro, let’s talk this out…”

The alpha squeezed the back of his neck, his voice hoarse: “But I prefer to do it directly.”

Love rivals become lovers. Alpha becomes omega.

[Exceedingly strong tyrant CEO ignited with desire alpha gōng] x [Mega superstar with extremely sweet pheromones omega shòu]


Translations in Other Languages
Indonesian by Reofl88

8 thoughts on “This Alpha’s Pheromones Are Exploding

  1. I am interested in the Pheromones series. I’m just waiting for the Novel Updates link to bookmark it on that site.

    Do you know what your release schedule will be? If you’re only releasing a few chapters a month, I’ll probably wait for them to build up or even finish the series before reading.

    1. Sorry, I don’t know what the release schedule for this story will be yet. It changes month to month for all my side projects. I’m working to make the updates more consistent in the future. In the meantime, you might want to wait a bit for this story. >﹏<

  2. Hello, Vanilla-san. I’m Reo, I’m interested in this novel and I want to ask permission to re-translate this novel into Indonesian and post it to global.foxaholic, may I?

    And of course I’ll give you credit 😁

    Thank you, I’ll wait for your reply 😁

    1. Sure, go ahead. If you give me the link to your translation when you start posting, I can also link to it on my title page. ^^

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