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This Alpha’s Pheromones – Characters

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Qiu Jin 仇瑾 (MC)
Zhuo Ying 卓瑛 (c55, his mother, Zhuo Qian’s older sister)
Qiu Yuqin (MC’s blood-related older brother, has a brother complex for Qiu Jin)
Qiu Zhiming 仇志明 (father, c54)
Yang Chi 杨迟 (MC’s agent)
Liu Wei 刘伟 (MC’s assistant)
Wen Mojia 闻陌嘉 (alpha, actor under ML’s company, MC’s cousin)
Zhuo Qian 卓茜 (c55, Wen Mojia’s mother)

Ji Shenxiao 季深霄 (ML, Alpha, President Ji, company is Huayi Corporation)
Ji Qisheng 其笙 (C11, C83, ML’s little brother, unruly)
Gu Shuyi 辜舒仪 (ML’s mom)
Lu Pingyin 陆平音 (works for ML, manages Huayi Entertainment)
Xu Chen 许辰 (unrequited love on ML? ML’s mother’s friend’s son)

Xiang Xi 项希 (original story’s omega shou)
Mr. Tony 托尼老师 (C8, hairdresser that styled MC’s hair)
Shan Wen 单文 (C13, beta, veteran film emperor, permanent guest on “Four Seasons Food”)
Tan Yunting 谭云婷 (C13, beta, Shan Wen’s wife, loves nature, permanent guest on “Four Seasons Food”)
Geng Leyue 耿乐悦 (C15, omega, maroon curls, a guest on “Four Seasons Food”)
Xiao Bing 小冰 (C43, beta with a baby face, part of logistics for Four Seasons Food)

Wang Hang 王航 (C32, sunglasses, belly, rich, alpha, scum)
Leizi 磊子 (C34, part of Wang Hang’s crowd)
Wang Ruida 王睿达 (C38, Wang Hang’s father, deputy mayor of Dewen City)

Wei Ping’an 微平安德问 (c39, local Public Security Bureau official)

Duan Liu 段流 (c44, MC’s close friend from his previous life as a singer)

Gu Yu 顾逾 (c50, beta doctor, specializes in pheromones, works at a Huayi Corporation hospital)

Yi Congqing 易丛青导演 (c59, big shot director, directing “The Rise and Fall of the World”)
Wu Yan 吴妍 (c60, young lady, member of Yi Congqing’s staff)

Jiang Feihong 江飞鸿 (c54, 60 years old, godfather of the entertainment industry)
Jiang Ming 江铭 (c57, film emperor)
Xu Ziyu 胥子瑜 (c62, the villain and second male lead)

Bai Tang 白堂 (c66, food critic)
Yi Xiao 易肖 (c74, CEO of the Xinyi Food Corporation, his wife is a fan of Qiu Jin)

Zhang Qiongzi 张琼梓 (c107, actress with a unique voice, won Best Actress 最佳女主角 last year)
Guan Yuquan 关玉泉 (c107, the younger screenwriter that wrote “The Rise and Fall of the World”)
Dou Gao 窦高 (c108, the older screenwriter that wrote “The Rise and Fall of the World”)

Feng Ling 冯铃 (c120, plays the female lead in “The Rise and Fall of the World”)
Zou Ming 邹明 (c123, actor that plays Ji Yao’s paramour, started as a child star, good personality)

Characters in “The Rise and Fall of the World”

Ji Yuan 姬元 (c59, ruler of the An Dynasty 安朝)
Ji Siyuan 姬思源 (c125, eldest son, indecisive, coward)
Ji Tongguang 姬同光 (c79, male protagonist)
Ji Mingwu 姬明武 (c123, third son)
Ji He 姬鹤 (c54, 59, fourth prince, prophesied to destroy the country, younger twin to the beautiful fourth princess)
Ji Yao 姬遥 (c60, fourth princess)
Jiang Cao 江曹 (c123, Ji Yao’s paramour and killer)
Jiang Zhe 姜柘 (c62, mentioned, played by Jiang Ming)
Empress Mi Luo 王后芈落 (c107, played by Zhang Qiongzi)

Locations in “The Rise and Fall of the World”

Dongwu Kingdom 东武国 (c59, strong eastern vassal state)
Xiqi Kingdom 西祁国 (c59, infant Ji He was sent here as a zhizi 质子 – a prince sent to be held as a hostage in a neighboring state in ancient China)
An Kingdom 安国 (c125)


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