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To Be or Not to Be – Characters

Xiao Yu’an (MC, becomes the Northern Emperor) Zhou Yu (name of the Northern Emperor)

Hong Xiu (MC’s loyal maid)

Yan He Qing (ML, Southern Prince, hostage in the north)

Yuaner (MC’s bed warmer)

Yang Liuan (MC’s personal guard)

Xiao Feng Yue (Southern Yan’s Royal Musician)

Childe Qinyu (red outfit, was the only male concubine that didn’t leave the Northern Emperor’s side when the south invaded, formerly an official)

Princess Yongning (supposedly the love of the ML’s life in the book)

Chief Feng (eunuch that disrespected ML, but punished by MC with snow)

Eunuch Zhao (head of the Inner Court, old man)

Xie Chun Gui (formerly part of the emperor’s harem, wants to join the army)

Li Wu Ding (general, 2nd ML)

Prince Wu Ning (wants to usurp the throne) Fan Tong (his trusted aide)

Xiao Ping Yang (Western Shu general, in love with Yongping)

Nie Er (Northern Yan soldier, hates the south, humiliated ML and broke his arm)

Zhang Zhang Song (Taoyuan Village Clinic doctor)

Zhang Bai Shu (Zhang Zhang Song’s son)

Ling Shen Ling (3rd FL, MC saved her from prostitution, she works as his maid, later married Zhang Bai Shu)

Chen Ge (Vice General, long braid, southern army)

Bai Zhi (another FL, doctor, mentioned but not shown)

Huang Yue (Southern Yan’s general, wants to revolt against ML)

Yang Li Ye (Easter Wu general, ML killed him for “killing” MC)

Bao Yin Xin (Eastern Wu soldier that MC saved)

Xue Yan (general, ML’s uncle)

Prince Xiao Jun (MC’s new identity, Western Shu, Xiao Ping Yang’s older brother)

Tian Xiang (maid, Hong Xiu’s younger sister)

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