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Transmigrated into a School Idol 1

T/N 1: Hullo there. This is Vanilla Muse, here with a modern novel this time. I love stories set in ancient China, but sometimes they can be a real headache to translate, so when I need a break from ancient Chinese jargon, I will be translating this story instead. This is a light, easy, feel good story. The characters are a bit silly and funny. Overall, don’t take this story too seriously, and just sit back and relax. Enjoy~

T/N 2: Chapters will be split into parts.

Standard Info: I will be abbreviating “Transmigrated into a School Idol and Forced to Do Business” as TSI. Go to the translations page for the updating schedule (which is currently undecided for this story). Go to the title page for information on the story, the table of contents, and eventually a character list.

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Chapter 1 – The Most Bewildered Male Lead in the World

When Yu Bai Zhou opened his eyes once more, the entire scene in front of him had changed.

In an empty classroom that no one was using, a couple of hooligans dressed in school uniform were circling around a male student. The student in the center had his head lowered, and his face could not be seen clearly.
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Looking at the unfamiliar scene in front of him, Yu Bai Zhou wanted to speak, but he accidentally choked on the smoke in his mouth. Only then did he realized that not only was he smoking, but he was sitting in a posture very much akin to a big boss.

Yu Bai Zhou was a little stunned. What’s happening here???

He clearly remembered being hit by a car on his way to volunteer. Why was he here all of a sudden? And where was this place?

A voice sounded in his mind. “Welcome to the world within a book. You can call me 008.”

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Yu Bai Zhou was a bit confused. “The world within a book? I transmigrated into a book?!”

008: “Yes, host. I am your portable system, 008.”

It took two seconds for Yu Bai Zhou to react. He had read quite a few novels about characters transmigrating into books, but this was his first time transmigrating into a book himself.

He asked 008 about the novel’s story, and 008 only told him that it was a cool story*.

[*T/N: 爽文 shuang wen – “feel good literature” is a book that makes readers feel good or happy while reading. The protagonist easily triumphs over their adversaries and problems, cumulating in a happy end. Example: Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil is a shuang wen]

He took a few seconds to collect himself, maintaining a hint of reason. “So according to the standard pattern, I have to complete the tasks that you give me?”

008: “No, there are no tasks. Here, you can use the information at your disposal to do whatever you want.”

Yu Bai Zhou was puzzled. He felt that this seemed too free, so he asked, “Then what is my purpose for transmigrating here?”

008: “To keep on living.”

To survive?

[T/N: In the above two lines, both 008 and YBZ uses the phrase “活下去” which can be interpreted as “to keep on living” or “to survive”]

This wording…

Yu Bai Zhou didn’t know why, but he had a bad hunch, as if his future would be full of hardships.

008 said: “I will introduce the novel’s information into your mind. You may explore and complete the following story line freely. If you have any questions, you can call for me in your mind at any time.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

As soon as 008’s voice petered out, information about the story entered Yu Bai Zhou’s mind, and everything became clearer…

He transmigrated into a cool story, and became an all-powerful leader of a group within the school campus. Furthermore, he was the most handsome boy in the school (a.k.a. the school idol), sought after by numerous girls in the school.

Yu Bai Zhou slapped his face. For the first time, he discovered that his hunch could be incorrect.

The protagonist of a cool story could not have a future full of hardships.

Yu Bai Zhou, male, 18 years old, second year student in high school, class 5.

From a young age, he studied at international schools, and he was proficient in five foreign languages. He was good at painting and everything art related.

One hour ago, during lunch break; as the boss on campus, Yu Bai Zhou – the original host that was – had a passerby give him yesterday’s homework. But the passerby completely disregarded him, putting the original host in a bad mood. As a result, he had his little brothers* kidnap the passerby to an empty classroom with plans to give him a good thrashing.

[*T/N: They’re not blood related brothers. They’re the students that follow him around and treat him as their boss. Hierarchy and seniority are often intertwined in Chinese society, so referring to them as little brothers means that they are under him, but not necessary younger than him.]

Then, just before the thrashing began, he transmigrated into the body.

Yu Bai Zhou was holding a cigarette in his mouth and was sitting on a chair with his leg sticking up. And the person in front of him was the passerby that his little brothers had trussed up… the passerby that…

Wait, who was this passerby?

Yu Bai Zhou asked 008.

008: “Story information is being imported.”

008: “Ouch, shoot! It got jammed!”

Yu Bai Zhou: “…”

008 explained that due to the huge amount of information in the novel, coupled with the aging of their equipment, the importing of information often happened to get stuck or processed very slowly. But generally speaking, no matter how long a novel was, the information should be fully imported within three to five days.

Yu Bai Zhou smiled lightly and expressed that their outdated equipment should be replaced.

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  1. If he was in his way to volunteer, then he as a good person. He can’t possibly beat up a boy Just because the original person wanted it, but how is he going to explain that to his lackeys?

    Thanks for the new novel! I’m up for it.

  2. This is interesting. Thank you for picking this up! I will silently look forward to it (*ΦωΦ*)

    1. You’re welcome ^-^ I’m surprised someone is showing interest in this story so quickly.

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    1. Summary hooked me too. The transmigrated villain versus the reincarnated protagonist. Dun dun dun. XD

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  8. Hello Vanilla Muse, how are you?

    My name is Hyun, by the way: Miss Hyun, and I am Brazilian translator of Bl novels — and this particular novel cought my attention a lot, and I must say that its translation is wonderful!!! And I would like to have your permission, based on it, to translate this novel into my language.

    I want to make it clear that work I do is from fan to fan, nonprofit. You can check out my other translation jobs on my profile on the wattpad platform: Is @SenhoritaHyun

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    ~ Sincerely, Hyun.

    1. Sure, I don’t mind.
      However, something unexpected happened a while back and I am no longer translating this novel, but there is a new translator who is still working on this novel.
      And if you send me a link to your translation when you start, I can still link to it on my title page. 🙂

  9. Hi I enjoy reading the story and I love light novels so I would like to know if I could translate the story into myanmar in wattpad?

    1. Hi Zara Nagi, please refer to Q10 under the FAQ section for your answer. 🙂 Also, I dropped this story after chapter 16, so it might be better to ask the new translator about this story.

      Link to FAQ section is in the menu bar on top. Link to the new translator is at the end of chapter 16.

  10. Well, well, well. Here are the comments I was expecting.

    I was worried for a moment about it, because it’s a nice novel, even if sometimes it wants to take a few turns on this roller coaster! So many comments here, but the chapter list and introduction are so empty, I feel so lonely for a second.

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