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Transmigrated into a School Idol 10

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Chapter 10 – For You

The next day, Yu Bai Zhou was in a good mood. When he was eating in the cafeteria, his joyous mood was not concealed at all.

The boss that Tu Gao Ming often saw was cold and cool. He has never seen Yu Bai Zhou in a good mood like he was right now.

He felt guilty. He actually thought that such a boss was a little bit cute.

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From time to time, there would be looks of envy and adoration directed at Yu Bai Zhou.

“Today Young Master Yu is wearing a white collared shirt, and he looks so handsome in it! That white shirt was simply born* for him!”

[*T/N: Yes, the raws said “born” not “made”]

“If I can have half of Young Master Yu’s face value, then I would have no regrets.”

“It would be nice if I could talk to him.”

“Young Master Yu must have grown up drinking milk, I envy Young Master Yu’s skin one hundred times a day!”

“I hope that Young Master Yu will perform on stage during the National Day Party. The daily Young Master Yu is so handsome, and he is so cool when he turns into a drummer!”

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Yu Bai Zhou returned to his senses. Hearing the rainbow farts that were praising him, he was a little embarrassed.

Although he was often praised in his previous life, this was the first time that he received such overwhelming rainbow farts.

While he was eating, suddenly a person moved into the empty space next to him. He turned his head to look and saw a rather fashionable female student.

The girl got close to him, “Young Master Yu, where are we going to play this weekend?”

Yu Bai Zhou did not recognize who the girl in front of him was. His body subconsciously turned to the other side to avoid the girl’s advancing closeness.

The girl seemed to notice his avoidance. Her face revealed a dissatisfied expression as she frowned. “Last time at the bar, who was it that said he was going to take me on a date this weekend? Young Master Yu didn’t forget, did he?”

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Yu Bai Zhou did not recognize the girl in front of him, but the original book mentioned that the original host had many ambiguous girlfriends, and this girl was probably one of them.

This was a bit troublesome. Let’s just straightforwardly refuse.

Yu Bai Zhou said: “I haven’t forgotten, but this week…”

When the girl heard this, she smirked and intercepted his words, “Are you going to tell me that there is no time? You promised me though.”

Done speaking, she reached out and hugged his arm.

Yu Bai Zhou: “…”

Looking at the girl’s about to get angry face, Yu Bai Zhou had to smile and pretend to laugh. He took his arm out of the girl’s hand. “Let’s talk about it when the time comes.”

The girl was about to frown and complain when suddenly the sound of a plate hitting the floor came from not far away.

Several people looked over in the direction of the noise.

All they saw was one boy surrounded by several other people. The floor was sprinkled with food and the plate was broken into several pieces.

Yu Bai Zhou recognized the boy being surrounded. It was the one named He Yan.

Tu Gao Ming only took one look and then withdrew his gaze. “Aye, I was wondering who it was. It’s He Yan. That’s not strange*. He’s a weirdo.”

[*T/N: “That’s not strange” as in this scene of him being bullied is commonplace.]

Because they were far away, Yu Bai Zhou could not hear the dialogue happening over there, and could only see the scene being played out. Suddenly, he saw a male student with a crew cut push He Yan hard. He Yan took a half step back and his back pressed against the wall. The boy with the crew cut was a few centimeters shorter than He Yan, and his expression was provocative, very fierce.

Yu Bai Zhou’s heart seized for a moment.

He didn’t want to look on any more. Yu Bai Zhou withdrew his gaze. He squeezed the chopsticks in his hand and told himself that it was not his business.

He promised his dad that he would not cause trouble at school again.

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