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Transmigrated into a School Idol 11

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Chapter 11 – For You

While eating, Tu Gao Ming said to Che Cong, who was next to him: “Look, Che Cong, I told you before, you still have to fight. Otherwise, if somebody found you displeasing to the eye they might use their fist to teach you how to be a person. So when you have time, you should follow me and the boss more to learn how to fight.”

Che Cong shook his head helplessly, “The simpleminded cannot teach well.”

Tu Gao Ming: “You’re simpleminded!”

The girl next to Yu Bai Zhou glanced at He Yan, held her hands, and said with disgust, “What’s the point of just being good at studies? The starting point is low and therefore he is destined to be lower than others by a level. It’s not surprising that such people are bullied, right?”

After hearing this, Yu Bai Zhou’s expression became a little ugly.

Sun Tian Shuo looked at the He Yan in front of him with a face full of provocation.

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Although Sun Tian Shuo’s height was not as tall as He Yan’s, he was much stronger than He Yan. With his hands in his pockets and a group of little brothers behind his back, Sun Tian Shuo’s imposing manner drew a crowd of people to come stand in a circle and watch.

He raised his chin with a sense of superiority and looked at the person in front of him as if he were an ant.


He Yan glanced at the rice spilled all over the place and the broken plate. His face did not reveal even a hint of surprise.

Off to the side, someone started up a tempo to invert right and wrong, to incite conflict.

“You rammed into someone and you still don’t apologize, are you sick in the head?”

“Just because you’re the top student you think you don’t have to apologize when you make a mistake?”

There were a few people off to the side who knew the truth of what happened and dared to whisper it out loud.

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“No, it was obviously Sun Tian Shuo who rammed into another person first. And it was He Yan’s plate that fell to the ground.”

It was just that these voices of truth were quickly covered up by even more voices of discussion.

“Wow, the shameless top student is so disgusting. Makes one want to vomit.”

“Relying on the teachers’ favor? Ha ha. Nurturing a top student like this is but a waste of the nation’s resources.”

“The entire person is such a gloomy man, and he never shows his face. Whoever meets him is so unlucky. Why does out school accept such people?”

“Not showing your face, is it to better facilitate your crimes? I always thought he was suspicious.”

“Don’t talk about it, just thinking about it is horrific.”

Sun Tian Shuo listened to the chattering voices, and he smirked with satisfaction. Then he raised his voice and said to He Yan: “He Yan, apologize to lao zi*. After you apologize, call me Daddy, then I will forgive you.”

[*T/N: 老子 lao zi – arrogant way of saying I. Has the connotation of “I, your father,” often said in anger or out of contempt.]

Jeering voices echoes through the crowd. They all seemed awfully interested in the humiliation of others.

Sun Tian Shuo waited, but he did not hear an apology from He Yan for the longest time. His face could not bear it. The smirk on his lips faded. He withdrew one hand from his pocket and pushed He Yan again.

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“I’m saying this for the last time, apologize to lao zi!”

A jade pendant fell out of He Yan’s school uniform pocket, but apparently it did not attract the attention of anyone else.

Sun Tian Shuo pressed down on He Yan’s shoulder and leaned in menacingly. “It’s best for you not to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit*.”

[*T/N: to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit = figurative speech meaning to hesitate to do something until forced to do even more]

He Yan looked at something that fell to the floor, and there was a little bit of emotion in his eyes.

He ignored Sun Tian Shuo’s threat and stared a the jade pendant on the floor.

He said coldly, “Go away.”

Hearing this , Sun Tian Shuo became furious. He patience was nearly at its limit. “口口口 He Yan, you’re just rushing to look for a beating, aren’t you?”

[T/N: Text was also censored in the original. I’m assuming it’s some strong expletives.]

Sun Tian Shuo grabbed He Yan by his school uniform and raised a fist to directly hit him. Suddenly, his shoulder was unexpectedly detained from behind.

At the same time, a pair of sneakers stopped in front of the jade pendant. The owner of the sneakers bent down. The side of his face was turned towards the light from the doorway. He picked up the jade pendant from the floor, and reached out to give it to the person in front of him.

“For you, your jade pendant.”

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The author has something to say:

Gangster Xiao Yu: “After you receive this jade pendant, you are my family’s person.”

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