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Transmigrated into a School Idol 14

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Chapter 14 – Hand Caught By Red Line

The original host’s character design was a poor student. Although this question was not difficult to do, the idea of solving the problem had a certain depth. According to the original host’s academic performance, it was impossible to do this type of question.

When they heard this, both the girl and Tu Gao Ming were shocked.

Tu Gao Ming was the first to recover from his shock and asked, “Boss, yesterday when Cheng Jia Hui was purposely making things difficult for you and made you do that problem that was outside of the syllabus, you were able to solve it, but you can’t do this problem? You’re not lying to me are you? All of our class now assumes that you’re a hidden math genius.”

Yu Bai Zhou only then realized that it was yesterday’s incident that made other people misunderstand. He hesitated and wondered whether he should admit that he was a genius in math or deny it.

But he felt that it was a bit too narcissistic if he were to admit it.

After weighing the pros and cons for a while, he still decided to deny the claim, “Ah, yesterday’s question was a coincidence. Isn’t it a stimulation question of some city’s college entrance exam? I coincidentally practiced solving that question once before. I didn’t expect that I would be able to do it yesterday. Coincidental. It was all a coincidence.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Yu Bai Zhou was very clear that honestly walking according to the plot was definitely the best way to live. He was not very familiar with the plot at present. If he accidentally changed his personal settings, something beyond the plot might happen later, and that would cause too much trouble. It was too risky.

So he decided to maintain the original host’s character design as much as possible without violating his principles.

Tu Gao Ming didn’t have much deep thoughts. If Yu Bai Zhou said it was like this, then he believed it. But the girl still hesitated. In the end, she finally nodded and went to ask someone else to teach her.

Yu Bai Zhou gave a knock on the 008 system in his head and asked it when would the data for the plot be fully imported.

It was too hard to make moves while being unfamiliar with the storyline.

008 replied: “Responding to host, coming soon, it should be at most two to three days.”

Two to three days was not too long.

Just a few more days, Yu Bai Zhou thought.

He hoped to pass the next few days calmly.

After evening self-study ended, Yu Bai Zhou returned home. His two dads were looking at a design plan on the computer and said that they were designing his future marriage room.

With a red face, he said good night to his two dads, and then obediently went back to his bedroom. He went to bed after washing up.

It didn’t take long for the school’s web forum to get lively as usual like it did every night.

[Have you heard yet? Idol Yu’s character changed. This time he didn’t bully He Yan, and switched over to protecting him?]

[Is that true or false? It’s probably a rumor, right?!]

[It must be false. Who doesn’t know how much Idol Yu hates He Yan!]

[He Yan, that gloomy bookworm?]

[It’s absolutely true. Someone saw it!]

[A friend of mine also saw it, and said that the two were talking and laughing together!]

[Isn’t He Yan the one who never shows his face?!]

[Yes, yes, yes. I’m guessing he must be so ugly that he doesn’t dare to show his face, ha ha.]

[It doesn’t matter if he’s ugly, he’s the “top student,” so awesome~~]

(T/N: The above comment is definitely sarcastic, because of the specific word they used for “awesome,” which can also mean “cocky” or “bastard.”)

[So what if he is the top student? He’s so ugly, how can our Young Master Yu protect him? Ha ha.]

In a humble rental house, the sound of running water stopped, and the bathroom door was opened. He Yan stepped out of the bathroom with wet hair.

He was one point nine meters tall with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. There was clear definition on his exposed arm muscles. His legs were long and shapely in defiance of natural order.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The wet bangs were casually swept back and away from his face, revealing a face sculpted like a masterpiece of heavenly craftsmanship. The face was so perfect that no trace of flaws could be found.

He Yan walked to the table and picked up the jade pendant from that afternoon. Yu Bai Zhou’s face seemed to float in front of his eyes again.

Yu Bai Zhou…

He took out a cigarette and with practiced movements, placed it between his lips. Then he lit it.

The swirling smoke quickly concealed the emotions in his eyes.

When He Yan was eighteen years old, he did not smoke.

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The author has something to say:

The not good at studying Bookworm Yu, and the ugly Adonis He.

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