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Transmigrated into a School Idol 15

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Chapter 15 – Kabedon*

[*T/N: 壁咚 bi dong = “wall” and “boom.” Yes, it is the infamous Japanese kabedon.]

At noon the next day, there were not that many people in the classroom. A voice cut through the hallway and reached the sophomores of Class 5.

“President He… Brother Yan… Brother Yan…”

Hearing that familiar voice, He Yan, who was sitting inside the classroom, froze for half a second.

After a while, the voice reached the entrance to the room of Class 5.

While gasping for breath, the person asked, “Is He Yan in this class?”

A male student nodded his head, stupefied.

Not waiting for the boy to find his voice, Pan Yi brushed him aside and rushed directly into the classroom. He glanced around but couldn’t find a familiar face among the few students present.

He asked the person closest to him, “Hasn’t He Yan come to school yet?”

Seeing that the person is Pan Yi, the girl he asked blushed and pointed to the last row of people in the fourth group near the corridor.

Pan Yi did not have time to take into consideration what the girl might be thinking. He rapidly hurried over to He Yan.

“B, Brother Yan?”

He Yan looked up.

Pan Yi saw those refined dark brown eyes behind the lens and his own eyes reddened all of a sudden.

The two arrived at a corner downstairs where there were less people.

“When I opened my goddamn eyes I suddenly found myself vacationing with my mom at the Maldives! WTF! I was thinking, didn’t the two of us get into a car accident? Aren’t we dead? Even if I didn’t die, when I opened my eyes I should have been at a hospital in Las Vegas!”

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“My mom was talking to me about the college entrance exam, and I was like what college entrance exam, in two years I will be thirty years old. My mom raised her hand and slapped me, saying that I was only in my second year of high school and to stop dreaming! Sophomore year? I’m in my second of year of high school right now? How the heck did I suddenly become a high school student? My brain was just like paste, and I couldn’t understand it. Then I recalled that we both went to the same high school. I was so anxious that I immediately booked a ticket and flew back from the Maldives to find you! Ah, I’m really going crazy!”

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He Yan leaned against the wall, quietly waiting for Pan Yi to vent. When Pan Yi was just about done venting, he said, “Do you have a smoke?”

Hearing He Yan’s calm tone, Pan Yi also gradually calmed down. He patted around his body and actually found a pack of cigarettes. There was also a cigarette lighter in the same pocket. He handed both to He Yan.

Before, Pan Yi had seen some elders using this type of lighter and thought it was very handsome and cool looking, so he took out a “huge sum of money” and bought it right after.

[T/N: The raws put “huge sum of money” in quotation marks, but didn’t specify on it otherwise.]

After glancing at the cigarette brand, Pan Yi hesitated and withdrew his hand. “It’s a few dozen dollars for a pack of this cigarette. Brother, how about you don’t smoke?”

Before Pan Yi could fully withdraw his hand, He Yan had already taken the box of cigarettes.

“The current situation is very clear, we are not dead.” He Yan lit the cigarette as he spoke.

His voice was still so appallingly calm that one could not even hear any emotion in it.

Pan Yi was dumbfounded, and then he nodded and said: “It’s improbable for me to be f*cking dreaming, right.”

“We are both alive, but time has rewound back to eleven years ago.”

Pan Yi looked at the smoke wafting in front of him and his heart was sour again.

“What the hell is going on here? It’s like a dream.”

It seemed like it was just a second ago when he was losing consciousness while suffocating and in pain.

It was exactly the day before yesterday.

He and He Yan were discussing a cooperative project in Las Vegas. At night, the two of them drove a car together. When they passed the intersection, a black car suddenly rushed towards them like a runaway, and then there was a violent noise, a blinding fire, and also explosive pain.

“That man was f*cking crazy!”

Pan Yi gritted his teeth with hatred.

“He actually dared to drink alcohol and then drive on the road at night. He was simply a fool out to see Yama*, harming others and harming himself. F*cking drunkard!”

[*T/N: Yama = king of hell]

“Not a drunkard.”

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