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Transmigrated into a School Idol 16

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Chapter 16 – Kabedon

“The car was driven wildly, if it’s not a drunkard…”

Speaking halfway, Pan Yi suddenly stopped and looked at He Yan, “Brother Yan, you know who that person is?”


“That person is…”

There was still half a stick of cigarette left, but He Yan extinguished it. “You will know sooner or later.”

After hearing those words, Pan Yi intuitively ended the topic.

He trusted He Yan.

In swimming class, when Yu Bai Zhou finished changing clothes and came out to the poolside, it caused all of the girls to immediately start screaming.

He had a slender figure that was characteristic to teenagers. A thin layer of muscles covered his chest, abdomen, and arms. His skin was naturally fair. No matter which angle you appreciated him from, it was full of Allure, with a capital A. Complemented by that exquisite face, and it was enough to make people lose themselves in flights of fancy.

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Yu Bai Zhou listened to the screams from the side and blushed with embarrassment.

Once again, Yu Bai Zhou thought that it was really too miraculous. He never expected to transmigrate here. He not only had the same name as the original host, but even the appearance was exactly the same. If he had to point out something that was different, then it might be that the original host was just slightly stronger than him by a little bit.

[T/N: I’d say their brains are different. XP]


Tu Gao Ming’s voice came from not far away. Yu Bai Zhou turned his head to look for the source of the sound and saw Tu Gao Ming walking towards him in bright red swimming trunks. He seemed especially happy.

Someone shouted “Brother Tu” and said, “Why are you so happy today?”

Tu Gao Ming laughed and scolded, “Scram! Lao zi’s fate was not good enough, ah! Not just anyone can have Boss’s stature.”

The person next to him laughed a few times, and the atmosphere became lively.

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Yu Bai Zhou also laughed, and someone shouted Brother Tu a few times. He heard it and it ineffably sounded like “Bugs Bunny.”

“He doesn’t take swimming lessons, so what the heck is he doing here?”

“Everyone says he’s a weirdo.”

Yu Bai Zhou heard the conversation of several boys next to him, and only then did he notice He Yan in the corner.

He Yan did not change into his swimsuit. He was still wearing his school uniform.

“Boss, let’s go, we’re assembling over there.”

Yu Bai Zhou nodded, withdrew his gaze, and went over to assemble.

For today’s swimming class there were a total of three classes. Class 3 and Class 8 were also with them.

After assembling and warming up, it was free time.

Yu Bai Zhou stood by the pool. He looked at the faintly blue water swaying in the pool and felt a little dizzy.

“Young Master Yu, why don’t you get into the water?”

From a not to distant place came the sound of a constipated voice.

Yu Bai Zhou turned his head and saw a boy with a thick and strong figure. Just then, Tu Bao Ming happened to come over with a towel. Before Yu Bai Zhou could speak, he sped up and walked towards the boy, unhappy: “Xu Zhi Hu, what the f*ck are you doing, coming to stir up trouble?”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The student forces in the school were divided into two halves, one half was headed by Yu Bai Zhou and they were the xue zha* faction, one half was headed by Li Bei and they were the sports faction. Why were they called the sports faction? That’s because everyone in that faction was part of the tall and strong category.

[*T/N: 学渣 xue zha – a colloquial term meaning “unenthusiastic, mediocre student / underachiever”]

Xu Zhi Hu was part of the sports faction, and he could be considered the second-in-command.

Xu Zhi Hu looked at Tu Gao Ming and said slowly: “Yo, I was wondering who it was, so it turned out to be a watchdog.”

Tu Gao Ming looked upset, “F*ck, you’re a f*cking watchdog!”

Xu Zhi Hu ignored Tu gao Ming and went straight for Yu Bai Zhou. He jerked his chin towards the pool, “Young Master Yu, how about a match?”

Off to the side, He Yan could care less about listening to his farce. He rubbed his neck, and then got up and headed for the lounge.

Yu Bai Zhou looked at this person named Xu Zhi Hu, with his big chest and big limbs; he didn’t look like a person with any brains.

Just as he was hesitating over whether or not he should compete with this person, Tu Gao Ming, who was next to him, shook his head in a very minute movement.

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