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Transmigrated into a School Idol 3

Hello everybody, thank you for your comments on the previous chapter. The thing was, I never expected something like this to happen and I didn’t know what to do, so my first reaction was to ask for your opinions. After reading some early comments and thinking it over, I decided to be the one to reach out to the other party first. We came to the consensus that they would continue this story and I would drop it. I have confirmed that they intend to see this story through to the end, so you won’t have to worry about the story being dropped halfway. I think for the sake of the readers, this is the best decision.

Some of you suggested that we both translate this story, either working together or working individually. I have cooperated with other translators before, but as the insightful Aylik pointed out, different translators have different styles and there would inevitably be inconsistencies, which is why I don’t intend to co-translate with other people in the future, even though the translators I’ve worked with before were wonderful sweethearts.

As for why I don’t agree with two translators working on the same story individually. Reason one, it may seem silly to some people, but I think it is impolite to barge in on someone’s territory like that, and most translators are of the same mind. Reason two is a personal opinion, but I think it’s a disservice to the reading community to squander resources like that. Why have two translators compete over the same story, when they could be translating different novels and bringing more stories to the table for everyone to enjoy?

I was upset by this event, because it was hard to find this story to begin with. I had to drudge through a lot of poorly MTL’ed stories to find one that I liked. But I realized that the other translator was new to this circle, and most commendably they were receptive to communication, so please do read their translations and don’t bring any hate to their site. As an escape from reality, I hope that this can be a positive community. A big thank you to those who expressed support for my work, I am truly grateful for your appreciation.

TL,DR: In the following days I will be uploading all the chapters of TSI that I have managed to stockpile. After that, I will be officially dropping this project and handing the reins over to the other translator.

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Chapter 3 – The Most Bewildered Male Lead in the World

“You know that Yu Bai Zhou in my class, right? He doesn’t study and only knows how to fight all day. Not only are his grades bad, but also his personality is vile. He’s so difficult to handle!”

“Hey, lower your voice, what if a student passes by and hears you?”

“How could there be students passing by at this time? They are all on the other side. Whenever I talk about him, I get so angry.”

“There’s nothing you can do about it. He’s the little young master that everyone adores.”

“Little young master? Asides from causing trouble and pulling down the grades of the class, he can’t do anything else. He’s just a vermin that uses his family’s money. Putting this kind of person in my class, his existence is just like garbage.”

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Hearing the female teacher’s words, Tu Gao Ming cursed in a low voice. “I’m going. Cheng Jia Hui must be tired of living!”

Tu Gao Ming heard his boss being scolded like this and his lungs exploded with rage.

Tu Gao Ming wanted to go in there and argue with Cheng Jia Hui. Yu Bai Zhou calmly extended a hand and pulled him back. He shook his head at him.

Tu Gao Ming looked at him in puzzlement. “Boss?”

Yu Bai Zhou raised a finger to his lips, motioning for him to be quiet.

The people inside were still carrying on with their conversation.

The male teacher said, “Although the situation is like this, as a teacher you shouldn’t be so unpleasant when you talk. The children are in their adolescent years, so they will inevitably be rebellious. Just endure it for a while and it will pass. Furthermore, concerning that matter, stop thinking about it all the time. Just let go of it.”

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“Endure? Class 5’s average grade was just about to go up, but then that useless garbage dragged it back down. How am I supposed to endure? What’s the use of being good at drawing and singing? The cultural class is just as bad. All day long holding back others, I’m about to be pushed to the edge. I really want to chase him out of the class.”

Tu Gao Ming clenched his fists and whispered to Yu Bai Zhou: “Boss, as long as you say the word, I will go in there and sort her out with a beating.”

Yu Bai Zhou thought about it and patted him on the shoulder. “Let’s go, back to the classroom.”

Finished talking, he turned around first to leave.

Tu Gao Ming’s belly was filled with anger, but his boss didn’t say anything, so he could only endure and go catch up with him. The others also followed along.

Cheng Jia Hui. Yu Bai Zhou knew about this teacher. She was famous for her poison tongue. She would often talk behind people’s backs, saying how she looked down on those students who came in through relationships. But the truth was she herself also got into the school through a relationship. And the relationship was not small.

In the past few years, she taught a couple of students that were considered pretty good, so she started to become smug and conceited.

In the book, Cheng Jia Hui and the original host were at extreme odds.

One of the reasons was because the original host was bad at his studies. Cheng Jia Hui liked to look good in the eyes of others, so she didn’t want to have any bad students in her class. And the original host was precisely the hedonistic son of rich parents who was bad at his studies.

Speaking of which, the original host had once tried hard at his studies, but because his foundation was so terrible, add on to that Cheng Jia Hui’s frequent psychological shocks, so his grades were always low. In the end, he gave up and stopped bothering. He stopped struggling to study, and properly played his role of a hedonistic son with rich parents.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

But there was a deeper root cause. It was a personal issue between Cheng Jia Hui and the original host. Before, Cheng Jia Hui’s son and the original host once hung out together. One time, they went out to fight and her son’s leg got injured. Because of this incident, Cheng Jia Hui has always bore a grudge against the original host, feeling like he was the one who harmed her son.

In fact, the original host had taken Cheng Jia Hui into consideration, and never agreed to let her son participate in the fight. But who would have thought that her son would agree verbally, but then renege on his promise the day of the fight.

He went straight to the fight without first informing the original host. In the end, he lost the fight and got ruthlessly pounded to the pavement by his opponent. Afterwards, he ended up at the hospital.

It wasn’t that Cheng Jia Hui did not understand the course of events, but in her mind, her son getting injured was fact. Her son missed an important math competition because he was in the hospital was also fact. So she completely paid no heed to the original host’s explanation. She firmly believed that it was the original host’s fault; that it was the original host who ruined her son’s future prospects. With his explanation brushed aside, the original host was also disinclined to explain again and simply left things as they were.

And that was how the animosity between the two came to be.

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  1. Aaah, I was wondering how it would turn out, the two translators thing. It’s good to know that a conclusion has been made peacefully–lord knows that there have been some disputes in the past over who would translate a story.

    Hm hm hm! I can’t believe a teacher like that Cheng lady actually talks poorly about a student just like that! That’s not professional at all… Yu Bai Zhou, fighting!

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    1. I know what you mean, I’ve seen some of those disputes and it’s quite frankly scary. I was honestly afraid (and secretly panicking) that my situation would blow up like that, but I’m so glad that it didn’t. I’m generally not a very confrontational person. If the other person is nice and reasonable, I usually fold quickly and just let the other person have it. But I do have a modicum of pride and a rigid set of ethics, so I hope I never bump heads with one of those unreasonable translators. *Shudders*

      As I was translating this part, I was really disappointed in Cheng Jia Hui as a teacher. Teachers like her that don’t care about their students can really mess a child up. I consoled myself with the fact that the MC is mature enough to deal with her, and that this is a feel-good story, so things will eventually work out for our MC.

      Thanks for reading! ^-^

  2. thank you for the chapter! Glad things worked out. I want to ask who’s the adult, the teacher or the student :v

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    I do hope you aren’t too bummed about this. Two thumbs up for the quality work so far ?

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