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Transmigrated into a School Idol 4

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Chapter 4 – The Most Bewildered Male Lead in the World

The bell for class rang. Yu Bai Zhou found his seat based on the information in the book. Tu Gao Ming and the other little brothers went back to their seats one after another.

The first segment was precisely Cheng Jia Hui’s class. After a short while, Cheng Jia Hui came in with the teaching materials. Yu Bai Zhou looked at the woman at the podium. The smile on her face carried an undertone of mockery. He could not help shaking his head.

“Before today’s class, let’s briefly review yesterday’s topic. I will pick a few students to come up to be tested. You can come up on your own if you want. I will write the problems on the blackboard. If you see a problem that you can solve, then come on up. If there are any remaining questions, we can pick other students to come up and do them.

Cheng Jia Hui picked up a piece of chalk and started to write the questions on the blackboard. The board was very big. It was divided into upper, lower, left, and right sides. In a flash she finished writing two problems on the board.

There was a pattern to the way that Cheng Jia Hui arranged problems on the board. The simple questions were in the front, and the hard ones were in the back. Some students were afraid that no one would do the harder questions and that they would end up being picked to do them, so when they saw a problem that they could solve, they quickly went up front to do it.

Very soon, six questions were written on the boards. The first five questions took up three small blackboards, and the last one occupied one small board alone. All the students who were familiar with Cheng Jia Hui’s routine knew at a glance that the final question must be complicated, so it needed an entire board to work out.

The first five questions were solved relatively quickly. Only the last question was left alone. None of the students dared to try their hand at it.

The students discussed the question in low murmurs.

“I’ve never seen the last question before. Was this type of problem mentioned in the morning class?”

“That last question simply cannot be a review question, okay? It’s definitely a problem to deliberately make things difficult for someone!”

“What the fudge*, who can possibly solve the last problem? Those symbols in the last problem, how come it seems like I have never seen them before!”

[*T/N: 卧槽 wo cao is a substitute word for 我肏 wo cao, which means “f*ck” or “WTF.” It’s the same pinyin spelling, but different characters and different tones. It’s kind of like self-censoring.]

“I’ve seen this problem before. It seems like a stimulation question of some regional college entrance exam. It’s beyond the scope of the syllabus. Up until now, only a few people could solve it.”

“Are you crazy? Such a difficult question. Isn’t it the wrong grade level? You have to use it for a class of top students!”

The students had a lot of comments. Cheng Jia Hui looked down at the audience leisurely from the podium. “What? Is no one going to come do the last question? If there’s no one, then I’ll have to pick someone.”

“It’s over. It’s over. Please don’t pick me.”

“Me too. I don’t want to be condemned in front of everybody.”

“Whoever gets picked is out of luck. Poison Tongue Cheng is not called that for no reason.”

“If you can’t solve it, you will definitely be put on clean up duty for three days straight. I don’t want to clean again.”

Cheng Jia Hui glanced down at them from the stage. Row by row of students all had their heads down. Looking at the students’ revered fear towards her, she joyfully tapped her fingers against the podium. Her eyes swept across the first row, the second row, the third row, the fourth row, and finally stayed on the penultimate second to last seat from the wall in the fourth row.

She lifted her chin slightly, her eyes fixed on Yu Bai Zhou, who had his head bowed, looking for something within the desk’s cubbyhole. Her slender eyes narrowed. “Come up and do this question, Yu Bai Zhou.”

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To Haruhi Rei and Zoe, a thank you and an apology.

THANK YOU for your belief in my work, it honestly bolstered me a lot. When this first happened, one part of me was upset and unwilling, and the other part of me was ready to just roll over and give up. I believed that without a shadow of doubt that no one would care if I continued or not, since someone else was doing a much better and faster job. I found it meaningless to continue translating if no one cared to read my translations. The point of me taking the time to translate a story that I like is to share it. Otherwise, I could’ve just read it with MTL, moved on, and called it a day.

I posted the question to the void expecting to get a confirmation for my thoughts, that I should stop translating. Mainly, I wanted to comfort myself by saying “see, you did do something, you asked, didn’t you?” But no, I didn’t go and ask the other person directly involved. I was scared of confrontation, afraid that this thing might blow up, and I really did not want that drama in my life. But because you believed in me, it pushed me to do more, so I reached out to the other translator. If nothing else, I should at least confirm that they would finish this story before I definitively let it go, was what I had thought. And I’m so glad that I did, because the other translator turned out to be lovely and not scary at all. Which brings me to the apology.

I’M SORRY for disappointing you by dropping this story. I’ve explained my reasons in chapter 3, but I still feel bad because it’s like I’m letting down someone who believes in me. All I can say is that I promise I will only get better and better at translating with time and more experience. I will use those skills to bring you many more wonderful stories in the future. I hope to be able to entertain you with high-quality work now and in the future.

If you’re still interested in this story, then please do give the other translator a chance. I know for a fact that I was once young and green, and my translations were awkward and stilted. But thanks to the encouragement of the readers, I persisted and slowly got better with time. I’m certain that Syd, the new translator for this story, will also get better with experience.

Many thanks for sticking with me and have a most awesome day! ⭐

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  1. You have no reason to feel guilty. Things like this happen.

    I’d support the new translator on her (?) site, but it doesn’t allow guests to comment.

  2. You don’t have to feel bad. I mean it sucks that you’re dropping this, but it’s not your fault. You didn’t expect this to happen either. And it’s a good thing that you were able to settle this whole debacle calmly.

    I look forward to what you’ll post next. I’ll support all your work!

  3. Actually, i love ypur translation.. And today i fpund put this story and lil bit suprised that there were two site who translating this bit when i saw your site, i, by default, choose to read it in here. So, i feel bad about what happened. But it is okayy…

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words!
      The other translator is a nice person, and I managed to find a new story that I like to replace TSI, so let’s all look on the bright side! ^^

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