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Transmigrated into a School Idol 5

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Chapter 5 – The Invisible Specialized* Top Student

[*T/N: “Specialized” as in being very good in one field or topic to the detriment of other subjects.]

When his name was called out, Yu Bai Zhou paused for two seconds.

One after another, all the other students let out sighs of relief.

“Why did you pick Young Master Yu? Most people can’t solve such a difficult problem, how can Young Master Yu do it?”

“Che, Poison Tongue Cheng is starting to make things difficult for Young Master Yu again.”

Cheng Jia Hui banged hard on the table with a teaching stick and said seriously: “Whoever talks again can go stand still in the hallway for punishment.”

Hearing these words, the class abruptly became quiet.

Cheng Jia Hui experienced the quiet atmosphere with satisfaction. Then she raised the teaching stick and pointed at Yu Bai Zhou, “You, come up and do the question.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Yu Bai Zhou looked at the teaching stick that was pointed at him rudely. Although he knew that Cheng Jia Hui was targeting the original host and not himself, he still felt a little uncomfortable.

He got up, left his seat, and walked up onto the stage.

At his seat, Tu Gao Ming gritted his teeth with hate for Cheng Jia Hui.

This time, it was evident that Cheng Jia Hui wanted to give their boss a hard time. As the class teacher, she clearly knew the academic level of their boss, yet she still knowingly made their boss go up and do this super hard question. She was clearly taking this opportunity to deliberately admonish their boss for a good round.


Yu Bai Zhou walked up to the empty blackboard, picked up a whole piece of chalk, and looked up at the equation. He found that this question was indeed a super hard level question as the other students were saying, and it was very difficult.

The original host’s character setting was a poor student. There was no way he could solve such a difficult question.

Yu Bai Zhou was at a lost, waffling over what to do. In the end, he put the chalk in his hand back onto the chalk slot.

The chalk had just clicked into place when Cheng Jia Hui’s shrilled voice came from the side, “Can’t do it?”

Yu Bai Zhou didn’t have time to answer before Cheng Jia Hui raised her voice and said, “If you can’t solve it then scram for me.”

Yu Bai Zhou closed his eyes for a second, turned around, and started to walk back to this seat. But just a few steps later, he heard Cheng Jia Hui say in a sharp voice to the rest of the students: “Everyone must always listen to the lessons seriously, otherwise they can only come up and stand dumbly in front of the blackboard, just like Yu Bai Zhou did just now. This is a negative example, an extremely negative example!”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The teaching stick smacked against the table, making a sharp noise, and Yu Bai Zhou paused in his steps.

None of the students sitting in their seats dared to talk.

Cheng Jia Hui looked at Yu Bai Zhou, who had stopped.

“What are you doing standing still? Why aren’t you hurrying back to your seat?!”

Yu Bai Zhou turned around again and looked at Cheng Jia Hui. “Sorry, teacher. I seem to remember how to do this question.”

When Cheng Jia Hui heard these words she was slightly stunned. Then she looked at Yu Bai Zhou, “Are you sure you remember?”

Yu Bai Zhou replied, “Not certain, but I can give it a try.”

Cheng Jia Hui scolded, “Time in the classroom is very precious. You think you can just try if you want to try?”

Yu Bai Zhou felt a bit helpless. Just who exactly was wasting class time here?

He said, “Then if I am certain I can do it?”

Cheng Jia Hui glanced at her watch and said, “If you are sure, then I can give you five minutes to do it, but if you can’t solve it within five minutes and end up wasting the time of the other students, then you can conscientiously go stand outside in the hall for the rest of this class. Do you agree?”

On the surface, Cheng Jia Hui was pretending to think about the other students, but in actuality, she was coming straight at Yu Bai Zhou.

One of the students asked, “What if he can solve it?”

Cheng Jia Hui choked and glared at the student who spoke. The student shrunk their neck back in embarrassment.

Yu Bai Zhou looked at Cheng Jia Hui, “I agree. But correspondingly, if I can solve it, you must give me an apology.”

An apology for her impolite behavior just now, and for the pot* that was thrown on the original host before.

[*T/N: For readers of “Let Me Shoulder this Blame,” you would be familiar with the term pot. For the uninitiated, “to carry a pot” represents “to be blamed or misunderstood.”]

“You!” Cheng Jia Hui did not expect Yu Bai Zhou to make such a request. Her face turned blue, and then white.

The road had already reached this point, and Cheng Jia Hui finally had to agree.

The bet between teacher and student attracted everyone’s attention, and even the students who had just dozed off were already wide-awake.

Yu Bai Zhou returned to the stage, but he didn’t start solving the problem right away.

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