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Transmigrated into a School Idol 6

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Chapter 6 – The Invisible Specialized Top Student

The students in the room could not help feeling keyed up as they watched Yu Bai Zhou just standing there on stage. In contrast, Cheng Jia Hui’s mood slowly relaxed from her initial tension. Just now, she was only choked by Yu Bai Zhou’s momentum.

There was no need to even think about it. There was no way that someone at Yu Bai Zhou’s level could solve this problem. Remaining on the stage was just due to that pathetic little unyielding spirit in his bones.

It was merely a false alarm.

Cheng Jia Hui looked at her watch. Two minutes have passed. She took a sip of water slowly, and then with an expression like she was watching a play unfold she asked, “Yu Bai Zhou, there are only three minutes left. Are you sure you can do it?”

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Yu Bai Zhou did not answer.

Cheng Jia Hui held up her hands. “I advise you, if you can do it, then hurry up and get off the stage, don’t delay other people’s…”

Cheng Jia Hui spoke up to here and saw that Yu Bai Zhou had picked up the stick of chalk and began to answer the problem.

Cheng Jia Hui frowned slightly.

In those two minutes, Yu Bai Zhou had already more or less sorted out his train of thoughts.

Cheng Jia Hui originally had an attitude of Schadenfreude, but after looked at the calculation formula written by Yu Bai Zhou, her expression abruptly collapsed.

The students in their seats all looked shocked.

“I say, Young Master Yu can do it?”

“He’s really not making stuff up?”

“But if it’s just random nonsense, then he’s making it up really fast!”

The chalk in Yu Bai Zhou’s hand did not stop at all. The handwriting was beautiful and the writing was fluent.

Beneath everyone’s incredulous gaze, he wrote down the solution. At this time, there was only one minute left of the five-minute time limit.

He put down the chalk in his hand and turned his head back to face the stiff as a board, Cheng Jia hui. He quirked up the corner of his lips.

“Teacher, may I trouble you to check the answer?”

Cheng Jia Hui looked at the correct answer on the blackboard, and could not help loosening her grip on the teaching stick in her hand.

How could this be?

This was the super hard question that she specifically gathered from the college entrance exam. According to Yu Bai Zhou’s level of academics, how could he have possibly solved it? In addition, the logical reasoning behind the solution was unexpectedly even more concise than the only answer given on the answer sheet.

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Cheng Jia Hui’s face was ashen gray.

One of the students asked out loud, “Mrs. Cheng, is Young Master Yu’s solution correct or not?”

Cheng Jia Hui froze for a few seconds before she stiffly replied, “…It’s correct.”

A wave of disturbance went through the students in the room.

“WTF, Young Master Yu, awesome!”

“Yu Bai Zhou is an invisible specialized* top student!”

[*T/N: 偏科 pian ke – to overemphasize some topic (at the expense of others)]

“Young Master Yu, my male god!”

“I love campus domineers!”

What Cheng Jia Hui did not know was that Yu Bai Zhou was once a third year graduate student who solved these questions on the daily. The problem that she had picked on him to solve, Yu Bai Zhou had done it no less than ten times already. Also, Yu Bai Zhou’s college entrance examination results could be ranked as Top 1 in his original world.

Cheng Jia Hui clenched the teaching stick in her hand, took a deep breath, and put on a mask again to cover up the real panic on her face.

Just as she thought that things would end like this, Yu Bai Zhou opened his mouth to remind her, “Teacher, if you agree to a bet you must accept it when you lose. You owe me an apology.”

After hearing this, Cheng Jia Hui’s complexion suddenly became difficult to look at, and all the sounds below the stage came to a halt.

Yu Bai Zhou waited. All the classmates were watching.

If you ride a tiger, it was hard to get off, meaning it was impossible to stop things halfway.

Cheng Jia Hui squeezed the teaching stick in her hand, and in the end she could barely manage to spit out an apology through gritted teeth.

During the break between classes, Tu Gao Ming came over to grumble about Cheng Jia Hui. Yu Bai Zhou listened and nodded. He folded up a piece of paper with a five-in-a-row game draw on it and casually stuck it in between the pages of a book as a bookmark.

“Did you guys notice that He Yan did not come to class this afternoon?”

“Seems like it.”

“Unprecedented. So, actually, as it turns out, the top student would also skip class?”

“So what if he’s the top student? He has such a weird personality, and he also sits in the corner. His sense of existence is too low. You see? The teacher didn’t even look for him.”

When Yu Bai Zhou heard the people around him mentioning He Yan, his ears perked up in alert.

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