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Transmigrated into a School Idol 7

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Chapter 7 – The Invisible Specialized Top Student

He Yan… Wasn’t he the boy that the original host had caught and taken to an empty classroom for a beating? That boy and he were in the same class?

At this time, Tu Gao Ming also happened to talk to him about He Yan, “Boss, He Yan didn’t come to class this afternoon. Do you think it is because we gave him a scare at noon, so he doesn’t dare to come to class in the afternoon?”

Yu Bai Zhou recalled the look that the boy named He Yan had given him when he left the empty classroom. He felt that what Tu Gao Ming said was unlikely. That person’s character should not be as weak as Tu Gao Ming thought.

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Yu Bai Zhou was suddenly a little curious about this person, so he made some insinuations to Tu Gao Ming to inquire about He Yan.

“You’re asking about He Yan? That guy’s temperament is extremely weird and his personality is very antisocial. He often travels alone and he doesn’t like to show his face. Some people are guessing that he must be ugly, and that’s why he doesn’t dare to show his face.”

After Tu Gao Ming finished speaking, he finally reacted, “Wait, Boss, why are you asking me about He Yan? Aren’t you the one who knows the most about He Yan?”

Yu Bai Zhou was stupefied. Then he casually said, “Yes, I am, just want to see if you know or not.”

Tu Gao Ming slapped his leg. “Then I am certain, He Yan is a weirdo, and the whole school knows it.”

Yu Bai Zhou said in a half-doubtful and half-affirmative tone, “He Yan’s reputation is bad?”

Tu Gao Ming affirmed it. He said, “Simply rotten to the core.”

Tu Gao Ming said, “He Yan, this person, anyway, I just find him displeasing to the eye. Just depending on his studies to be good. He seems like a dope.”

Yu Bai Zhou heard what was said and his soul left his body.

He suddenly felt as he saw the shadow of his past self on He Yan, and he couldn’t help it, sympathy sprouted in his heart.

After school in the afternoon, the boarding students all hurried to the dining hall, and the day students got ready to go home.

Today, the school was having a meeting, so none of the students had evening self-study.

The original host’s setting was a day student. He had a good family background and also a chauffeur to send him to school and pick him up from school.

After school, Yu Bai Zhou walked to the school gate. Because he was in a hurry, he accidentally bumped into a boy halfway. The boy had black hair, handsome facial features, and his school uniform was clean and tidy. After apologizing, he left.

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Behind him, the boy looked at Yu Bai Zhou’s departing back. The person next to him took two steps forward. He said with puzzlement, “Young Master Li, what happened to Yu Bai Zhou today? How come it’s like he doesn’t recognize you?”

Li Bei looked at the figure that was fast disappearing towards the school entrance. His eyes could not help but squint.

When Yu Bai Zhou arrived at the school gate, the car was already waiting by the entrance.

It was a black Maybach, very impressive.

Yu Bai Zhou got in the car.

The car drove forward, leaving the school behind, and the final destination was a luxurious villa comparable to a castle.

After the driver took Yu Bai Zhou to the courtyard, he then drove the car to the garage.

Because of the incomplete transfer of information of the novel, Yu Bai Zhou was unfamiliar with many things, such as the luxury villa in front of him, and the appearances of the original host’s parents.

Yu Bai Zhou didn’t know what the parents of the original host looked like or what their characters were like. He hoped that they could be kind people.

Thinking of seeing his elders soon, Yu Bai Zhou could not help but feel a little nervous.

He took a moment to steady his nerves. Then he walked to the door, reaching for the doorbell.

In ten seconds or less, the door opened.

In the door stood a young man, about the same height as Yu Bai Zhou, with fair skin and gentle brows. He looked like he was in his early twenties.

Yu Bai Zhou stood in a daze at the door. He searched for information about this person in his mind, but he could not find anything.

Yu Bai Zhou thought for a while, the original host seemed to be the only child, so this person should be and older brother from the neighborhood or something…

Why not just courteously call him older brother?

Thinking like this, Yu Bai Zhou boldly said: “Bro…”

008: “Call him Dad.”

Yu Bai Zhou: “Dad!”

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