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Transmigrated into a School Idol 8

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Chapter 8 – For You

There was likely a bit of new progress in the transfer of information. After the reminder of 008, the information of concerning Yu Bai Zhou’s parents began to intermittently appear in his mind.

A pair of husbands adopted the original host when he was at the age of five. He did not have one father and one mother like other people, but instead, he had two fathers, and the gentle-looking man in front of him was one of them.

Fu Xia, thirty-five years old. He was a well-known architectural designer. He designed this very villa that they lived in.

His other father, Yu Chen, was the CEO of a famous listed company in City A. He was thirty-six years old right now. When he was young, he was a fu er dai*, pampered rich son. Then he met the original host’s younger dad, Fu Xia, and he had his heart set. Thus, he wholeheartedly put his attentions on his family and career.

[*T/N: 富二代 fu er dai – children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms in the 1980s.]

The original host was adopted in the second year after Yu Chen and Fu Xia formed a family.

[T/N: The author used the phrase 组成家庭 “form a family” instead of the word “marriage,” so it might be that same-sex marriage is not legalized in this setting. Not sure yet.]

Yu Bai Zhou organized the thoughts in his mind. After accepting the fact that this man who looked like he was in his early twenties was actually his father, he accepted the fact that his parents were actually husbands.

In fact, Yu Bai Zhou was very tolerant towards all sexual orientations. Just like how heterosexual bonding was common, homosexual bonding was practically the same in his eyes. So after learning that his parents were actually husbands, he just buffered for a minute, and then accepted it as fact.

Fu Xia was flabbergasted when Yu Bai Zhou called him “dad.” Yu Bai Zhou took note of his expression.

According to the information in the book, the original host actually rejected his parents for being different from others. When he was an innocent child, he did not feel that it was strange to have two dads, until he learned from other people’s idle gossip that having two dads was abnormal, and then he started to resent his two dads.

Incidentally, after that, he accidentally stumbled upon his two dads being intimate with each other and his disgust towards them reached an extreme level. He not only got angry with his two dads, he also declared that he wanted to leave and become independent.

Yu Chen, whose temper wasn’t that good, immediately sorted out the original host, who was in his third year of junior middle school at the time. The original host harbored hard feelings.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

Ever since then, his relationship with his two dads became stiff. Afterwards, he refused to call the two men his dads, and he no longer acted spoiled like he did as a child. And the relationships in the family developed an invisible distance.

“I received the school’s message. The students don’t have self-study this evening.” Fu Xia’s voice pulled Yu Bai Zhou back from his thoughts.

Yu Bai Zhou replied with an “en” sound.

“You must be hungry right? I had aunty prepare your favorite steamed egg with shrimp. It should be almost ready by now.”

As Fu Xia spoke, he wanted to take Yu Bai Zhou’s hand and bring him to the dining room. His hand just lifted up, but it paused in the air, and then fell back down again. He smiled, “Let’s go.”

Yu Bai Zhou carefully took in all of Fu Xia’s mood changes. He froze for half a second, thought about it, and then stepped forward to take Fu Xia’s arm.

Fu Xia’s expression was somewhat surprised.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Yu Bai Zhou used the coquettish voice of someone from a younger generation acting spoiled towards someone from an older generation to ask, “Papa, is there anything else besides steamed egg with shrimp? I want to eat many other things, too.”

Fu Xia’s eyes glowed with warmth, “Go ahead and say what you want to eat. I’ll have aunty make it for you.”

Yu Bai Zhou reported the names of a few simple dishes, and then the two headed towards the dining room.

They sat around the dining table as the delicious dishes were served. Yu Bai Zhou and Fu Xia chatted together.

After a while, there was some noise from the living room. Yu Chen had come back home.

Fu Xia got up and went out.

As a courtesy, Yu Bai Zhou also put down the tableware and followed.

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